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Students from Finland! Comenius-project

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1 Students from Finland! Comenius-project
Youth Between Dreams and Reality

2 Hello! My name is Sonja Koskelainen and I’m 16 years old. I live in Lappeenranta, Finland and I’m an upper secondary school student. My family consists of my mum, dad and 3 sisters. I’m the youngest in my family. In school my favourite subjects are English, music, art and psychology. I enjoy music a lot and I like singing and playing piano. I’ve been taking singing lessons for almost 5 years now. I also listen to music pretty much. I like many types of music but my favourite types are probably rock and metal. Pop is okay too. I have many favourite bands such as Muse, Shinedown and Disturbed. I have many other interests in addition to music. I like drawing, travelling and reading too. I also like watching TV and movies. I can’t even list my favourite movies because there are so many of them but my favourite TV series are Doctor Who and Sherlock. I consider myself quite cheerful and I smile quite a lot. (: 2

3 Jonna Pesonen 16 years old I live in Lappeenranta
My hobby is synchronized skating and I also coach I love travelling a lot I speak Finnish, English, Swedish and Spanish I am social and I love meeting new people At my free time I always skate and actually I don’t have much time because my hobby takes so much time

4 Leeni Varis Hi there! I'm Leeni and I am a 17-year-old girl from Lappeenranta, Finland. I'm pretty outgoing and laid-back kind of person and I usually get along with almost everyone. My passions are writing, traveling and working out and my dream would be to work with at least one of them. My hobbies are going to the gym, jogging and on winter time I also do slalom and little bit of snowboarding. I also work at a local newspaper as an assistant journalist. Looking forward to meet you all!

5 Pinja Eskelinen Age: 16 Family: Mom, dad and three little brothers
Languages: Finnish, English, Swedish, French and a bit of Spanish. On my free time I love to bake and cook. I also likedownhill skiing, traveling, reading and listening tomusic. My friend and I also lead a Lego-club foryounger kids and it's awesome:)

6 Linda Varis Hi, I’m 16 years old girl from Lappeenranta, Finland.
I study in Lappeenrannan Lyseon lukio ( upper secondary school ). Languages that I study are Finnish, English, Swedish and French. At school my favourite subjects are history and religion. I love to relax. I watch movies and listen to music. I’m a little choosy, but I love good food! In the future I would like to have own family, travel and enjoy the life.

7 Milla Mykrä ~ 16 y.o. ~ B-day: ~ Family: Dad, mom, small sister, big sister, two guinea pigs ~ :) Drawing, reading, writing, CRAFTS, Japan, travelling, light pink, pastel colors, animals, nature, photographing, scrapbooks, winter, snow, mornings, decorating etc... ~ :( Spiders and bugs, dark colours, darkness, summer, Criminal minds etc.. ~ Speaks: Finnish (...), Swedish, English, Japanese(, and a little bit French)

8 I’m a member of two blended families, one from my dad’s side, one from my moms. I have one sister that I’m actually biologically related to. My taste in music is pretty varied: my one true love is rock, but punk, folk, alternative and grunge have a special place in my heart too. Really anything that sounds good sounds good and is worth listening. I’m social and calm, and it takes time to understand me. I can be pretty confusing with all the hand gestures and facial expressions. Looking forward to get to know you all! Hi! I’m Sara, 16 years old girl who loves music, pandas, caffeine, tattoos and old movies. My favorite subjects are psychology, english , art and history, math makes me cry. On my freetime I photograph, listen to an unhealthy amount of music, write, draw a bit, keep an Lego- club-thing for kids with my friend, read and sleep way, way too little because I’m at my most creative mode in the middle of the night.

9 Jenni Ojala Hi! I’m 17-years-old girl and study for first year in our school. I like it a lot, my favorite subjects are math, psychology, natural science, history, etc. and everything computer- related, because I’m such a great nerd. I live alone, or actually with my supercute cat called Allu. We have moved from my home city(about 300 km away from here) to Lappeenranta at autumn, 2012, because my old city sucks . I love to play, usually with computer but I like board games too. Also I make layouts for websites and do some other nerdie things, like coding. And if I have some time left I usually spend it by watching hilarious guys on Youtube or stalking my friends on Facebook.

10 Hello, everyone. My name is Kim Eklund and I’m 16 years old
Hello, everyone! My name is Kim Eklund and I’m 16 years old. (And yes in Finland ”Kim” is a male name…) I’m really interested in history, foreign countries and cultures and collecting stamps. (Yeah, really exciting). I also belong to the Scouts. I can speak Finnish, English, Swedish, German and a little bit of French. (Although my French pronouncation is quite horrible.) I look forward to seeing you all!

11 Iiris Niemelä Hi! My name is Iiris Niemelä. I'm 16 years old.
I live with my mother and I have two sisters and brother, but they don't live with us anymore. I spend my spare time by playing piano and hanging out with my friends and boyfriend.

12 Hi. My name is Kaisu and I’m a 17-year-old girl from Lappeenranta
Hi! My name is Kaisu and I’m a 17-year-old girl from Lappeenranta. I study in the local High School for the second year, and I’ll be graduating next year. My favorite school subjects are maths and philosophy, but I’m also eager to study new languages. I speak English, Swedish, Italian and of course Finnish, which is my native language. I spend nearly all of my free time with music. I play the piano and the clarinet. I also play in two orchestras and sing in a choir. My dream is to become a musician, so I’m taking my hobby quite seriously. Even though I practice a lot, I still enjoy every moment with music. On my free time I also like to spend time with my friends. I love watching good movies and just hanging out. I also love travelling all over the world, and I’m always dreaming of new trips abroad!

13 Liisi Pekkola I’m 18-year-old girl from Finland. I study in the local High School and I’ll be gratuating next year. There are five persons in my family; mom, dad, little sister and little brother. I also have a boyfriend. I speak English, Swedish, German and of course my native language Finnish. In my spare time I play Finnish baseball, go to the gym and spend time with my friends and boyfriend. The most important things to me in my life are my boyfriend, friends and family. As a person I’m social, cheerful, trustworthy and open-minded. I’m looking forward our trips to Austria and France! See you soon!

14 Pilvi Kemppinen - I’m 16 years old and I’m a horse rider and snowboarder. - I speak Finnish, English, Spanish and Swedish - I’m social person and I love travelling abroad. - At free time I hang out with my friends and go out for a walk with my dog

15 Elina Lindman 16 years old
I live in Taipalsaari (15km from Lappeenranta) My hobbies are singing, playing piano and guitar and dancing so I love music! I am in CISV which is a peace organization and is building global friendship so I am multicultural person who likes to learn about other people and cultures I speak Finnish, English, Swedish and little bit Russian and Spanish I am open, social and friendly to everyone School and hobbies take a lot of my free time but I also love my friends and hang out with them a lot Remember to live, love and laugh! Can’t wait meeting you all!

16 Hi! My name is Iida Horttanainen and I’m 17 years old. I live with my mom and dad but they have divorced. I have one big brother and we have a dog. My hobbies are fitness boxing and hiphop dancing. I love snowboarding and I do it often in winter. I like to listen music and hang out with my friends. I’m outgoing and open minded.

17 Atte Kudjoi Family : father, mother, little brother and dog (Nemo)
Hobbies: football, videogames, saving the world etc. I live in Imatra, right outside of Lappeenranta.

18 My name is Henna Sipi and I’m a 17- year-old girl
My name is Henna Sipi and I’m a 17- year-old girl. I live in Lappeenranta, Finland with my mum, dad, 15-year-old sister and 12-year-old brother. I’m a really happy person and I laugh a lot. I love to go out and to get known with people. I speak 5 different languages: Finnish, English, German, French and Swedish. I have lived in Rouen, France for 5 years and in Gmunden, Austria for 2½ years. My hobby is dancing and I do show- and discodance. I also teach dancing to year-old girls. It’s probably not a surprise if I say I mostly like music where I can dance to. I also love skiing and snow but I hate cold weather. You can find me on facebook.

19 My name is Milla and I’m 16 years old
My name is Milla and I’m 16 years old. I live in Lappeenranta with my family and I go to Lyseo’s upper secondary school. My favorite subject in school is psychology and besides Finnish I speak English, Swedish, French and a little bit Italian. In my spare time I like to jog with my dog, go to the gym, dance or play badminton. In the winter I ski and ice-skate. I also like spending my free time with my friends and we usually go to a coffeehouse. I really love travelling and learning about other cultures. I’ve visited many countries in Europe and I wish that someday I could visit the USA or Australia. I also enjoy listening to music and watching movies with my friends.

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