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Briana Brown ARTHURIAN LEGEND. My students will… Be 11 th graders Be honors Have read Le Morte dArthur before the first day of the unit ANALYZE LEARNERS.

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2 My students will… Be 11 th graders Be honors Have read Le Morte dArthur before the first day of the unit ANALYZE LEARNERS

3 21C.O.9-12.1.TT.10 Student implements various Internet search techniques (e.g., Boolean searches, meta-searches, web bots) to gather information; student evaluates the information for validity, appropriateness, content, bias, currency, and usefulness. 21C.O.9-12.3.TT.8 Student uses technology to seek strategies and information to address limits in their own knowledge. RLA.O.11.1.1 Research, analyze, and evaluate the historical, cultural, political and biographical influences on literary works. RLA.O.11.1.3Increase the amount of independent reading with emphasis on classic American, British and World Literature, and informational texts. RLA.O.11.1.6Formulate supportable conclusions, summarize events and ideas, construct inferences and generalizations, and critique character traits in a written/oral literary interpretation. RLA.O.11.2.1Employ the five-step writing process (pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, publishing) for developing narrative, informative, descriptive, persuasive and functional writings that include a letter of job application, a scholarship application/essay, and personal letters. RLA.O.11.3.2Plan, research, organize and deliver a grammatically correct presentation using a variety of media (e.g., live performance, video, PowerPoint, web pages). RLA.O.11.3.3Use verbal and nonverbal strategies to listen and respond for diverse purposes: comprehension evaluation expression of empathy persuasion mediation collaboration STATE OBJECTIVES

4 (In class) Copy of Le Morte dArthur, paper, pencil; (Out of class) foam board, paper, markers, glue 12/Chivalry_and_Courtly_Love/aspx \ SELECT MEDIA/MATERIAL

5 Day One (Tuesday)… Class will begin with a discussion about Le Morte dArthur. This will lead into a discussion about life in the Middle Ages, and students will search the Internet to learn what life was like then. After letting students search for a while, I will direct them to At the end of class, students will be assigned a shield project for a character of their choosing. I will show them, where they can find symbols, colors, and meanings for their UTILIZE MEDIA AND MATERIALS

6 Day 2 (Wednesday)… There will be a class discussion on the themes of the book (honor, chivalry, and courtly love) and events that take place in the book. Near the end of class, we will play SmartBoard Jeopardy. UTILIZE MEDIA AND MATERIALS

7 Day 3 (Thursday)… I will show the students several different versions of the legend, through the use of handouts and videos from We will discuss each separately, then how the legend has changed over UTILIZE MEDIA AND MATERIALS

8 Day 4 (Friday)… Students will present their completed shield projects to the class. UTILIZE MEDIA AND MATERIALS

9 Day 5 (Monday)… At the start of class, students will be assigned a writing assignment, a short story from the perspective of their chosen character. The rest of class will be spent watching a movie, Merlin, along with a worksheet on it. UTILIZE MEDIA AND MATERIALS

10 Days 6-7 (Tuesday and Wednesday)… Class will be spent watching Merlin. UTILIZE MEDIA AND MATERIALS

11 Day 8 (Thursday)… We will finish watching Merlin, then students will be placed in groups of three for peer conferencing the next day. Students will give each member of their group a copy of their working draft, and will take the papers they receive home to go over. They must choose three strengths and 3 weaknesses of the paper before class the next day. UTILIZE MEDIA AND MATERIALS

12 Day 9 (Friday)… Peer conferencing will take place today. When not in groups, students will be working on crosswords. Students may take their papers home to revise, and they will be due on Monday. UTILIZE MEDIA AND MATERIALS

13 Ways to Keep Students Focused: Pop-up Quizzes Class Discussions Worksheets REQUIRE LEARNER PARTICIPATION

14 There will be verbal quizzes throughout the unit (RLA.O.11.1.1, RLA.O.1.3, and RLA.O.11.1.6). Class discussions and a round of SmartBoard Jeopardy on the book will assess the students independent reading and internet searching abilities (RLA.O.11.1.3, 21C.O.9-12.1.TT.10). Students will construct a coat-of-arms for a chosen character (21C.O.9-12.3.TT.8, RLA.O.11.1.6). Students will present their coat-of-arms to the class (RLA.O.11.3.2). Class discussions will assess the students abilities to evaluate the historical and cultural influences on the legend (RLA.O.11.1.1). Students will write a short story from their characters point of view to help students relate the character and legend to themselves and the real world (RLA.O.11.2.1). Students will evaluate their peers papers and discuss their evaluations with their peers (RLA.O.11.3.3). Students will revise their papers before turning it in at the end of the unit (RLA.O.11.2.1). EVALUATE AND REVISE

15 Verbal Quizzes Class Discussions Jeopardy Coat-of-Arms & Presentation Writin EVALUATE AND REVISE

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