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Ideals: What do you really value?

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1 Ideals: What do you really value?
Frolin S. Ocariza, Jr.

2 CMPC Youth Retreat 2012 Talk was given during this retreat
This talk: a few changes and some extra material

3 Who is this guy?! Name: Frolin S. Ocariza, Jr.
Occupation: PhD Student (Computer Engineering) at UBC CMPC Web Admin Not me (wrong Frolin) Me


5 Prize: Bragging Rights for Life
Pop Quiz Prize: Bragging Rights for Life

6 Pop Quiz: Question What is an ideal? Value Belief Goal

7 All three answers are correct!!
Pop Quiz: Answer All three answers are correct!!

8 What is an ideal? An ideal is a value, belief, or goal that dictates the guidelines or rules we set for ourselves An ideal determines how we act in life and what decisions we make in life

9 Batman’s Ideals IDEALS RULE: Don’t kill Values Life, Justice Beliefs
Human life must be preserved Justice comes from redemption IDEALS Goal Save Gotham from evil and corruption

10 More Realistic Example
RULE: Never be late for class Values Respect, Education Beliefs My teachers deserved respect My classmates deserved respect Education leads to fulfilling life Goal Learn as much as possible

11 Pop Quiz #2 RULE: Attend CMPC Prayer Meetings (PMs) twice a month
Values Faith, truth, community Beliefs PMs can enrich faith Truth worth pursuing Community can help us grow Goals Become better people/Christians Help people, especially troubled ones Strengthen love for each other and for God

12 Why have ideals? Ideals give substance to the rules we choose to follow With ideals, we follow rules because we believe in them “The simpleton believes all he’s told, the prudent man watches his step.” - Proverbs 14:15

13 Following Rules Without Ideals
RULE: Jump up and down in my seat for one hour while shouting ‘Bazinga!’ during mass Doesn’t make sense to follow this! Always follow rules based on an ideal

14 Importance of Ideals Help us discover our true purpose in life, and therefore, help us motivate the decisions we make Help us become more decisive (we will base all our actions on our ideals)

15 Short-Term Ideals vs Long-Term Ideals

16 Short-Term Ideals Ideals stemming from short-term goals Examples
Graduate from university Get good grades Finish a book Win a contest

17 Long-Term Ideals Ideals stemming from long-term goals
Take continuous time and effort Affect us in our entire lives Examples To become successful To grow in deeper relationship with friends, family, and God To achieve eternal life

18 Short-Term Supported by Long-Term Ideals
Short-term ideals still important! However, short-term ideals must be supported by long-term ideals  Otherwise, no greater purpose involved

19 Short-Term Supported by Long-Term: Example
SHORT TERM IDEAL: Get high grades in all my classes Rules: Go to bed at 9:30 PM every weekday, Finish all assignments before the weekend Outcome: Success! (97% average in Grade 12) AWESOME!! I can retire now!

20 Not So Fast!! My dream university since Grade 11: MIT I was extremely sure that I’ll get accepted because of my grades Letter finally arrived from MIT

21 Moment of Truth “We are sad to announce that your application to MIT has been rejected by the application committee.”

22 Kuya Jerol’s Disappointment
Got rejected by MIT despite good grades! Does this mean all the rules I followed in high school were useless? NO! I wanted to fulfill the short-term ideal of getting good grades, but…. …I also wanted to fulfill some long-term ideals Learn new things Live happy life with family and friends Be successful

23 Support short-term ideals with long-term ideals
Moral of the Story Support short-term ideals with long-term ideals

24 Christian Ideals FAITH HOPE LOVE
What ideals motivate us to follow the rules of God (i.e., the teachings of Christ)? FAITH HOPE LOVE

25 Faith Ideal of faith allows us to believe through God-given reason
Our belief and trust in God motivate us to follow the teachings of Christ!

26 Hope Ideal of hope allows us to long and desire eternal life with God
This goal of eternal life motivates us to follow the teachings of Christ!

27 Love Ideal of love allows us to put the teachings of Christ into practice through love of God and neighbour The value that we place on our friends, family, and God motivates us to follow the teachings of Christ, who is Love!

28 Wordly Ideals Christian ideals demand more sacrifice than worldly ideals Christian ideals point toeternal happiness, unlike worldly ideals which point only towards temporary happiness

29 Recap Ideal – value, belief, and/or goal that affect how we act in life Ideals help us motivate decisions, and help us be more decisive Short-term ideals must be supported by long-term ideals Three main Christian ideals that motivate us to follow Christ’s teachings: faith, hope, and love

30 Questions for Discussion
How do you think Christian ideals differ from the ideals of the world? Share any experiences you have that highlight this difference. What are your long-term goals as a Christian? What short-term ideals do you have that could help you achieve these goals? What is the most challenging decision you’ve ever had to make in life? What ideals (values, beliefs, goals) pushed you to make that decision?

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