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The Quest of the Golden Fleece By Delaney, Alex, Joyce, and Leslie.

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1 The Quest of the Golden Fleece By Delaney, Alex, Joyce, and Leslie

2 Summary -Jason is hidden away until he is grown and can overcome his evil cousin. -Jason is sent by Pelias to retrieve the Golden Fleece so that he can reclaim the kingdom which is rightfully his -They encounter many dangers along the way, but are protected by Hera and Aphrodite -Medea, the princess of Colchis is shot by Cupid to aid in the quest -Jason yokes the flaming bulls and defeats dragon teeth men -Medea helps Jason retrieve the Fleece -Jason and Medea return home, but find destruction. Then, Jason asks Medea to kill Pelias, and she kills him using a sly trick. -Jason leaves Medea for the princess of Corinth, and outraged Medea kills both of his sons and the princess of Corinth. -Jason is left alone.

3 Lessons of the Golden Fleece Betrayal leads to the loss of those loved True love cannot be made Take responsibility for your actions Dont discredit those whove helped you

4 Positive Qualities of Jason

5 Negative Qualities of Jason Self centered Unfaithful Liar Vain Opportunistic Jason lacks humbleness, the ability to the realize his mistakes, and capability to take responsibility for his actions.

6 Fate The usurper Pelias had been told by an oracle that he would die at the hands of kinsmen, and that he should be aware of anyone who shod with a single sandal. (pg. 124) -This quote tells of the prophecy of Jason and how he was destined to overthrow his cousin Together they planned that Aphrodites son Cupid should make the daughter of the Colchian King fall in love with Jason. (pg. 128) -This quote tells of the Goddesses intervention in the lives of men and how their influence can greatly impact them.

7 Arête-excellence Hercules sought him madly everywhere, shouting his name and plunging deeper and deeper into the forest away from the sea. (pg. 125) This quote highlights Hercules extreme devotion to his friend. He forgets the quest for glory for one he loves. You and I must rule ourselves by the law of right-not appeal to brazen words or spears. (pg. 124) Although Jason himself does not govern himself in such a way, this shows the idea that violence is not the answer.

8 Hubris-excessive pride; arrogance If only she had some common sense, she would have been glad of his marriage, as such a connection would have been profitable for her and the children.(pg. 134) Jason is showing his excessive arrogance through this quote. He doesnt seem to understand the hurt his ex-wife feels for his actions. He thinks only of himself, proud of what he has accomplished. He believes even though she is being exiled she should rejoice at his achievements and thank him for the connections he would provide.

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