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Sense and Sensibility Brianne Baird Cassandra van der Zweep Lisa L. Zweig Zefren Edior Derek Sanchez Sergio Ford 1.

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1 Sense and Sensibility Brianne Baird Cassandra van der Zweep Lisa L. Zweig Zefren Edior Derek Sanchez Sergio Ford 1

2 Who was Jane Austen? …A Literary Cannon Sergio Ford 2

3 Whats a literary Canon? Refers to a classification of literature Widely used to refer to a group of literary works that are considered most important to a particular time or place Sergio Ford 3

4 Jane Austen (1775-1817) English author who wrote numerous influential Romantic fiction novels Contributed to the Western Literary canon She died on July 18, 1817 She lies buried in the N. aisle of the nave in Winchester Cathedral in England Came close but never married Sergio Ford 4

5 Literary Canon Her literary works express a keen grasp of the traditional female role of the late 18 th and early 19 th century She was a realist in her writings Structure and plot revealed issues of class consciousness vs. individualism This time period- Men are to be lawyers or join military Women are to marry to improve status 1 st published books anonymously Expressed a combination of irony, humor, and sophisticated obv. of the societal and cultural differences between classes Reflected problems of inheritance, courtship, morals, and marriage in Regency England Sergio Ford 5

6 Jane Austin Austens Experimentation She experimented with Epistolary Novels Tried, then later abandoned E.N.- Novel written in a series of documents, usually in the form of letters Austens Influences Sergio Ford 6

7 Jane Austens works Sense and Sensibility (1811) Pride and Justice (1813) Mansfield Park (1814) Emma (1816) Northanger Abbey and Persuasion (1818) Sandition- Died before completing it Sergio Ford 7

8 Sense and Sensibility Story of impoverished Dashwood sisters (Marianne and Elinor) Try to marry Sources say, earlier version was written in the form of letters (Epistolary Novel) (1795) Developed into a film Directed by Ang Lee (1995) Sergio Ford 8

9 Film Technology I was always fascinated by engineering. Maybe it was an attempt maybe to get my father's respect or interest, or maybe it was just a genetic love of technology, but I was always trying to build things. James Cameron James Cameron Zefren Edior 9

10 Sound Sound was introduced in Paris in 1900, and following that, the primary commercialization was in the U.S. around 1920. Zefren Edior 10

11 Scene Selection Directors and film crews have the luxury of having different scenes that can be rearranged Movie Editing Software has made it possible to record different scenes in different settings Films are dynamic and always changing scenery, therefore having different selections will tie a story together well Zefren Edior 11

12 Camera angles Where the camera is placed in relation to the subject greatly affects the way the viewer perceives that subject. A high-angle shot makes the subject look small or weak while a low-angle shot makes the subject look powerful or threatening. A neutral shot has little to no psychological effect on the viewer. Zefren Edior 12

13 Lightning The three-point lighting system is the most common lighting scheme used in motion pictures. It uses a key light, a fill light, and a back light (or rim light ). Using three lights from three different directions creates a sense of depth on people and objects guaranteeing everything will look three dimensional. Zefren Edior 13

14 Ang and Jane Exploring Ang Lees perspective in Sense and Sensibilty Derek Sanchez

15 The Challenge… Sense and Sensibility was Ang Lees first English-language film Big Jump from modern Chinese Culture to 19 th century European culture Create a story that understood and emphasized the culture and issues of family in the early 1800s Derek Sanchez

16 Skepticism and Doubt There was a general feeling of doubt concerning whether or not Ang Lee could capture the era. (Dilley, 47) Surprise from European actors and Lee himself when asked to direct the movie. Ang Lees outsider perspective. Derek Sanchez

17 Apply to Catch Using his abilities as a director keen enough to tackle deep family issues, Lee applies his skills to capture Jane Austens world. Applied his skill at portraying family issues with subtlety and depth. Aside from creating depth within characters and family dynamics through story, he used his camera to evoke moods and emotions. Derek Sanchez

18 Camera Works Derek Sanchez Always more than one focus point. Treats camera as its own entity.

19 The Result… Ang Lee creates another instant classic that accurately and honestly portrays the emotions of a family gone through hardship and the struggles of love and loss. Shows everyone that an outsider perspective can reveal so much about an information that is brushed over by those who are used to it. Movie ultimately wins over 28 awards including an Oscar for best screenplay adapted from another medium. Derek Sanchez

20 Why has this film been labeled a "women's" movie? Brianne Baird 20

21 Hugh Grant Brianne Baird 21

22 Not to Mention… Stereotypically romance or romantic films are categorized as chick flicks Emotions characterized as being feminine run rampant throughout the film Love Passion Heartbreak Vulnerability The language is also romantic Brianne Baird 22

23 Is this accurate? Everyone experiences such emotion: First Love First Heartbreak Brianne Baird 23

24 Tension: Marriage Brianne Baird John Wiloughby leaves Marianne for more money even though he loves her Edward Ferris is cut off by his mother for his engagement to Ms. Steele Does not love her but plans to move forward because of his commitment The pressure to marry (and marry well) leads to an abundance of tension The pressure of keeping engagements, and doing right by your family also causes tension Love vs. Duty/Responsibility Love vs. Money Love vs. New Love 24

25 Tensions Between Sense and Sensibility Elinor: always very tense Focused on duty and propriety Does not display emotion often Understands Edwards decision to stay with Ms. Steele Marianne: Free spirit not often tense Wants to marry for love: the Romantic Never hides emotion Heartbroken to hear she was left for money Brianne Baird 25

26 How do these tensions compare? Pushing Hands: the duty to family overrides personal desires or needs The son and his family must put up with problems and conflicts out of respect and duty to his father The Wedding Banquet: the pressure to marry is very prevalent and a key source of tension Not marrying who you love to please your family Eat Drink Man Woman: Falling for someone not accepted by family and being in situations not approved by family Having Sex, Hiding it Brianne Baird 26

27 CLIP Brianne Baird 27 UDO6bTMuA

28 Brianne Baird Title of MovieSense and Sensibility Selected SceneMy Fathers Favorite Duration of SceneTwo Minutes and Two Seconds Number of Shots in Scene9 shots Characters in SceneEdward Ferris, ElinorDashwood, Marianne Dashwood, Mrs. Dashwood and Ms. Ferris Setting of SceneDashwood Estate, Piano Room ActionsWalking, crying, talking, playing the piano, watching Lightingdark in the halls, daylight streaming through windows in piano room Camera AnglesStraight on, Tilt up Type of ShotsWide shot, Mid Shot, Close ups, Point of View shot, over the shoulder SoundPiano playing, talking, walking TransitionsCut away, Pan, cut SymbolsMs. Ferris watching: Disapproval Handkerchief: token of affection Mrs: Dashwood: approval 28

29 Themes of Marriage Analysis of Sense and Sensibility and the parallel films Cassandra van der Zweep 29

30 Sense and Sensibility -Marianne - Sensibility -outlook on marriage -John Wiloughby -Elinor -Sense -Proper outlook on marriage -Edward Ferrars - Marriage Outlook: A combination of Sense and Sensibility Cassandra van der Zweep 30

31 Bride and Prejudice - Marriage is on everybodys mind Jaya Lalita Mrs. Bakshi Mr. Kohli Chandra -Marriage Outlook: Combination of duty and true love Cassandra van der Zweep 31

32 Becoming Jane Cassandra van der Zweep -Jane Austen -Must decide between Mr. Wisley and Tom Lefroy -Problems reflected in her books -Marriage Outlook: Obstacle 32

33 The Jane Austen Book Club -Marriage is trying to be ignored by all the characters - Bernadette -Jocelyn -Sylvia -Allegra -Prudie -Marriage Outlook: More accepting and continually present Cassandra van der Zweep 33

34 WHAT IS BOLLYWOOD An informal way to describe the Hindi language film industry in Bombay Lisa L. Zweig 34

35 THE GOLDEN AGE In 1940s-1960s was the golden age of bollywood Lisa L. Zweig 35

36 MODERN CINEMA 1960s-1970s was the era of gritty violent films about gangsters Lisa L. Zweig 36

37 INFLUENCES Several influences have made an impression on the film industry such as Sanskrit drama, theater of India, Parsi theater hollywood and mtv Lisa L. Zweig 37

38 WORLD WIDE INFLUENCE Bollywood is known world wide and has influenced the film industry around the world Lisa L. Zweig 38

39 Works Cited Bride and Prejudice. Dir. GurinderChadha. Pathe Pictures International, 2004. DVD. Dilley, Whitney Crothers. Globalization and Cultural Identity in the Films of Ang Lee. Sense and Sensibility. Dir. Ang Lee. Perf. Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson. Columbia Pictures, 1995. DVD. Style, Spring2009, Vol. 43 Issue 1, p45-64, 20p Brianne Baird 39

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