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Medical Model VERSUSKinergetics. PRESCRIPTION DRUGS The problem is, prescription drugs don't treat diseases; they merely cover the symptoms. U.S. physicians.

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1 Medical Model VERSUSKinergetics

2 PRESCRIPTION DRUGS The problem is, prescription drugs don't treat diseases; they merely cover the symptoms. U.S. physicians provide allopathic health care – that is, they care for disease, not health. So, the over-prescription of drugs and medications is designed to treat disease instead of preventing it. And because there are so many drugs available, unforeseen adverse drug reactions are all too common, which leads to the highly conservative annual prescription drug death rate of 106,000. Keep in mind that these numbers came before the Vioxx scandal, and Cox-2 inhibitor drugs could ultimately end up killing tens of thousands more. Source

3 The major cause of chronic pain is dehydration Dr F Batmanghelidj, author of Your Bodies Many Cries For Water

4 Kinergetics and RESET use only ENERGY to clear stresses which block the assimilation of water.

5 Following are some sample testimonials which have been edited to fit the screen without changing the meaning. See over 300 original testimonials:

6 ALLERGIES A man about 30 was allergic to practically all food (even water was making him bloated). He was down to only five foods he could eat. Six weeks later and two sessions later he can eat ANYTHING without reacting. Amazing because he was at his wits end and getting worse when he came to see me. EP, Naturopath, 2004.

7 ARSENIC POISONING Case - 3 year old child, lost hope situation. No weight gain for last year and fever every 15 days, lasting for a week. After checking for hydration and balancing the muscles, Ive decided to check Candida and Heavy metals. She was reactive to Arsenic. I asked the mother about any contact with agro toxins. The mother denied at first, and then all of the sudden she said: Oh, maybe it was that once when she took rat poison! We took her to the hospital and the doctor said that nothing could be done because her mouth glands had already absorbed the toxins. I believe she was trying ever since to take the toxins out of her body but was never strong enough until that day. Now she is just fine. She does not get the fevers and is gaining weight as a child of her age should. AM 2003.

8 CHRONIC ANKLE PAIN For 25 years I have lived with a constant nagging ache in both ankles incurred in a trampoline accident. Since your treatment with there has been no pain whatsoever and I have even regained all lateral and rotational movement in both ankles. PP 1994. Everything still 100% 2002.

9 CHRONIC FOOT PAIN My 17 year old son suffered severe pain in his right foot. His symptoms were gross swelling, stiffness and at times unable to walk due to no cartilage between the bones. The medical profession informed us the solution was major surgery, to remove part of the hip bone and place it in his foot and fuse his bones together, leaving him permanently with a rigid foot. We then went to Philip and after a half hour session he has complete movement in his foot and the pain and all other symptoms are completely gone. He can now play sport and lead a normal life. GL 1994. Still good 1996.

10 RICKETS I have Vitamin D Resistant Ricketts that went undiagnosed for too many years and the result was legs that were crooked, uneven and unsteady. After 35 years, 15 surgeries on my legs and an inability to even walk a trail near my home, I was a little concerned about how much longer I could walk at all. My left foot was permanently splayed out about 25 degrees, I walked with a marked wobble and I had a pain that averaged an 8 out of 10 in my right knee and both feet. My surgeons had indicated that I was as good as I was going to get. In less than a week my foot is now straight and the pain has been brought down to less than a two. The wobble has almost disappeared. Now I am able to hike trails that have been impossible for the last ten years. MG 2001.

11 OSGOOD SCHLATTERS My 14 year old son has been suffering a painful condition called Osgood-Schlatters disease for 2 years. The periosteum from the proximal end of his tibia had peeled off, looking like a fractured tibia on X-ray. His sporting activities were restricted due to the pain on exertion and the resulting cramping afterwards. We had given up on any relief being available when I took him to Philip to treat another problem. He made a jaw correction, which instantly allowed him to lift his knee up to his chest - he had been unable to lift his knee higher than his hip for the last 2 years. The pain disappeared completely. MF 1993. Still good 1996.

12 DIZZINESS I was experiencing dizzy spells for approximately two months and had undergone a series of neurological tests including CAT scans and hearing and balance tests at the Alfred Hospital. The doctors could find no explanation for my dizzy spells and prescribed drugs. The drugs made me drowsy and had no effect on my dizzy spells. A one hour session completely eliminated my dizziness and I have been okay for the last month. EH. Still fine 5 years later.

13 MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS I have never gone into remission so quickly. I was having problems walking, coupled with my increasing tiredness and mind blanks. I have come an incredible way in three days. I have never experienced anything that accesses the mind and body this quickly or had any healing with such instant results on all levels of the body, including the peace that I am feeling. After day two I went walking expecting the usual things to happen to my legs. I was incredibly surprised when it didn't. I have enjoyed my first walk for a long time. WD 1999.

14 CHRONIC PAIN I had approached four doctors to have them amputate my right leg which was badly damaged in a motorcycle accident 20 years ago. The doctors would not amputate but could not help with the pain. …..I laid back on his table and 15 minutes later I stood up again, the pain had gone from a seven out of ten to a two out of ten. Amazing! I no longer want my leg cut off and I walk four times the distance I could before. Now there is only slight discomfort when I do too much, but is relieved quickly when I rest. It's good to wake up every morning pain free. AS

15 ADHD TRIAL – NO DRUGS! I decided to trial four case studies of teenage children medically diagnosed with ADHD. I offered these children, three boys and one girl between the ages of 11 to 16, four sessions consecutively over one month using solely Kinergetics. In all cases these children showed remarkable improve- ments after the first session. One boy improved his spelling scores from 3 out of 20 to 17 out of 20. The behavior in all children improved dramatically after the second session with glowing reports from school and home. The parents were extremely relieved to see there was no longer anything wrong with their children and their lives returning to normality. Also two parents were glad to take their boys off medication. It is now 18 months since the trials and all children show continued improvement at school. SJ.

16 INTENSE UNKNOWN ACUTE PAIN The doctors did numerous checks and investigation with no result. There were no answers. They concluded that there was nothing wrong with her and discharged her with the pain. Two days later she was hospitalised (emergency) as the pain was unbearable to the touch. All forms of pain relief and pain killers didn't relieve the pain. One hour and forty five minutes later her pain was totally gone - vanished. No medicine, massage, nothing - magic. Just simply sending the energy to the place where the body told me. Four hours later she was discharged from the hospital - pain-free. I did two more private sessions as a follow up. She hasn't looked back since. Some time later she called me to tell me that she was fine and pregnant. At last contact she was happily awaiting the birth of her first child. T 2001 Singapore.

17 CHRONIC NECK PAIN I have suffered from chronic neck pain for over 10 years and I would be constantly in pain. I would see a chiropractor or therapist 2-3 times per week. I began my kinesiology searching as I found that Kinergetics and other modalities gave me some relief. During the May 2004 Master Class, Philip Rafferty introduced some new techniques and I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of one of his demonstrations. The results of Philips balance were amazing. I felt physical changes in my back and neck. It has been more than a month now since the balance and I have begun to feel the best I have felt in over 10 years. I had other amazing balances during the workshop that improved my energy levels significantly. My experience has been life changing - Kinergetics is the most powerful modality on this planet! My chiropractor said it has gone from a chronic condition to just needing fine tuning. MR June 2004.

18 CHRONIC PAIN I have suffered from low back pain ever since a car accident in 1991, followed by two more in 1994 and 1995. The pain is 8 out of 10. I have been treated with acupuncture and physical therapy for most of the past ten years. Over all that time I have never had instant results as I had in this session. Now I am at '0' pain. TCJ Aug 2001.

19 CHRONIC PAIN In 1989 I was involved in a vehicle accident in the Army in which I received extensive damage to my hips, back and neck. From then until 1993 I was constantly reliant on physiotherapy and pain-killers as well as many stays in hospital. It was decided to correct my back problem with surgery in which I had rods and screws inserted into my spine. When that was unsuccessful they were removed and a fusion was conducted. After my discharge from the Army on medical grounds I then spent the next 4 years on pain killers, 24 Mersendol Forte per day. I was also in bed for 20-22 hours a day only getting out to bath and see specialists. After completing Kinergetics and Hyperton-X I now no longer require pain killers as my pain level has been reduced by 90-95%. NW 1998.

20 CHRONIC PAIN Steel rod in spine for 20 years - I have had lower back and neck problems for years. After four Kinergy sessions the pain was gone. MM 1994.

21 MIGRAINES I suffer periodically from migraines, which I have hardly been able to control, even with large amounts of painkillers. With RESET both the frequency/prevalence of my migraines was reduced and usually the migraine symptoms disappear after a RESET session. I've held a couple of RESET workshops now. I love it and the people I've had here, masseuses, physios, etc. have been amazed at this technique! I use it on myself. For a migraine I awoke with I applied RESET and in 20 minutes my migraine was a slight headache gradually disappearing. I haven't used Panadol at all since Kinergetics and RESET. DP 2000.

22 FRACTURED CONDYLE I was involved in a bicycle accident. I landed on my mandible and fractured my condyle. I had seven hours of surgery and the condyle was not replaced so I had a gross misalignment. My life was devastated. I was dyslexic and my body would weaken when I attempted vigorous exercise. I had wires in my jaw, scarring in the joint, very little opening and was very vulnerable to loud noises, anger, my own and others, and this could trigger extremely painful headaches and spasm. I required frequent chiropractic appointments. ….. I felt a dramatic difference immediately. My whole face felt softer and even though the situations in my life are as noisy and stressful as usual, my jaw does not react in any way. I feel that I have at last had a major recovery of a problem which dominated my life for 11 years. BS 1995. Still good July 1996.

23 CHRONIC PAIN For the last 5 years I have had one problem after another, my foot seizing up, knee and hip problems and my neck beginning to give way. I have been dancing for 20 years and thought that I must have just overworked my body. I had forgotten a jaw accident which happened just before my body started collapsing. With Kinergy Philip was able to realign my jaw - and overnight my problems have started to disappear. I am now able to use my left toe which has been unmovable after 4 years and my back and neck pain has disappeared. NM Dec 1994.

24 DRUGS vs ENERGY What will you choose? 1.Drugs for life. 2.Experience Kinergetics TMJ and Hydration. 3.Learn RESET so you can balance yourself.

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