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Saber Baseball Parent/Player Meeting February 27, 2014 SHS Commons.

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1 Saber Baseball Parent/Player Meeting February 27, 2014 SHS Commons

2 Coaching Staff Introduction of coaching staff – 9B = Coach Larson (West Science Teacher) – 9A = Coach Wagener (West Social Studies Teacher) – B/JV Assistant = Coach Thom (SHS Social Studies Teacher) – B-Squad = Coach Dahlen (Pearson Math Teacher) – JV = Coach Schmitz (West PE Teacher) – Varsity Assistant = Curt Hartfiel – Varsity Assistant = Coach Niedfeldt (Pearson PE Teacher) – Varsity = Coach Schleper (West English Teacher) Coaching philosophy: The coaching staff will focus on the fundamentals, techniques, and strategies of competition to develop complete players, while promoting a life-long love and enjoyment of the game of baseball. – We love to coach because we love working with kids, we love baseball, and we like to win games too!

3 Student-Athletes Your academics and attitude will be positive; an e-mail will be sent to your teachers indicating that you are a student first and a baseball player second. Negative behavior in school will result in extra conditioning or loss of playing time. Warnings will be issued first. Monitor sheets may be used, if necessary.

4 Practice and Game Schedules Practice schedules will be e-mailed weekly Game schedules/updates at – sign up for notifications! Current schedules are also on our website

5 Attendance Policies Saturday practices, scrimmages, games, or activities have been e-mailed and are on our website = plan ahead – dont tell me the day before a Saturday event that you have a fishing trip/wedding/work, etc... You will be at all practices and games unless you have a legitimate excuse that has been cleared with the coaching staff prior to missing out = communicate to your coaches! – Legitimate = Religion, Family, School, or Illness (if you are injured you should be at practice or pre-approved physical therapy). – Excused misses may still mean missed game time if someone else at practice earns/proves himself Unexcused Absence = any absence other than pre-approved religious, family, school, or illness absences. – Policy on Unexcused Absences: 1st absence -- coach/player conference/miss one game. 2nd absence -- dismissed from the team. Being late for practice unexcused will result in: – First offense - warning and double conditioning – Second offense - No start or limited playing time (PH, PR) – Third offense - dismissed from the team. You will not be able to play baseball if you are not in school by the end of second hour on the day of a game/or practice, as this pertains to school rules/policy. If you are injured and have seen a doctor, you must bring a note from your doctor before you may return to playing baseball.

6 Cuts/Playing Time We have had cuts at every level the past five years – these take place the first 1-2 weeks of the season The Shakopee High School Baseball Coaches philosophy is that all players in grades 9-12 are capable of playing for the varsity. We judge players by their attendance, attitude, and ability. We look for the seniors to fill the spots first, juniors second, and sophomores/freshmen third. However, if an underclassman is better than an upperclassman, he will play on the varsity ahead of the upperclassman. If two players are equal, the upperclassman will get the playing time on varsity ahead of the underclassman until proven differently. Our varsity will be our best team (playing time is not guaranteed). J.V. is our second-best team. The B-squad will consist of mostly sophomores. The freshmen teams will consist of mostly freshmen; we will have 9A and 9B teams based on numbers and ability. Playing time will not necessarily be equal at the lower levels. All players who display a positive attitude and strong work ethic in school and practice will earn their playing time. Parents, please use tough love on your kids. Please remember: If your son comes home complaining about baseball/his coaches/playing time, the worst thing you can do is agree with him = teachable moment: 1.Tell him to out-work everyone at practice over the next week 2.If that doesnt improve his status, tell him to talk to his coach (teach him how/practice with your son first = positive/eye contact/advocate for himself – have a plan) 3.Still not happy? Then, perhaps, its time for you to contact the coach and find out the other side of the story. Be careful of e-mails...

7 Parent Responsibilities Cheer positively for EVERYONE = T-E-A-M! – Dont just lock into your own son (dont keep statistics... Statistics can lie = 2-for-4 vs. 0-for-3 example) Trust the coaches – let them do their job – DONT coach from the stands! Help with the Booster Club – Be involved in a positive/fun way

8 Player Responsibilities Positive attitude/work in school and baseball Be on time Be prepared Dont let anyone out-work you Show respect toward everything and everyone Believe in yourselves, your teammates, and your coaches Have fun – the season, and life, are too short!

9 MSHSL Violation Disciplined according to the Shakopee Co- Curricular Handbook. In addition to these consequences, if you are a captain and have a violation, you will no longer be our captain. Violators risk not receiving any post-season awards (all-conference, all-state, etc). You may be dismissed from the team entirely.

10 Ride Home After Game We prefer players ride home on the bus with the team, unless family has special plans or school/religion needs If leaving with parent, a written notice must be given to your coach, and the coach must see you leave with your parent(s) at the game. Players cannot ride home with friends parents.

11 Varsity Media Coverage Coach Schleper is solely responsible for informing the following media of baseball updates: The Shakopee Valley News newspaper will have weekly articles and a possible Athlete of the Week (nominated by varsity coaches). Game scores will be phoned into the Star Tribune. Occasionally, brief highlights on games appear – given by Coach Schleper. For up-to-date conference standings, scores, and game summaries log onto: The Star Tribune takes the info from Minnesota Sports On-line and runs this information on Tuesdays – Nominations for Star Tribune Athlete of the Week will be taken care of by Coach Schleper (Our website will also be updated by a parent)

12 Uniforms/Equipment Take pride in your uniform/equipment = clean and ready for each competition Wash all pieces of the uniform in cold water and avoid the dryer! Use Shout/similar product for tough stains Return everything washed (and dry) at the end of the season on time – we inventory everything and will charge for lost items

13 Lettering Criteria A student-athlete representing Shakopee in the baseball program shall fulfill the following basic obligations before he may be considered for an athletic letter award: 1.Participate on the baseball team the entire season, including playoffs/state. 2.Play in a minimum of half the varsity games. 3. Any senior who has participated in the baseball program for two consecutive years, or a senior exchange student who participates the entire season at any level. 4.Conduct himself in a manner which reflects credit on his school and the baseball program. 5. Return all equipment issued to him by the school. 6.Any manager who has managed two complete baseball seasons. 7.Coaches' discretion.

14 T-E-A-M You are asked to have your hair cut short so your cap fits and stays on your head! Your cleats must be mostly black with some white, grey or red allowed. At practices, players must wear a Saber baseball cap forward, baseball pants (will issue if needed), cup, red, white, grey, or black shirt (appropriate logo, preferably baseball related) + long sleeves Jewelry is not allowed in practice or games (MSHSL rule!) Captains/Coaches will communicate game-day wear for school (for game days) You are not allowed to start playing on a summer recreation softball team until our season has been completed. Town team play is at the discretion of Coach Schleper = communicate. Be wise with your choices of playing another organized sport during the baseball season. Be sure youre still 100 percent dedicated to baseball.

15 Fundraising Gold Card = up to 10 per player – money or cards returned at your first meeting Booster Club = Cub Food Bagging March 1-2 (please sign up tonight with boosters)

16 Whats Next?! Register for spring baseball through the Activities office (paperwork and $120 fee) anytime now. Open Gyms are happening now! Get your arm/swing in shape! See website. Grades 9-12 meetings in mid-March Bring your money/gold cards to your meeting!

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