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Established in 1956One of Eight Sports in Fort Hunt Youth Athletic Association (501c3) Chartered by Little League International – VA District 9 – U.S.

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2 Established in 1956One of Eight Sports in Fort Hunt Youth Athletic Association (501c3) Chartered by Little League International – VA District 9 – U.S. Southeast Region 19 Member Board of Directors – Monthly Meetings – Annual Fall Elections Spring and Fall Seasons 2014 Spring Registration – 650 Players Strong t PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS

3 President Barry Meuse Player Agent/Safety Officer Mike Sundsted Operations Director Joe English VP T-Ball Division Jason Edwards VP Junior Division Glen Copeland VP A Division Chris Condon VP AA Division Eric Rizzo VP AAA Division Jimmy Finn VP Minors Division Chris Lansburgh VP Majors Division Tony Casttrilli Executive VP / Secretary JoAnn Ruffin Treasurer / Registrar Kim Catanzaro Fields and Facilities Director Barry Meuse Communications Officer Tom Meyer Chief Umpire Jasper Thomson Equipment Manager Bob Enfield Training Coordinator Tim Riviere Sponsorship Coordinator Jim Smith Web Master Jeff Smith 2014 BOARD OF DIRECTORS

4 2014 COMMUNITY SPONSORS Anderson Orthopaedic Clinic Black Rock Group Bodner Chiropractic Burke & Herbert Bank Clarke & Sampson Insurance Dale Photography Dicks Sporting Goods Downtown Baptist Church Duane Morris Edgesource Corporation Edwards Construction Mary Edwards, Realtor J. Fannon & Sons Fifth Third Bank Fort Hunt Construction Fort Hunt Realty Group Fort Hunt Sportsmens Association Giant Food Hollin Hall Automotive Hoyle Hitting, LLC Hughes Orthodontics Genuario Construction Jones Roofing Catherine Jouet, Realtor Kesterson Plumbing & Heating John & Cindy Langan Massage Envy Spa Master Roofing McLaughlin Ryder Investments R. Merkli, Inc Momentum Technology Monument Title Company National Stone and Gravel Assn. Nesbitt Realty Occasions Caterers Olson Photography Plymouth Haven Baptist Port City Professional Grounds, Inc. Potomac Wealth Advisors Primo Family Restaurant Remodeling & Exteriors, Inc. Revolution Agency Roche Thomas Sew n Luv Sluggers, Inc. – The Hohlt Family Southside 815 SRPC Media Van Scoyoc Associates, Inc. Village Hardware Virginia Baseball Club VH Sign Company VZN Group West Potomac High School Baseball White Oak

5 Darsey FieldFort Hunt Elem 1 – Adopted Fort Hunt Park 1, 2, 3 Hollin Hall 1, 2 - Adopted Grist Mill Park 1, 2, 3 MLK – Gum Springs Red Stevens Field – Adopted Stratford Landing Elem 1, 2 Waynewood Elem 1, 2, 3 Waynewood Rec 1, 2, 3 FIELDS AND FACILITIES / 20 FIELDS / 4 ADOPTED

6 2014 KEY DATES December 1 REGISTRATION OPENS February 16, 23 PLAYER ASSESSMENTS – Age 7-AA thru Majors February 24 REGISTRATION CLOSES – Except T-Ball March PLAYER DRAFTS – AA thru Junior Divisions March PAYER ASSIGNMENTS – T-Ball, A-Ball March 22 COACH CLINICS – T-Ball, A-Ball, AA, AAA March 28 GAMES START April 5 OPENING DAY CEREMONY and Team Photos May 31–June 15 ALL-LEAGUE GAMES and TOURNAMENT PLAY June 15 FUN and ALL-STAR TOURNAMENTS START August 1 OPEN REGISTRATION – Fall Ball

7 COACH CODE OF CONDUCT GREAT COACHES are leaders and teachers of all things life and athletic. By the nature of their work, they develop intimate personal relationships with others and frequently are the most influential person in the lives of players they coach second only to that of players own parents. GREAT COACHES are keen observers of human nature and work well with people of all ages and backgrounds. As a result of well-tuned sensitivities, great coaches are also successful in their personal and professional lives which makes them models for people of all ages. As life models, GREAT COACHES need to project confidence while remaining open-minded and be teachers of specific skills while addressing the needs of the whole person. GREAT COACHES set an example for all to follow and strive to improve themselves in every dimension.

8 BASEBALL COACHES STRIVE TO: Be positive and respect everyone Model the highest standards of personal conduct, character and good sportsmanship and strive to instill these standards in player and parent alike Establish a vision for the season and communicate it to players and parents Provide a safe, challenging and encouraging environment for practice and competition which emphasizes the development of the whole person Demonstrate that winning is inside each person – encourage players to do their personal best, be a good sport and a good teammate Model life lessons – be generous of spirit, gracious in defeat, and modest in victory Strive to improve communication and coaching skills and techniques Foster a love and respect for the game – and Be Great Coaches!

9 COACHING FOCUS Teach Proven Mechanics Repetitions to Instill Muscle Memory Encourage the Art and Heart of an Athlete Allow for Differences Cultivate Personal Responsibility COACHING TIPS Be Organized – Enlist a Team Parent and Assistant Coaches Rotate Players through Positions – Except Safety Positions Teach Good Mechanics; Instill Muscle Memory w/ Reps Stations Help ALWAYS Encourage Make Practices Fun / Keep em Moving Coaches Practice – Players Game Teach Personal Responsibility

10 PARENT MEETING AND COMMUNICATION COMMUNICATION IS KEY! Email / Text – Practice and Game Schedules – try to minimize changes – After Game Summaries Parents Meeting – Have your Parents Meeting Early in the Season – Explain your Coaching Philosophy PARENT VOLUNTEERS Additional Coaches Snacks / Drinks Team Parent End of Season Party Photo Day Special Needs Raffle


12 SAFETY RESPONSIBILITIES Understand Little League Rule Book and FHLL House Rules Ensure Good Warm Up and Stretching Check the Field for Hazards Good Mechanics are Safe Mechanics Maintain Equipment in Good Working Order Assure Phone Access First-Aid Kits at Each field No On-Deck for Batters Players Behind Screens Report Accidents / Injuries / Unsafe Conditions

13 SAFETY BEST PRACTICIES LIGHTNING – Monitor Weather Conditions When Stormy – Weather Threatens – Average lightening Strike 6-10 miles long, Moves 25 MPH, Up to 30 Million Volts –At Risk if Leading Edge of Storm within10 Miles – Cloud to Ground Lightning: Suspend Play; Players to the Cars –Dont Resume Play Until 30 Minutes from the Last 30-second Flash-Bang Count CHILD ABUSE –Exploitation or Harassment of a Child, Including Bullying VOLUNTEER APPLICATION / BACKGROUND CHECK

14 SAFETY RESPONSIBILITIES CONCUSSIONS – Managers, Coaches and Umpires are Encouraged to Complete Online Concussion Care Training on the CDCs Website – Concussion is a Brain Injury from Direct Blow to the Head or Indirect Blow to the body – Recognize Symptoms – If in Doubt, Remove Player from Game or Practice and Alert Parent EYE INJURIES –Hits to the Eye Socket from Baseball or Bat – DO NOT Ice the Eye Alert Parent Seek Medical Care Immediately –Chemical / Dust in the Eye Wash Out Eye with Water Alert Parent to Seek Medical Attention

15 ADDITIONAL RESOURCES FHLL Website – Little League Website – Great Coaches Resource Center Local Training Facilities – Virginia Baseball Club – – Dominion Baseball Academy – – Strike Zone – FHLL Coach and Player Training Positive Coaching Alliance –


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