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Justin Bieber is my IDOL! Oliwia Kwiatkowska kl.3D.

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1 Justin Bieber is my IDOL! Oliwia Kwiatkowska kl.3D


3 Justin Bieber is a Canadian pop star and actor. He was born on the 1st of March 1994 in Ontario Canada. His career began when he was just 15 years old! When he was a child, he taught himself to play the piano, guitar, trumpet and drums. Justin said, When I was little had no ambition to be a star! His parents Patie Mallette and Jeremy Bieber got divorce when Justin was little His first singiel is One time, and his first album is My World. Justin Bieber fans are called Beliebers! Justin's favorite color is purple! Justin is inspired by Michael Jackson! Who is Justin Bieber?

4 Justin has a tanned complexion! He has got a brown, shiny eyes. His hair is lightbrown! He has got dark eyebrows. He has got bright pink lips. He has a delicate face and very white teeth! His smile is wonderful, when He smile I smile!

5 Justin is well built! He has got a many tattoos. His first tattoo was a bird, it is located at the his hip! He did it at the age of 16 years! Currently Justin has 17 tattoos! In the collarbones, legs, arms, ribs and hip!

6 Justin usually wears baggy pants! There are the everyday reality! Very often wearing black or white clothing! Justin is 171 centimeters tall and weighs 59 kg!

7 Justin loves singing. In addition his passion for skateboarding, dancing, basketball, computer games, playing the drums, playing the piano, playing the hockey! He also loves writingwith fans on twitter! Recently, Justin began to paint graffiti.

8 Character Justin Bieber is a very friendly. He never lies. He is sensitive person! Justin is very helpful and loved! He is a very romantic singer. It seems to me that Justin is shy. Justin i ssensible person who try to help other people, especially he likes to visit people in hospitals. Justin loves his Beliebers, and his Beliebers love him! Justin loves his Beliebers, and his Beliebers love him!

9 Justin is a very crazy and funny! He is my hero!

10 I really love Justin! I think he is happy to have us - Beliebers! I think Justin is very attractive and handsome! In addition, I love his voice! He is always smiling.

11 bibliografia teen-vogue-2013-foto.jpg teen-vogue-2013-foto.jpg Justina- Biebera/256274217774070?id=256274217774070&sk=photos_stre am Justina- Biebera/256274217774070?id=256274217774070&sk=photos_stre am,110557,8294075.html?blogName=li feissick&year=2013&month=05&title=bitwa_na_napiekniejszy_usm iech_cz4_justin_bieber_vs_bill_kaulitz&counter=1&order=najfajniej sze_odwrotnie,110557,8294075.html?blogName=li feissick&year=2013&month=05&title=bitwa_na_napiekniejszy_usm iech_cz4_justin_bieber_vs_bill_kaulitz&counter=1&order=najfajniej sze_odwrotnie W większości wiedza własna Dopiero się rozkręcam – Justin Bieber

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