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Implementation of the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act Phyllis Prestamo – Anti-Bullying Coordinator.

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1 Implementation of the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act Phyllis Prestamo – Anti-Bullying Coordinator

2 Grading the Implementation According to statute the Commissioner of Education is required to develop a program to grade each public school and school districts efforts to implement the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act (ABR) (N.J.S.A. 18A: 17-46)

3 A Proactive Approach Roxbury A Community Working Together for Kindness, Compassion, & Respect

4 Informal Needs Assessment The following was identified by our School Safety Teams at their first meetings (2011-2012)as areas we needed to address: Creating an environment of respect & rapport Promoting Community involvement and service Transitioning students from building to building

5 NJDOE – School Self Assessment Core Elements to be Documented 1.HIB Programs, Approaches, or Other Initiatives (N.J.S.A. 18A:37-17a) 2.Training on the BOE-approved HIB Policy (N.J.S.A. 18A:37-17b & c) 3.Other Staff Instruction & Training Programs (N.J.S.A. 18A:6-112, 37-22d, 37-26a, 37- 21d, 26-8.2) 4.Curriculum & Instruction on HIB and Related Information & Skills (N.J.S.A. 18A:37-29) 5.HIB Personnel (N.J.S.A. 18A:37-20a, 37-20c, 21a) 6.School-Level HIB Incident Reporting Procedures (N.J.S.A. 18A:37-15b(5), 37-15b(6)(a)) 7.HIB Investigation Procedures (N.J.S.A. 18A:37-15b(5), (6)(a), (b)) 8.HIB Reporting (N.J.S.A. 18A:17-46)

6 HIB Programs, Approaches, or Other Initiatives Elementary Schools Assembly Have you Filled a Bucket Today? Bucket Filler Lunches Bucket Filler Breakfasts – family opportunity Cary Trivanovich Choose Character over Bullying Assembly Stronger than a Bully Theme – Be the Best Bucket Filler You Can Be! Officer Phil Franklin – Early Act Club Imbedded character Education lessons in all disciplines Monthly Character Trait Focus – e.g., respect, responsibility, trustworthiness…

7 I pledge to myself on this day, To try to be kind in every way. To every person, big and small, I will help them if they fall. When I love myself and others too, That is the best that I can do! Today, the Choice is Mine! (Author unknown) Elementary

8 Franklin Early Act Club – Growing Vegetables for Social Services

9 Early Act working with Pre-schoolers

10 Grades 5 & 6 Assembly Mark Castellano, Morris County Prosecutors Office – Internet Safety Word of the Month – each month a different character trait K-Kids Club service projects to benefit others Cary Trivanovich Choose Character over Bullying Community Senior Citizen Valentines Day Lunch School Store St Baldricks Event Imbedded character Education lessons in all disciplines Middle School The Night of Unity – presented by EMS Character Education Committee Bullying & Cyber Bullying Heidi Brotzman, Morris County Prevention is Key Assembly Take Control Anti-Bullying Pledge – Take a Stand Against Bullying Project Wisdom – Daily bits of wisdom read for morning announcements Assembly Rachels Challenge I Can program, Patrick Fennell, Empowerment Solutions United Way Youth Summit Imbedded character Education lessons in all disciplines HIB Programs, Approaches, or Other Initiatives contd

11 Grades 5 & 6 Senior Citizen Valentine Lunch K-Kids Blankets for Social Services L/R School Store

12 Good morning, Eisenhower, listen for a few words of wisdom. How many bad situations can you think of right now that would completely go away totally disappear if everyone involved would show simple kindness toward one another? There would be no more bullying, mean-spirited teasing, hatred, or violence. Why? Because you cannot be a bully with a kind heart, and its impossible to be simultaneously mean-spirited and kind. With kindness, we can build each other up rather than tear each other down. Now listen to these words from writer Henry James: Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. The third is to be kind. Take some time to consider how each of us can bring a little more kindness into our world. So ask yourself this: Who at school might need a little kindness? Make it a great day...or not. The choice is yours. EMS

13 HIB Programs, Approaches, or Other Initiatives contd High School Assembly Prevention is Key Grades 9 & 10 Freshman Seminar – character education topics Interact Club, Varsity R Club, Key Club Peer Leadership – Freshman Rachels Challenge and Friends of Rachel Club Kevin Wanzer – Choose to Love Grade 9 Health Curriculum District Rutgers University Bullying Prevention Institute – HIB Team October – Month of Respect One District, One Goal, Bully & Drug Free United Way of Northern NJ –Youth Empowerment Alliance (YEA)/College of St. Elizabeth All schools (grades 3-11)completed a School Culture & Climate Survey (Spring 2012) In-depth data review was completed and the UW /St E. Team met with all seven buildings Attendance at School Support Network every other month Each school was matched with a Culture & Climate Coordinator to support schools efforts to create a school culture that will positively affect student learning (2013-2014 school year) Promising Practices Application – Character Education Partnership (March 2013)

14 RHS I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion then it will start a chain reaction of the same. --Rachel Scott

15 Managing Transitions Freshman Seminar Student Visits & Tours Evening Parent Orientations

16 Training on BOE-approved HIB Policy 9/1/11 – Entire Staff Introduction to HIB Legislation presented by Adams,Stern,Gutierrez & Lattiboudere (Power Point) 10/2/11 & 10/4/11 – Transportation, Maintenance and B & G Anti-Bullying Legislation & Guidelines presented by Phyllis Prestamo, ABC (Power Point) 08/2011 – New Teacher Orientation Professional Responsibilities presented by Greg McGann, Human Resources Director (Power Point) 08/2012 – New Teacher Orientation Professional Responsibilities presented by Phyllis Prestamo, Human Resources Manager/ABC (Power Point) 09/5/12 – Teachers, Administrators & Aides Promoting a Positive School Culture and Climate for Safe, Civil, Academically Challenging, and Character Building Schools presented by Dr. Maurice Elias, Director-Rutgers Social-Emotional Learning Lab (Power Point) 2012-2013 – Global Compliance Network ( all staff documented in summative) Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights General Harassment Student to Student Hazing and Harassment Cyber Bullying Ongoing: Administration – Legal One Series as required by law for all administrators

17 Other Staff Instruction & Training Programs Anti-Bullying Coordinator Understanding & Applying the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights NJDOE (9/8/11) District Anti-Bullying Coordinator/School Anti-Bullying Specialist Roles – NJDOE (9/21/11) NJ School Boards – Bullying & Harassment (10/20/11) Legal One – ABR 1/18/12 HIB Investigation Tracking – Genesis SIS system (2/2013) The Essentials of HIB Investigations – NJDOE/Legal One (5/7/13) HIB Team Rutgers Bullying Prevention Institute / One of ten districts chosen to participate (2011- 2012) YEA – School Support Network (2011-present) NJ Anti-Bullying Conference - keynote Commissioner Cerf (6/8/12)

18 Curriculum & Instruction on HIB and Related Information & Skills Representative lessons were collected from all buildings and from all disciplines Roxbury PE/Health Curriculum Peer-to-Peer Curriculum Educational Technology lessons on Cyber Safety/Cyber Bullying EMS Character Education cycle Freshman Seminar

19 Elementary – Curricular Connections

20 EMS/RHS – Curricular Connections

21 HIB Personnel Phyllis Prestamo – Anti-Bullying Coordinator Jennifer Kenny – Anti-Bullying Specialist – RHS School Safety Team Geri Esposito – Anti-Bullying Specialist - EMS School Safety Team Roxanne Benbow – Anti-Bullying Specialist - LR School Safety Team Gina LaCapra – Anti-Bullying Specialist - Nixon/Kennedy School Safety Team Carol Pellet – Anti-Bullying Specialist - Franklin/Jefferson School Safety Team Meetings: 10/10/11, 12/1/11, 12/16/11, 2/9/12, 2/17/12, 10/8/12, 2/18/13, 3/26/13, 5/20/13

22 School-Level HIB Incident Reporting Procedure The HIB Team has created a standardized fillable Incident Reporting form. Anyone can access this form from our website or in any school to report an alleged incident of HIB to the school principal. Established a shared drive for all ABSs and ABC to store all forms and resources and electronic copies of all HIB investigations.

23 1-855-86-BULLY WE-TIP 24/7 Anonymous Hotline

24 HIB Investigation Procedure

25 HIB Reporting

26 HIB Stats – 2011-2012 Unconfirmed Incidents9/2610/1711/711/1511/3012/1312/311/192/13/144/185/166/20Yearly totals Unconfirmed PreK - 415161011100313446 Grades 5-600400000200006 Grades 7-820200000001005 Grades 9-12311001101530016 Total201780122038534 73 Confirmed Incidents Confirmed PreK-4100 001210006213 Grades 5-6004 000001120210 Grades 7-8210 01000011017 Grades 9-12101 00011001027 Total4150113212467 37 Response – faculty meeting topic: Conflict vs Bullying

27 HIB Stats – 2012-2013 Unconfirmed IncidentsSepOctNovDecJanFebMarAprMayJuneYearly totals Unconfirmed PreK - 405102831020 Grades 5-60000000000 Grades 7-80050001015 Grades 9-1201122211116 Total0672410522 38 Confirmed Incidents Confirmed PreK-411211412013 Grades 5-6000 0000000 Grades 7-80020111005 Grades 9-120000020103 Total114127230 21

28 So whats next? We will continue our partnership with the United Way of Northern New Jersey YEA/College of St. Elizabeth Formulate action plans to address issues identified by the School Culture & Climate Surveys in collaboration with the YEA Culture & Climate Coordinators Keynote Speaker 9/3/13 Patrick Fennell, Empowerment Solutions

29 Questions?? Thank You!

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