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Self-evidence Artifact: Esther Coleman By Wen-hao Zeng September 11, 2010.

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1 Self-evidence Artifact: Esther Coleman By Wen-hao Zeng September 11, 2010

2 Background: Esther Coleman is a fictional character in the American horror movie Orphan. As the protagonist, Esther Coleman pushes the story forward by completing her plan and revealing her identity.

3 Background: -The poster of Orphan. -Esthers portrait occupied the whole poster. -Esther stares forward with her empty eyes, exerting pressure on the audience. -Unusual dress emphasizes theres something wrong with Esther. -Dark green background color enhance the horror aura that Esther brings. Picture from orphan official site.

4 Background: (story introduction) Quote: Kate Coleman and her husband John are experiencing strains in their marriage after Kate's third child was stillborn. They adopt Esther, a 9-year-old Russian girl, from the local orphanage. While Kate and John's deaf daughter Max embraces Esther, their son Daniel is less welcoming. Quoted from Wikipedia

5 Stage1: Alienating Kate: Evidence1: Invading Private life As the first step of Esthers plan, alienating her adopted mother, Kate, brings Esther advantage to totally remove Kate later. Esther peeks into the private life of her adopt parents in late night. Kate recognizes the issue, and tries to talk with Esther. During the talk, Kate learns Esther has far more knowledge about sex than a nine-year-old girl should have.

6 Stage1: Alienating Kate: Quote: Kate: When grown-ups love each other very very much, they want to show each other the love, they want to express it… Esther: I know, they (the f word). Quoted from Orphan

7 Stage1: Alienating Kate: In this quote, Esther shows her unusual adult knowledge. Her tone suggests that she knows the original meaning of the f word. She doesnt take the word as an impolite swear, but a explicit expression of what Kate is trying to say. Esthers identity as a young girl is questioned.

8 Stage1: Alienating Kate: After the conversation, Kate expresses her worry.

9 Stage1: Alienating Kate: Identities revealed in this stage: -Esther abnormally wish to break the relationship with her adopted mother. -Esther is more mature than she looks like.

10 Stage2: Controlling Max: Evidence 2: The Threat Esther brutally murders the head of the orphanage with a hammer. However, Max, Esthers adopted sister, sees the murder scene. Esther takes control of Max by threatening her. Esther sets up a scene to force Kate park her car on a hill. Esther leaves the car and Max is alone by herself in the back seat. Esther subsequently releases the hand break of the car and let it run down the hill.

11 Stage2: Controlling Max: Esther releases the hand break and shifts gears to neutral. Max is in panic while the car slides down the hill. Pictures from Orphan

12 Stage2: Controlling Max: A red car from the back almost crush into Kates car. The snow pile stops the car and Max survived. Pictures from Orphan

13 Stage2: Controlling Max: Identities revealed in this stage: -Esther is a ruthless murderer. -Esther plans her schemes in a sophisticated manner, which can hardly be the work of a child.

14 Stage3: Removing Obstacles: Evidence 3: Esther provokes Kate by insulting Kates stillborn child. As Esther plans, Kate runs towards Esther with rage. Calling for her adopted fathers help, Esther proclaims Kate hurts her arm badly. To further discredit Kate, Esther breaks her arm with a clamp in silence.

15 Stage3: Removing Obstacles: Esther calls for Johns help once Kate holds Esthers arm. Esther continues her scheme by breaking her arm. Pictures from Orphan

16 Stage3: Removing Obstacles: Evidence 4: With the help of Max, Daniel finds the evidence of the murder in his tree house. However, Esther already planned ahead to prevent Daniel from revealing her secrets. She ignites the tree house together with the evidence and locks the house from outside. Although Daniel manages to jump out of the burning tree house, he fell to the ground unconsciously.

17 Stage3: Removing Obstacles: The tree house burns with the evidence inside. Esther is pleased with her work. Pictures from Orphan

18 Stage3: Removing Obstacles: Identities revealed in this stage: -Esther is willing to make intense sacrifices for her scheme. Such abnormal dedication is not likely to be found in a child. -Esthers ruthless actions betray that she has lost the innocence that a child should have.

19 Stage4: Attempting Adult Love:

20 Evidence 5: Seducing John Kate discovers the true identity of Esther: Esther is actually a 33-year-old woman named Leena Klammer. Her youthful look is due to a rare disease called hypopituitarism, which stunts her physical growth. Esthers scheme is to exclude Johns family members, so that she can seduce John.

21 Stage4: Attempting Adult Love: Esther applies heavy makeup on her face in order to seduce John, her adopted father. Wearing black dress and high-heel shoes, Esther lies on the couch seductively. Pictures from Orphan

22 Stage4: Attempting Adult Love: In this quote, Esther exposes her desire without reservation. She needs John to love her as a husband, instead of a father. All her lies, her plans and her sacrifices are for the seduction. Esther is driven by the thirst for adult love.

23 Stage4: Attempting Twisted Love: Esthers True Identity: A ruthless, scheming and mature woman that is willing to use any means to acquire adult love from a father.

24 Sources: -Orphan, Jaume Collet-Serra, 2009 -Orphan,Wikipedia:, September 25, 2010 -Orphan offical website:, September 25, 2010

25 Thank you!

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