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2 Thinking back to 2012 all the talk was about the torrid conditions creating one of the toughest but most memorable IRONMAN events ever experienced on the African continent and for many, anywhere in the world. This year, in stark contrast, Nelson Mandela Bay blessed athletes with near perfect conditions while spectators enjoyed some scintillating racing as Switzerlands Ronnie Schildknecht took it home in the mens PRO field and USAs Jessie Donavan came up trumps for the ladies. Among a field of close to 1800 athletes were, Ironman 4 the Kidz founders, Garth Wright and Gary Stephenson who teamed up with 65 other charity athletes and participated in bright orange vests in order to raise funds for 13 children beneficiaries that the Charity had earmarked to assist in 2013. Thanks to the support offered by Megapro joined with the athletes determination and our belief that anything is possible, the Trust could once again make a difference for the kids in 2013 2013






8 Our 2013 Beneficiaries Eastern Province Child and Youth Care Centre The vision of the EP Child and Youth Care Centre is to develop displaced children and youths into well adjusted, productive citizens. The center emphasizes a holistic approach to child care and development with seven core programmers that encompass a childs total development Khayalethu Youth Centre The Khayalethu Youth Centre and the Khayalethu Oliver House intervention programs and alternative care for street children, aim to meet the basic needs of the children through a holistic and developmental approach with the ultimate goal of re-socialisation and family re-unification. Lelethu Baby Shelter The Lelethu Baby Shelter is a halfway house for babies in need. The shelter cares for abandoned, disabled and babies infected and affected by HIV.

9 Our 2013 Beneficiaries M.T.R. Smit Childrens Haven The M.T.R Smit Children Haven aims to create conditions under which the childrens development can thrive. The haven aspires to meet the special needs of each child and ensure the successful development of the children - physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Oosterland Youth Centre Oosterland Youth Centre provides quality childcare services to children cared for by the Childrens Court by empowering them with positive life experiences and skills to allow them to take responsibility for their lives and their futures Salem Baby Care Centre The Salem Baby Care Centre offers a haven for destitute mothers and children. This includes primary health and nutritional care for babies and children, education for older siblings, literacy and skills training, HIV/Aids education and support programmes for mothers.

10 Our 2013 Beneficiaries Food Bank SA The Robin Good Initiative started distributing 40 loaves of bread per week and has rapidly grown to their present level, distributing in excess of 5 million meals, tons of clothing, volumes of household goods and toys nationwide to children in need. We care Out Reach Initiative This initiative is an active feeding scheme that offers meals and support to children in need. Sabrina Love Foundation Love Foundation strives to help youngsters with rare bone disorder, which affected their physical being and hopefully reach as many of these special little people and their families with financial assistance either for equipment, medical treatment or professional help. The assistance offered creates in one form or another better quality of life for these children and their families.

11 Our 2013 Beneficiaries Child Welfare : East London & Port Elizabeth Child Welfare South Africa offer services to the children between 0 -14 years of age who have been abused, neglected, infected and affected by HIV/Aids, abandoned and destitute. Siyakatala: Child and Youth Centre Siyakatala is a registered youth shelter who care for neglected, abused, orphaned and children living in poverty. The education and care of these children is of utmost importance. New Life : Bright Smiles Bright Future Is an active feeding scheme in some of the most violent, poorest and disadvantaged areas of Port Elizabeth by providing a balanced meal to 2500 school children, Aids havens and shelters during the school term. APD : Day Care Centre Is the newest addition to our beneficiaries for 2013. Their focus is to care and develop children with physical disabilities in the Motherwell region.

12 Thank you For ensuring we could continue to make a difference for the kids in 2013! We hope to have you and your athletes join us in 2014 for our 10 th Birthday celebrations With our Trustees belief that anything is possible we will be striving for a goal of R2 Million for the kids and sincerely hope to have you on our 2014 team!

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