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It is going to be tough out there and we dont know what is ahead of us.

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2 It is going to be tough out there and we dont know what is ahead of us

3 "I learned that the only way you are going to get anywhere in life is to work hard at it. Whether you're a musician, a writer, an athlete or a businessman, there is no getting around it. If you do, you'll win; if you don't, you won't. - Bruce Jenner (Olympic Gold Medalist, Decathlon)

4 High aspirations High expectations High quality teaching and learning Skills v content Students work hard Grouping Support for individuals

5 Current sub-divided level Transition grid to monitor progress

6 Year 7How does this compare? Year 8How does this compare? Year 9How does this compare? 8Excellent8 8 7aExcellent7aExcellent7aExcellent 7bExcellent7bExcellent7bVery good 7cExcellent7cExcellent7cVery good 6aExcellent6aVery good6aVery good 6bVery good6bVery good6bAverage 6cVery good6cVery good6cAverage 5aVery good5aAverage5aAverage 5bAverage5bAverage5bAverage 5cAverage5cAverage5cBelow average 4aAverage4aAverage4aBelow average 4bAverage4bBelow average4bBelow average 4cBelow average4cBelow average4cBelow average 3aBelow average3aIn need of support3aIn need of support 3bBelow average3bIn need of support3bIn need of support 3cIn need of support3cIn need of support3cIn need of support Below 3In need of supportBelow 3In need of supportBelow 3In need of support

7 Excellent Learner Good Learner Passive Learner Reluctant Learner


9 I do the work because I have to I do not stick at tasks when they get difficult I find it hard to get started on a task as I am easily distracted I need constant attention from my teacher to keep me on task I am not that bothered about the presentation of my work I only act on feedback if I know my teacher is going to check it I am not interested in taking on challenging tasks


11 I try a range of available methods and strategies to help me solve problems I persist with work even when it gets difficult I only ask my teacher to suggest another way of doing something or get feedback on my own method I take real care and pride when presenting work I am always looking for ways in which I can improve and learn I love challenging tasks and am happy to work outside school time to improve further I care more about improving myself and learning than my marks as I dont see them as the be all and end all

12 Classroom Rewards Reflective Learner Resilient Learner Resourceful Learner Responsible Learner. Reasoning.

13 Classroom Behaviours Failure to have correct equipment Failure to follow instructions Talking inappropriately Not enough work in lesson. Homework not handed in on time.

14 The world is run by those who show up.

15 Missing just 17 days in one year (90%) can cause a drop of a full grade at GCSE. Only about one in four students with attendance less than 90% achieve 5 A*-C GCSEs. Only about one in ten students with less than 80% attendance achieve 5 A*-C GCSEs

16 Feedback in books E mail Schoolcomms E mail and text system PC, laptop, tablet or Smartphone app Contact us at and we will send you a form to sign Text notification of absenceText Urgent information (snow) E –mail rewards informationText reminders of e.g. Parents evenings E-mail behaviour informationE Mail invitations to events E-mail student and exam timetablesText/e-mail deadlines for students E-mail newsletters, trip information, clubs, etcE-mail homework

17 Michael Phelps Olympic Champion








25 RTXdy6eIU


27 Fail to prepare and you must prepare to fail



30 Year 7 Freeze Day Task and Success Criteria You are going to produce a display for parents about your first few weeks at Trinity. You can only use A3, A4 paper, colours, scissors and glue! Youll work in groups of five and the table below shows what you must produce and what Good will look like What you need to produceWhat will Good look like? One Dora back pack showing all the things you need to be ready for learning (this should include stuff as well as things such as attitudeetc A poem about how you have settled in to life at Trinity A K.E.Q.S. display showing all the Knowledge, Experiences, Skills and Qualities that you have learned and developed so far at Trinity A display of what you think have been your groups Best Bits so far at Trinity It will be informative It will be bright and colourful with writing and pictures It will be interesting to read It will be linked to what you have been learning in Learn to Learn and heard in assemblies You will work effectively as a group and share out the tasks well

31 Year 7 The Year Ahead The 3 As

32 Term 1 - Learning freeze day - First interims to parents/carers - Enterprise freeze day -Cathedral visits and service - Music, theatre, sports and other opportunities - Reading and subject tests - Tutor and expectation evening

33 Term 2 - Two learning freeze days - Second interim - Parents evening - Inter form sports competitions

34 Term 3- Two learning freeze days - Reports to parents/carers - Visits, trips, house services, sports day, music and theatre - Junior prize giving

35 This half term – KEQS Knowledge Experience Qualities Skills

36 Learners will inherit the Earth, knowers will find themselves beautifully inequipped to deal with the changed world


38 Students School Parents/carers


40 Before you were born, your parents werent as boring as they are now. They got that way from paying your bills, cleaning your clothes...

41 If you think your teacher is tough – get a boss!


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