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Introduction to Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Department of the Chesapeake President Abraham Lincoln CMDR. William B. Cushing.

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1 Introduction to Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Department of the Chesapeake President Abraham Lincoln CMDR. William B. Cushing

2 Insignia SUVCW Seal SUVCW Coat of Arms Copyrighted with medals in 1882 by A.P. Davis Use in official correspondence Also copyrighted in 1882 by A.P. Davis

3 SUVCW Membership Membership Criteria – Male descendent of CW veteran – Never convicted of heinous crime – Never took up arms against U.S. government Junior Membership Criteria – Same qualifications as Member, aged 6 to 14 Associate Membership Criteria – No direct lineage, but has a deep interest in Civil War

4 SUVCW History Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) – predecessor of SUVCW – founded in 1866 by Union Veterans GAR founded Sons of Veterans, U.S.A (SV) in 1881 GAR sponsored SV camps In 1925, SV became SUVCW In 1954, federal charter issued by Congress

5 SUVCW Mission To preserve the memory of the GAR and our ancestors who fought to preserve the Union, 1861-1865 To assist every practicable way in preservation and making available for research documents and records pertaining to the GAR and its members To cooperate in doing honor to all who have patriotically served our country in any way To teach patriotism and duties of citizenship, the true history of our country and the love and honor of our flag

6 SUVCW Structure National National Headquarters at National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, PA Led by the Commander- in-Chief with the Council of Administration National encampment meets annually

7 SUVCW Structure Department – Many departments are by state but Chesapeake is DE, MD, VA, WV and DC – Committees matching functions at National level – Hold annual encampments

8 Department of the Chesapeake Maryland West Virginia District of Columbia Virginia Delaware

9 SUVCW Structure Camp – Led by Commander and two Vice Commanders – Meets periodically by camp by- laws – Local projects – Traditional Memorial Day (30 May) ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery – Historical and social outings

10 SUVCW Officers For both Camp and Department – Commander – Senior Vice Commander – Junior Vice Commander – Secretary – Treasurer – 3 Council Members

11 SUVCW Programs Union graves registration Civil War and GAR memorials catalog GAR Records Project Education Petition to restore traditional Memorial Day to 30 May Eagle Scout recognition

12 Union Graves Registration Maintain list of graves in your region Ensure proper headstones or markers If unmarked, seek family, acquire headstone from Veterans Administration

13 Civil War and GAR Memorials Catalog Identify all GAR erected memorials Inspect and report back to National the condition of these memorials If any need refurbishing, determine the cost and apply for a grant

14 GAR Records Project Locate and catalog GAR records Create database of GAR records Assist custodians of GAR records with their preservation

15 Education Classroom speakers on Civil War or patriotic themes Flag facts and flag disposal SUVCW scholarships

16 Memorial Day Petition In 1868, General Logan PC-in-C, issued Order No. 11 to designate 30 May as Decoration Day, later Memorial Day, to honor those who lost their lives in the war The petition asks Congress to consider restoration of the traditional 30 May date for Memorial Day

17 Eagle Scout Recognition SUVCW feels any young man who has achieved the rank of Eagle Scout deserves recognition Scouting promotes the same principles of patriotism and the love and respect of the flag Certificate of commendation presentation

18 Department of the Chesapeake History First Camp – Garfield #1, Baltimore 1 March, 1883 Department of Maryland chartered 14 June, 1887 First Department Commander – Miles Ross, Baltimore First Department Encampment (annual business meeting) 14-15 June, 1887 in Baltimore First hosted National Encampment – 1888 in Wheeling, WV First C-in-C – Edward Campbell of DC 1901 Department changed its name to Department of the Chesapeake – April 2011 Department of the Chesapeake will host the 2015 National Encampment in Richmond, VA

19 Camp Badges Camp Member Worn by any full SUVCW member. Camp Commander Worn by any active Camp Commander. Past Camp Commander Worn by any past Camp Commander after serving a full term.

20 Associate and Junior Badges Associate Worn by associate members. Junior Worn by junior members.

21 Department Badges Department Officer Worn by elected department officers except Commander. Department Commander Worn by department Commander while serving. Includes a drop bar reading Department Commander. Past Department Commander May be worn by any past Department Commander after serving a full term.

22 National Badges National Officer Worn by national officers. Commander- in-Chief has a drop bar labeled National Commander. Past Commander-in-Chief Worn by past national Commander.

23 Military Service Medals War Service Medal Worn by members who served in U.S. Military during a time of combat. Has drop bar bearing name of war. Military Service Medal Represents service in U.S. military.

24 Sons of Veterans Reserve (SVR) Badge Worn by members of the Sons of Veterans Reserve.

25 SUVCW Badge Protocol Worn on left breast, or on formal occasions, on left lapel or as a mini-badge May only wear one member badge (member, camp, department or national) at a time Or you may wear a past camp, department or C-in-C badge instead of member badge

26 SUVCW Badge Protocol You may wear a War Medal Badge OR a Military Service Badge in addition to a member or past badge A Sons of Veterans Reserve (SVR) badge, National or Department Encampment badge MUST be worn with a member or past badge Encampment badges are worn on right breast.

27 Special Ceremonies Burial of a True Son of a Union Veteran Burial of a member Dedication or rededication of a grave marker or headstone Memorial service for departed members Annual traditional Memorial Day service at Arlington National Cemetery

28 Sons of Veterans Reserve (SVR) The ceremonial uniformed military component of the SUVCW Participates in Civil War related ceremonies, parades, living history programs and reenactments Membership in the SUVCW is required to belong to the SVR SVR maintains a separate organization with military rank for members

29 Auxiliary to the SUVCW Founded in 1883 as the Ladies Aid Society to the Sons of Veterans Granted auxiliary status to the SV in 1887 and name became Auxiliary to SV in 1900 Name changed to Auxiliary to the SUVCW in 1925 Open to women who are descendants or married to a brother of SUVCW

30 For More Information National Headquarters Department of the Chesapeake National Auxiliary to SUVCW

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