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Six Word Memoirs 6 th graders impressions of life, love and all things important.

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1 Six Word Memoirs 6 th graders impressions of life, love and all things important

2 anyone A hero can almost be anyone. -Seth R

3 I NEVER had freedom to run Yusuf A

4 Practice makes permanent, but not perfect. Nick. W

5 By: Gabriella G Never Give Up Just Try Harder

6 Life's a game play it right By: Gaige S found by

7 ALWAYS BE Yourself Thats WHAT MATTERS. By William P

8 Fall down hard, pin them harder. Collin D. (wrestler) Fall down hard, pin them harder. Collin D. (wrestler)

9 Live your life to the fullest! By Josh L


11 Being Unique and Myself is Pure -Alexzandrya S

12 Lifes better than a dream…LIVE - Patricia R

13 Being Beautiful is just being you ~Gwen T Picture from: Google

14 Kyle S

15 Christian T Music, sometimes my escape from reality.

16 Still trying to find myself again. Adam P

17 dont lose You have one life, dont lose -Collin O

18 Depressed right now, sorry cant talk By: Deaven H

19 Still missing you dad…even now Mrs. Skibinski

20 Dad its been a year already. By: Stephanie S

21 No one can know the real me. Allison B

22 Sad memories, Sad cries, Sad life Picture found at By: Imani A

23 R.I.P ZETH Always remember my friend ZETH JOHNSON Noah H


25 - Tori

26 By: Ashley.M Too many people dying… Im alone

27 Rest in peace Zeth t-bone Johnson Never ever take life for grante d JORDAN S

28 Live life today… its gone tomorrow. By: Jesse K Pictures from: Google images and Heritage funeral homes.

29 Some have great lives, I DONT by Marissa K

30 Dont be scared of me ok By Kenneth A

31 Hunter F

32 Even Poison cannot stop true love. -Mattie G

33 Green And Gold Are The Best. Ray K

34 Family, friends, pets, make me laugh. – Ariana M

35 Family, and friends… none are better. (found on Google) Chris P

36 Pets … listen as if they care. -Brian T. I care!

37 When I draw I get relaxed Alex M

38 Theres No Regret, Therell Never Be. - Jasmine K

39 You are so not done ……yet. Senor Ty

40 Tennis: Fun and Inspirationa l To Me! By: Gabriella G

41 By Jessica G Ive been living in my dreams

42 Black Ops I live to play

43 By: Juli Q Live, Live, Laugh, All the time

44 My life goes by so fast O6wTAN1YPXg/TvEBBvpfTyI/AAAAAAAAA H4/qNOkcUJu-yU/LAMBO_1.jpeg By: Mario P

45 Happiness, walking and playing with Boomer Ryan H Found on: Google images


47 Holly L

48 Nightmares scare me. Life does too. Alicia T

49 Its a very, very long story.. Jessica F

50 Alyssa S

51 Only girl cousin in my family By: Morgan G content/uploads/2010/04/cousins-on-the- hammock.jpg

52 Dont stop, youll only get better! Erin P


54 Life is full of wild adventure. By: Peter V.

55 TV: a hero or villain ? Choose. By :Peter V.

56 Picture from:


58 Different Sadie B is better than the same

59 Lifes not always perfect... so what! By: Lindsay N.

60 Andrew S.

61 Enjoy life and its good moments. Broderick

62 Play video games all day, everyday stefan

63 Time flies by really quick sometimes By: Denis


65 We all have a story, yours? Isabel S.


67 Life can be a winding road. Lauren G Period: 6

68 By:Lizbeth

69 Fact: Life can always get better. Austin W

70 By joe k

71 Baseball: You can only get better. Jordan Weiss

72 Run to your goal dont stop Lindell S

73 Smiling makes even crummy days happier !! Mrs. Skibinski

74 I love all kinds of gifts Shmoil A.


76 Need a break? Hit the videogames. Graham M from

77 The circle of friendship never ends! -Ashton W

78 Drawing, reading, and skiing equals me. Delaney H

79 Passion equals swimming … Family equals life. ~Izzy S =N1koT6D9M4KMgwe2o5nqBA&sa=X&oi=mode_link&ct=mode&cd=2&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ

80 Pepper and Animals are ALL my life Jordyn S Google images

81 Relaxing, having fun in the sun! Lauren B picture by, hid

82 I'm happy because I am me. picture from Google images. Mohammed K

83 Life is a run through town cody f \

84 Hockey equals dreams… friends equal life. ~Emily B

85 One way will lead to another. By Jay G

86 Love dont matter, its just patterns! Khaled H.


88 Lost some family, gained some more. Nick. W

89 Go with life, not against it -Patricia R

90 Soccers a dream, footballs a nightmare. Shannon N

91 Home is where your family is -Patricia R

92 I like to play sports everyday. David S

93 Many decisions only one is right -Patricia R

94 If I am cool you are. David S


96 Baseballs fly by, just like time. Logan J

97 My football sails just like life.!! Travis B hour 4.

98 Why be someone who nobody likes? Picture found at By Imani A

99 Except Snowboarding is FUN, Except the CONCUSSIONS! -- Logan W

100 Music blooms my life like flowers. Myme X

101 BLANK CANVAS LIFES A BLANK CANVAS … Start painting -- Logan W

102 If YOU think youre finished… If YOU think youre finished… RETHINK!!! -- Logan Wilson

103 Art is character which becomes destiny. Cole K Picture From

104 Im living in my own shadow

105 Hockey thats all my life is. By Elias P Got this from Google images.

106 Pain is weakness leaving the body. Joey K

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