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IpOp Model short recap and example of application Simona Stan Peter Süss Stephan Gürtler.

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1 IpOp Model short recap and example of application Simona Stan Peter Süss Stephan Gürtler

2 IpOp Model Opportunity NeedSolution Observe Innovate ENVIRONMENT STAKEHOLDERS Opportunity Need CDCs UCE Def of Success Resources Benchmark Factors: Boosters Obstacles Barriers to Entry Eventualities Uncertainties Constraints Scope Mission Aspirations Tactical Moves Collateral Effects © R. Cohen

3 IpOp Model Opportunity Need Solution Observe Innovate © R. Cohen

4 IpOp Model © R. Cohen Opportunity Need CDCs UCE Unique Customer Experience Client Decision Criteria Def of Success

5 IpOp Model © R. Cohen STAKEHOLDERS Constraints Scope Mission Aspirations Collateral Effects Work with the stakeholders to define SCOPE and MISSION, look at aspirations and constraints. Then we try to work out an action plan so that we can satisfy the ASPIRATIONS despite the CONSTRAINS

6 IpOp Model © R. Cohen Of course we are working in a certain ENVIRONMENT and have to take into account POSITIVE and NEGATIVE FACTORS. When we are competing with similar products we have to BENCHMARK so that we can focus our efforts ENVIRONMENT Benchmark Factors: Boosters Obstacles Barriers to Entry Eventualities Uncertainties

7 IpOp Model Opportunity Need Solution Environment © R. Cohen Tactical Moves action plan SUCCESS Stakeholders Resources

8 The LOVE-watch Business Case Simona Stan Peter Süss Stephan Gürtler Highly confidential Patent in application Intellectual property by LOVE-watch ®Ltd.

9 The Need Many people live single and are in desperate search for a partner. People have very high expectations from their potential partner and they have no time and energy to invest to waste with wrong choices. During the last decade peoples mind has opened to the use of electronic interwise for their search for love. However, dating sites need endless hours of search and correspondence and most dates end up in deception. People wish to keep some privacy and want see her/him the other person in real before making the move. Singles need to meet fast, proximate, uncomplicated spontaneously and they love the thrill of the excitement to find the ONE today.

10 The Solution LOVE-watch Ltd has developed a revolutionary way to bring kind-like lonely souls together. The LOVE-watch looks like and functions like a normal watch. It features however a sophisticated software which stores its users complete personal & physical profile and his or her preferences. With its Wi-Fi technology the watch starts to transmit a signal and it detects a potential match with another single person in the close surrounding. The watch indicates the distance and both singles may chose to get closer for a first sight and contact…

11 How is this possible Wi-Fi technology is well established and can be down-sized to fit into a designer-watch. The Wi-Fi distance reaches from 50m within buildings to 300m in open space. Wi-Fi does not only allow the two watches to communicate but is also used to link the watch to a computer to set up the personal profile within our WEB-site who offers a thorough analyse of the users profile and deep desires. The LOVE-watch can be switched OFF and ON as wanted. The LOVE-watch can be activated in SEND and RECEIVE mode or in RECEIVE-only mode to allow privacy and secrecy.

12 Demo how busy singles could meet in a middle of a crowd?


14 The Product Features Stylish modern Digital watch with fine leather bracelet Wi-Fi Technology –Wi-Fi connection to other LOVE-watches (up to 300m in open space) –Wi-Fi connection to Computer Large digital display All watch features (24H Clock, date, chrono, wake-up, timer) LOVE features: –ON/OFF Mode –Full RECEIVE and SEND modes –RECEIVE mode only –Silent mode (light flash alarm), bip-mode or vibrating mode for noisy environment. –Detailed information of personality match and details about the person in vicinity

15 More Product Features Internet Web site: –Personal page which can freely designed though our special LOVE-profile software –Personal analyse with our LOVE-analyser ® –Love-email with your Love-pseudo to guaranty anonymity –LOVE-tracking with LOVE-map® and the LOVE-logbook® to track his/her hits and his/her records on the experiences made.

16 Benefits For the Client Very efficient Partner finder More choice. Direct contact. Less waste of time Exiting. People love the thrill of the excitement to fine the ONE today. Fun and fashionable. May become quickly a trend with young people. Discrete and private. RECEIVE ONLY mode allows more reserved people to stay anonymous when they dont want to be seen.

17 Benefits For retailers: Mass market (sales volume may rise quick with growing fashion trend) High value priced product with standard technology Disruptive Innovation with no competitor Must Have for young singles Internet supported (distribution, advertisement) For Dating WEB-site alliance partner New Customer Experience New benefit area, being unique Increase Customer enrolment

18 Benefits For Dating WEB-site alliance partner New Customer Experience New benefit area, being unique Increase Customer enrolment For WATCH alliance partner (Swatch Group Ltd) New product range New benefit area, being unique New territory

19 Market opportunity or size USUS: 100 million adults are unmarried (44.3 % of the adult population) and 30 million Americans live alone FranceFrance: 15 million single adults- 1/3 of the adult population Worldwide, 100 million people are single…or « Solibataires »

20 Business opportunities Besides the LOVE-watch we also applied the patent for: –The Child-watch: This watch features a child-retrieve-mode to find a lost child in a big crowed place. –The FIND-watch: This watch can find any person with a particular hobby, sport, professional skill, etc. based on the FIND-watch software. –The LOVE-mobile: The LOVE-watch technology can be alternatively be applied (extended) to mobile technology. Future business extension and alliances are in investigation.

21 KISSes and Limits Indicators of success: Enrolment rate during the first 6 months Market survey to test satisfaction after 6 months Reactions to the launch campaign Sales rate and sales growth after 12 month News in peoples magazines Limits: Over expenditure to develop watch Gradual decrease of sales after 1 year Significant rates of dissatisfaction (over 30%)

22 Factors Eventualities –Mobile phone with similar function by-passing our patent Obstacles –Failure to find partner for dating web site –Failure to find retail outlet organization for watch –Limited funding for technology development Barriers to Entry –Failure to get technology to work –Failure to manufacture device at appropriate cost

23 More Factors Boosters –Alliance with SWATCH –Alliance with big established dating web site Uncertainties –Technology development –Financial support, venture fund

24 Tactical Moves Work on Alliances –Contract with one major Dating WEB-site (Meetic) or buy the WEB-site with Investor's aid. –Find a watch maker with technological capabilities and worldwide facilities for manufacturing and servicing Develop Internet WEB-site and Software. Develop LOVE-watch with business alliance To reach critical mass launch a big pre-launch information campaign though the Dating alliance with existing dating customers. –To avoid negative publicity from dating-adverse people –To reach the target consumer more specifically Make very attractive promotion for the first 100000 LOVE- watches.

25 The CDCs Convenience –Easy to use –Large high resolution display which is visible in day and dark –Easy use of change-mode functions Exiting –I may find the ONE today –Get into the Chase-game mood –Im being finally visible and might be found by someone who finds me attractive Privacy –I can switch it OFF anytime I want –If I need privacy, I can see without been seen (one-way-mode) Group belonging –Im not the only one looking for a partner. Now I can see who is available.

26 The UCE I strongly recommend this LOVE-watch because it is the only one that gives you the excitement that you might find your partner today

27 For closing a funny dating video Arnold:

28 more funny videos d d

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