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Love and Purity! A Hot Topic in our World Today..

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1 Love and Purity! A Hot Topic in our World Today.

2 We Live in a Sex Driven World! No matter how enticing it looks, sex before marriage always leaves us unfulfilled! Coke illustration with kitchen cleaner Coke and cleaner dont mix. Neither does your body and sex before marriage!

3 Key Verse: Love the Lord your God with all of your heart and with all of your soul and with all of your mind and with all of your strength. Mark 12:30

4 Definition of Purity Purity is defined in the dictionary as, freedom from guilt or wrong doing; innocence, virginity; physical chastity, freedom from inappropriate elements; virtue, the state of lacking a moral wrong doing; honor.

5 Purity Code -Honoring God with my body -Renewing my mind for the good -Turning your eyes from worthless things -Guarding your heart about all else

6 Honor God with Your Body Your body is a temple of God. Christ is in you. Holy Spirit lives in you 1 How have you seen people flee from sexual impurity? 2. How might you see yourself fleeing from sexual impurity? 3. Why do you feel the Bible says, the man who sins sexually sins against his own body? 4. What do you think the Scripture means when it says, you are not your own, you are bough at a price? 5. How might this affect the way you live your life, particularly physically?

7 Renewing your Mind for Good Garbage in, garbage out. What do you fill your mind with? Music, videos, online images, billboards, skin saturated culture. What do you think about? Statistics say a 16 year old male think about sex every 20 seconds. What we think, so we are. Bible says to think about whatever is pure, noble, right….What you put in your mind will come out in your actions.

8 Guarding Your Heart Above All Else Your heart…is the most important thing. GUARD it! If you let your heart grow hard, if you become numb, if you become desensitized to sexual images and graphic movies, videos, music, internet, etc…if you lose heart, it is very hard to come back from that. Do not lose heart! Guard your heart!

9 We all have baggage! Bag number one is going to be internet and pornography Bag number two is TV and movies. Bag number three is music.

10 How to let go of baggage: Some things that could help in doing that are: -Reading scripture -Pray everyday -Memorize scripture -Take time to worship

11 David and Bathsheba We can learn from Davids sexual sins! -He watched Bathsheba bathing and was attracted to her -He sent for her -He had sex with her -When he found our she was pregnant, he tried to cover up his mistakes several times -When his plan didnt work, he had Uriah murdered

12 Porn Addiction Progress: Viewing Addiction Escalation Desensitization Act Out Sexually

13 What we see is what comes out! If you are filling your eyes with sexual scenes, then acting out those things is what will come out. Sex is everywhere but we must fight the temptation! It is so important to remember that what we permit ourselves to look at affects our life, either positively and negatively. What do you choose to view?

14 How to guard your heart: Take action to protect yourself from the internet Never be alone with a person of the opposite sex Always be accountable with someone Set up a standard for music, movies, and TV that you consume

15 Put distance between you and your temptation! You have to build a wall around yourself. The Bible doesn't tell us to flee from overeating, from gossip, from lying or from any other category of sin. But it does say FLEE from sexual immorality. 1 Corinthians 6:18

16 But cant I do what I want with my body? That is a common thought that just isnt true if you are a follow of Jesus! Our bodies are temples of God, not something to use up on the next hot boy or girl.

17 Normal isnt working anymore. Its time to be weird because being normal is what the world tells you to be and that never leads anywhere good! Remember, the reason people fall into any sexual sin is because they get too close to the opportunities. One thing leads to another so stop before you even go there!

18 Proverbs 5:3-14 Do whatever it takes to stay away from temptation!. Don't flirt with disaster. Be as different, radical, as weird as necessary to minimize the risk. Get a mentor Get a alone Get in scripture!

19 What is the truth? Sex is a huge deal Everything counts. Experimentation is always dangerous. You weren't born for porn Modesty is cooler than being hot. : Satan is the father of lies!

20 Its a wrap! You really don't want to be normal when it comes to your purity. Normal is a life filled with pain & regret. Normal is wishing you hadn't gone that far & done that with that person. Normal is praying & begging for forgiveness & living with guilt. person. Normal is praying & begging for forgiveness & living with guilt. Weird is a fun filled life with no regrets, no guilt & no shame! Be weird, because normal isn't working.

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