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The story of Motumbo.

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1 The story of Motumbo

2 Motumbo was a black african, who just arrived (illegally) in London Mary was a typical English girl, coming from a good family, tall, blond, blue eyes.

3 They met each other in South Kensington, (where Motumbo went to buy sun glasses) and they fall in love.

4 Mary wanted to present Motumbo to her father.

5 The father, an English Lord, completely severe, tried to persuade his daughter to leave Motumbo, but whithout success

6 Finally, the father posed a condition to Motumbo, which was: MBA in Harvard.

7 Motumbo went to Harvard, studied very hard, like crazy, and within 6 months took his diploma. "Motumbo loves Mary, Motumbo studied."

8 The father, completly surprised, posed to Motumbo a second condition
The father, completly surprised, posed to Motumbo a second condition. Make in one month 1 milion dollars.

9 Having the MBA, Motumbo went to Wall Street, work like a “negro” and returned to Mary’s father with the 1 million dollars. "Motumbo loves Mary, Motumbo worked."

10 The father of Mary, hopeless, tried his last chance.......

11 ..... That is, to marry his daughter, Motumbo had to have a p……… one metre long.

12 "Motumbo loves Mary, Motumbo cuts the p..."

13 Motumbo after cutting

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