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CARA Y CORAZÓN A Family-Strengthening Curriculum

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1 CARA Y CORAZÓN A Family-Strengthening Curriculum
Excerpts from a presentation by Jaime Molina, ASW, and Joaquin Barreto, MHCS

2 CARA Y CORAZÓN Cara y Corazón is an 8-12 week educational series which focuses in strengthening the parent-child relationship. The lessons’ goals are to re-integrate family traditions and values which support the unity and harmony of the family. Through this educational series, parents may reconnect with their own personal, family, and cultural strengths to create and maintain a balance to guide and support their loved ones in their daily lives.

3 CARA Y CORAZÓN The movement and healing of a people is based on the community’s interdependent responsibility to each other. “Tu eres mi otro yo.” (“You are my other me”). It means that we all have a purpose for living and that we are reflections of each other.

4 EDUCACION Our actions affect each other and our behaviors are reflections of the respect we have for each other. Each is a teacher and student for one another. The concepts of Cara y Corazón are also directly related to the traditional concept of La Educacion.

This phrase is not to be literally translated as education, but rather a phrase meaning character development. La Educacion is a fundamental principle for appropriate living for most Latino families and other ethnic groups. It is taught to all children through normal processes of modeling appropriate and expected behaviors and family interactions.

6 VALORES (VALUES) In a home that is pain-filled, oppressive, or chemically dependent, the four values are severely altered. Many adults who grew-up in homes where the values were not present did not have the chance to learn appropriate parenting skills. The high paced society that is today’s reality contributes to the erosion of the sense of community and belonging.

7 The roots of most Latinos are in another country, and the sense of belonging to an extended family may be lost or minimized. Social isolation is often a significant risk factor for problem such as; substance abuse. Child abuse, teenage pregnancy, under-employment, and gang involvement. Understanding the power of culture to heal is essential for strengthening families and communities.

8 VALORES (VALUES) The principles- dignity, respect, trust, and love- provide a way for the community to survive and grow. Dignity- family dignity comes from family strength. The teachings and medicine that are necessary for growth and healing lie within the ancestral wisdom of a people.

9 Respect- A family must have a vision based on respect that reflects its potential. A family that has a negative view of itself has no avenue for growth and development. A family’s primary ethnicity is the root of its vision, and it is necessary for a family to rediscover the values and gifts of its own culture.

10 Trust- this means the interdependent bond within the family members
Trust- this means the interdependent bond within the family members. People often describe this concept as the comfort of not having to explain oneself, because the bond is so powerful, the members understand each other perfectly well.

11 Love- Unconditional love and acceptance of family members for who they are, not for who we want them to be. Love for family members who need our patience and support through their struggles in life.

12 CARA Y CORAZÓN Visit our website at:

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