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Ever Green Content Using Evergreen Content for Long-Term Results.

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1 Ever Green Content Using Evergreen Content for Long-Term Results

2 What is Evergreen Content? Evergreen Content

3 Evergreen Content Key Advantages 1. Scalable link acquisition 2. Achieving high search rankings for industry terms 3. Continuous social sharing of content 4. Constant traffic generation from different sources (referring sites, social and search) 5. Helping the sites online conversions in terms of lead and revenue generation 6. Uncovering more opportunities for the site (links, relationships, coverage, partnerships, etc…) 7. Supporting and giving more visibility to the other important pages of the site 8. Growing subscribers, social followers and brand advocates as the content consistently draws traffic to itself. 9. Brand strengthening Evergreen Content

4 Evergreen Content in Depth Evergreen content, as the term defines itself, is a content that never relies on current trends and is simply an informational or reference material that somehow never goes out of date. Content marketers commonly use this type of content with the intention to drive consistent web traffic to it (for a long period of time), since this type of content discusses generally searched information most of the time (such as guides and historical information). Evergreen Content

5 Evergreen Content in Depth Evergreen content ideas Frequently Asked Questions How To Guides and Tutorials Glossary of industry phrases and buzzwords List of Industry Resources (people, publications, tools, etc) History of … pieces General tips Write for visitors not search engines Not overly technical Helpful or insightful Relevant keywords Narrow focused > broad focus Use lists Use How to Guides Humor where appropriate Share it Link to it Evergreen Content

6 What is NOT Evergreen Content? Monthly statistics numerical reports (e.g. Market Report for January 2013) Seasonal / holiday specific pieces (e.g. 2013 Cyber Monday Holiday Special) Current trend or pop culture write-ups (e.g. Skinny Jeans are the Fashion Trend of 2012) News articles (e.g. 2012 Presidential Election) Evergreen Content

7 Evergreen Content & SEO Evergreen Content

8 Evergreen Content & SEO How to get higher search rankings for your evergreen content: Optimize content for search, especially in making the content absolutely relevant to the keywords its aiming to rank for. Build more exposure and authority to the content through both internal linking and content-based link building. Utilize social media marketing techniques to send out more positive signals from the content as well as for the content to be more visible on personalized search results. Evergreen Content

9 Social Sharing & Your Content In social media, even if the content is already months or years old, it can still work for you as long as the content has proven to offer value to its audience. Evergreen Content


11 Example # 1 of Evergreen Content For instance, the link growth for an evergreen post that have published last March 16, 2011 about Ecommerce SEO strategies has been increasing for the past 17 months. Evergreen Content

12 Example # 2 Evergreen Content Just imagine the power this method can lend to your site if you have tens or hundreds of this kind of high performing content hosted in your domain. Evergreen Content

13 Example # 3 Evergreen Content Chris Lake: This is a classic compendium post which has 15,000 page impressions a month, I don't remember precisely, but that probably took me no more than two hours to research and assemble. That one post generates four figures worth of monthly ad revenue alone for us, which represents a rather good return on investment. Evergreen Content

14 How to Create an Evergreen Content? Avoiding overly technical jargon and keeping the flow of information organized from least technical to most technical. Use the available keyword research tools, as well as your own common sense, to determine which key phrase should be the focus of your content. Create top-level pieces (e.g. How to Use an iPhone – /how-to-use-an-iphone/) and have more long-tailed pieces branch off from there (e.g. How to Use an iPhone 5 – /how-to-use-an-iphone-5/) Some content can be evergreen, but still have a limited lifespan (e.g. How to Restore Your iPhone 3GS). Think of your evergreen content like a tree (fittingly). Your high level piece is the trunk. Your secondary level pieces are the bigger branches. Evergreen Content

15 How to Create an Evergreen Content? Make sure that the content will be found by people who are specifically searching for it. (both short and long-tail keywords) Build internal contextual links to the content to improve its visibility through search rankings and referred page visits. Use longer strings of texts for anchors, as longer anchor texts are more receptive to readers and can also allow the destination content to target multiple keywords that they can rank for. Use awesome titles for your posts that arent limited by trends (extensive tips, guides and lists are usually effective in this type of content). Evergreen Content

16 How to Create an Evergreen Content? Update content if necessary to make sure that new visitors will be satisfied with the content theyll be landing on. Share your old content on social networks once in a while to send your new followers who might have missed the content. Support and lend visibility to other important pages (through internal linking) Monitor and make a list of those who have recently shared your old content, especially those who run or have websites/blogs. How to Create an Evergreen Content? Evergreen Content

17 Evergreen Portals

18 Squeeze Your Existing Information At least once a month, audit your existing content by updating it where needed, adding new information and re-posting it If its a blog post, remove the published date and re-share the content with current date via your social channels Add links to new posts or pages that you have published on your site since the original article was published

19 Evergreen Plan 1. Find your sweet spot: what do you want to be known for? 2. Mine the gaps: Spot trends as early as possible and try to catch the wave before it breaks. 3. Create fresh: timeless content: You may need to update your content. 4. Evergreen isnt a synonym for popular. Be prepared to target very specific search queries. 5. Identify your top posts for recurring traffic: Replicate these formats in other topic areas. 6. Beware dates! News obviously grows old very quickly 7. Embrace dates! Valentines Day. Mothers Day. Traditional / religious holidays. creating evergreen content for these events is a good idea (ideas / tips / how to guides, etc). 8. Work the emotions: make people feel something, Shock them, Give them a belly laugh, Be a contrarian 9. Add plenty of internal links: use plenty of internal links in your evergreen articles 10. Find relevant questions and provide some answers 11. Learn to love lists: A strong list is a strong, shareable article 12. Learn how to transform news stories: Figure out how to spin news stories into something more long lasting, more unique, and more useful, such as a 'how to' guide.

20 Good Luck..! Evergreen Content

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