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Taking my place Living life faith fully

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1 Taking my place Living life faith fully
Being friends with God

2 Time rules daily life, we rush about trying to get all our jobs done.
The World today is a very small place, we travel great distances and hear news and stories almost as soon as they happen. Time rules daily life, we rush about trying to get all our jobs done.

3 The universe we know seems to daily grow smaller.

4 A PARABLE FOR TODAY Once upon a time there were three friends who were eager to do good. One of them, who was very touched by Jesus, chose to devote himself to making peace between people who were fighting.

5 The second felt great love for the suffering in the world so she decided to devote herself to looking after people who were sick. The third decided that what was most needed was prayer. He went off to live as a monk in the desert.

6 The first worked night and day trying to bring about peace between men and women who were quarrelling. He had very little success and was becoming sad. One day he went to visit his friend who was caring for the sick. She too worked hard but was losing heart because things were not going very well for her. The two of them decided to pay a visit to their friend the monk who was in the desert.

7 He seemed to be happy. They talked and told him about their own work
He seemed to be happy. They talked and told him about their own work. They asked him if he could give them any advice that might help them in their jobs and lives. He said nothing but he got some water from the desert well and poured it into a big earthenware bowl or pot. "You notice how cloudy the water is," he said. He sat down and they talked again.

8 After a while he brought them over to see the water in the bowl
After a while he brought them over to see the water in the bowl. It was now beautifully clear and it reflected their faces like a mirror. "When your life is too full of work and activities," he said "you cannot see who you are. You must give yourself time and space by yourself so that your soul can be still.” “ Only then will you know who you are and what gifts you have to give”

9 Do you often notice how little time people have and how rushed and busy we sometimes become ?
What is the message of the story we have just heard ? What is the monk trying to tell us about our lives ?

10 Love is: An old song said “ Love makes the world go round” Another said “All you need is love” All people have this need to be loved and to share love with others. Jesus said “Love one another as I have loved you” He also said “ By this all people will know you are my friends that you love one another” So to be His friend is to be a person who loves and is loved.

11 Jesus also said…. ``You are the salt of the earth, but if the salt loses its salty taste, then . You cannot make it salty again. It is good for nothing. It is thrown outside where people walk on it.

12 ``You are light for the world
``You are light for the world. It is not possible to hide a city which is sitting on a hill. No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, they put it on a table, and it shines for everyone in the house. So, let your light shine in front of people, so that they will see the good things you do. Then they will give glory to your Father, who is in heaven.''

13 Unbroken circles In our world we often wear rings as a sign of our love for one another. Sometimes we do it to remember someone or some special experience we have had. At weddings couples give each other rings and this lovely prayer is said “Almighty God, bless these rings, signs of unbroken love. May this couple always be true to each other, may they be in one heart and mind, may they be united in love forever, this we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

14 Pray this prayer: Dear Lord, help us always to be friends with another for you truly love each of us in a very special way. May we be salt and light in our families and friends so that all who meet us will know we are truly your friends. Bless all those who care for us and help them to be true always to one another and to you, unbroken circles or rings of love and friendship. Amen.

15 Many years ago… A Russian monk was asked to paint a special picture of God the Most Holy Trinity. After many weeks of prayer and time reading God’s word the monk whose name was Andrei Rublev ( Andrew in English) chose a story from the Hebrew scriptures where three Angels come to visit Abraham and Sarah. For Andrew this was a great idea. Here he found the first clue that God was not one person but three persons. In his prayer he came to see these three Persons sitting around a table and he realized that the very heart of God is a circle of love, given and received. Andrei Rublev (legendary Russian icon artist), bronze by Bridgeview sculpture instructor Vitaly Patrov.

16 Andrew’s Picture: When you look at his icon
the Father is the figure on the left, the Son is the figure in the middle and the Holy Spirit is the figure on the right. If you look very closely you can see from the shape of their shoulders that they are sitting as a hidden circle or ring. The ring or circle has been drawn into the second picture so that you can see it more clearly. The Trinity. Andrei Rublev ( ) Moscow.

17 VE LO The Father looks in love at both the Son and the Spirit, they both look back in love to the Father.

18 This wonderful copy of the Trinity Icon was painted by Sr Paula in the monastery at Glencairn in Co Waterford. Sr Paula who is now 92 years old speaks with such wonder and power about the love that is God, Father, Son and Spirit that she decided to paint the icon as a real circle or ring. She speaks of the loving look of the Son for the Father who in turn looks in love on the Spirit. Yet we see there is a space or gap in the circle at the front. This space too is deliberate. The reason for it is so that each person who comes to look at this icon steps into the circle.

19 We enter the circle here

20 Remember to take your space each day….
So each Christian is called to take up this place in the circle of God’s love. What a mind blowing thought…we are to be a part of God’s very circle of love. We are to part of Gods friendship circle. Through the Holy Communion and living as friends of Jesus we enter each day into that very space. It will happen fully when we pass into the next life…but it has already begun here and now for each of us. Remember to take your space each day…. Me

21 Father , We love you. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful world with all its rich and many types of life. You care for us all each day and especially when you sent Jesus to save all people from their selfishness and sins. One day may we stand in your loving presence and know what immense regard and love you have for all people. Each day help us to accept your invitation to take our place in your circle of love especially through our care for others and through Jesus who gives us Himself in the Mass at Holy Communion.

22 Lord Jesus, You are our Master , our brother, our saviour, our very best friend….. You have won a place for us in the love circle of the Most Holy Trinity. Help us to remember that you call us to yourself each day. May we always thank you for the honour you have done to us.

23 Spirit, most Holy, The Father has given you to the world in answer to Jesus’ own prayer for us. Work in our lives to help us be faith-full to our calling to share in your circle of love. May we serve Jesus our master in the care and love we show for others and may we lead others to understand the love you have for them. You are the giver of new life and hope, fill our hearts with energy to work hard so that all may know what it means to be disciples, Christians, friends of Jesus.

24 Lord God, Father, Son and Spirit,
Help us to be salt and light in our world. Help us to live so as to make a difference for others. Help us to build up Christ’s body here and now. May our family and parish always be centred on You and your invitation to take up our place in your circle of love. May we do this through working with care, love and truth. May we try always to be there for others without barriers or turning our backs on anyone.. Lord may we live faith fully always.

25 amen

26 Every effort has been made to seek permission to use materials in this meditation, if we have omitted to give any credit we apologise and will be happy to make acknowledgment in any future re working. © Fr Declan 2008

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