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Its that time again. Time to buy little valentines with messages like Be mine and You are tops. Its time for all the nifty candy to come out. But most.

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2 Its that time again. Time to buy little valentines with messages like Be mine and You are tops. Its time for all the nifty candy to come out. But most important of all, its the time to show those dear to you how much you love them. Isnt it great that we have an entire holiday devoted to loving one another? Valentines Day has dubious origins. There are three main theories on how it came to be. Some scholars believe that it came from the Roman festival on February 15 called Lupercalia, performed to ensure protection from the wolves. Another theory is that Valentines Day is in honor of two Christian saints named Valentine. One lived in Rome in the AD 200s and married young couples against the law of the then-Emperor Claudis II. The second, who lived in a city about 60 miles outside Rome, made great friends with the children of the town. He was later imprisoned for not worshipping the right gods. The children missed him so much that they threw loving notes through the bars of his cell window. Both were executed February 14 in Rome. In AD 469, St. Pope Gelasius I named February 14 Valentines Day. The third theory is English in origin. Many believed that birds chose their mates on this day. Whatever the origins, Valentines Day has been celebrated in different ways over the years. Originally, the names of all the ladies of the town were put into a hat, and the men would each draw one. That lady would become his Valentine. Most young men would buy presents for their valentines. Sometimes they were very expensive! In the 1400s, however, this changed, and Valentines Day became less about gift giving and - getting and more about declaration of love. Its too bad it has begun to shift back, recently, to the gifts, flowers, and candy mentality. Instead of spending much money saying I love you with flowers and candies, do it by giving gifts that come from the heart, not necessarily the store.

3 Lace Lace is a pretty fabric made by weaving together fine threads. Hundred of years ago, women carried lace handkerchiefs. If a woman dropped her handkerchief, a man nearby might pick it up and return it to her. Sometimes a woman might see a man she wanted to meet. She might drop her lace handkerchief on purpose to encourage romance. Soon people thought of romance when they thought of lace. They began using paper lace to decorate chocolate boxes and Valentine cards. Red Rose The rose was a favorite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love. Red is a color that stands for strong feelings. This is why the red rose is a flower of love. Heart Emotions are feelings such as love, happiness, anger, or fear. A long time ago, people believed that all emotions were found in the heart. In later years, they thought only the emotion of love was connected with the heart. The heart is still a symbol of love, and because of this, it is also a symbol of Valentines Day.

4 Rings In some countries, men and women exchange rings when they become engaged or married. Two or three hundred years ago, Valentines Day was a popular day for giving an engagement ring. An engagement ring usually had a stone or jewel set in it. Diamonds are common in todays engagement rings. Gloves Years ago, when a man proposed marriage to a woman, he asked for her hand. The hand became a symbol of marriage and love. Soon gloves also became a symbol of love. Cupid Son of Venus, goddess of love. He could cause people to fall in love by piercing them with one of his magic arrows.

5 Youre my cup of tea! Bee mine! You Light of my Life! To: From: To: From: Sonnet I Through Blue Sky Fly To You Why? Sweet Love Feet Move So Slow. Anon. Valentine so bright and gay, I am sending out today. With the message, "I love you," Hoping that you love me, too.

6 Some people used to believe that if a woman saw a robin flying overhead on Valentine Day, it meant she would marry a sailor. If she saw a sparrow, she would marry a poor man and be very happy. If she saw a goldfinch, she would marry a millionaire. Think of five or six names of boys or girls you might marry, as you twist the stem of an apple, recite the names until the stem comes off. You will marry a person whose name you were saying when the stem fell off. Hundreds of years ago in England, many children dressed up as adults on St. Valentine Day. They went singing from home to home. One verse they sang was: Good morning to you valentine; Curl your locks as I do mine Two before and three behind. Good morning to you valentine In some countries, a young woman may receive a gift of clothing from a young man. If she keeps the gift, it means that will marry the man.

7 Let me call you sweetheart I am in love with you. Let me hear with you That you love me too Happy Valentines Day! Im nuts for you ! To: From: Im hooked on you!

8 Do you know what a love seat is? Its a wide chair. It was first made to seat one woman in her wide dress. Later, the love seat or courting seat had two sections, often in an S-shape. In this way, a couple could seat together – but not too closely! In the Middle Ages, young men and women drew names from a bowl to see who their valentines would be. They would wear these names on their sleeves for one week. To wear your heart on your sleeve now means that it is easy for other people to know how you are feeling. Some people said that if you found a glove on Valentines Day, your future beloved will have the other missing glove. Some believe the first mans name you read in the paper or hear that day will be the name of the man you will marry. In Wales, they carved "Wooden Love Spoons" and were given as gifts on Valentine's Day. Special decoration like hearts, keys and keyholes were carved on the spoons. The decoration translated means "Unlock my Heart".

9 Fill in the Missing Letters in Valentine Words


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