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…but I LOVE my job! Co-presented by Kat Hodgson & Lauren Mocilac from Colorado College AIMHO 2011.

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1 …but I LOVE my job! Co-presented by Kat Hodgson & Lauren Mocilac from Colorado College AIMHO 2011

2 Pair Up! With your partner, answer the first 2 questions on Finding Balance within your Work Life. Discuss whether these answers would be the same for your personal life. Be prepared to share your conversation with the group Work/Life Balance

3 The Four Areas of Personal Energy Management Emotional Spiritual Intellectual Physical Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual

4 The Ultridian Rhythmic Cycle 0 – 60 minutes 60 – 90 minutes 90 – 120 minutes Recovery Expense Recovery Physical

5 The Stress Spiral Body craves rest Ignoring signals Buildup of stress hormones Chronic circulation Physical

6 Emotional As your capacity for challenging emotions increases, so will the need to recover!

7 The Creative Process StagesBrain engagement 1. Initial insightDisengaged 2.SaturationEngaged 3.IncubationDisengaged 4.IlluminationDisengaged 5.VerificationEngaged = Intellectual

8 Balance Activity Split into large groups Rate yourself on the Personal Energy Management Wheel Discuss what you observe on your wheel… how is your balance similar to others in the group? How does it differ? Revisit Finding Balance within your Work Life. Balance Wheels

9 Suggestions for Better Balance Physical Emotional Intellectual Spiritual Inspiration

10 Lauren Mocilac enjoys spending time with her spouse. Advice for maintaining balance: Develop lasting relationships with friends and family away from work. Whatever you do, dont vent about work to the people you surround yourself with to de-stress!

11 Amanda maintains balance through her beliefs in faith. Advice: Maintain balance with something that you truly care about that allows you the opportunity to grow as a person. Belonging to a faith community is important to me as I am able to find a community of people with similar beliefs as myself that is separate from my work life.

12 Get off campus and explore your new home And then I started meeting people through hiking. It helps me to feel balanced when I am able to get off campus, hang out with my friends and do fun and exciting things outside of my work. Vow to use ALL of your vacation days!

13 Sara Rotunno loves being with her pets! Advice for maintaining balance: Find a way to be around animals! They are non-judgmental, and always bring a smile! Volunteer at a local shelter, or offer to dog sit for a fellow staff or faculty member! Become a local dog-walker! Spend some time at a local stable!


15 Advice: If you have nothing to do, watch Arrested Development, Dexter or Breaking Bad (ABQ holla!) Zak Kroger tries to constantly be ballin out of control (you gotta let a playa play). Be it kissing girls (non residents, of course), fake fighting with his friends, making movies, or doing jello shots in the ocean, Zak tries to stay busy. Super Bonus Advice: Be sure to stretch your neck the other way as well.

16 Kats tip – maintain balance by getting away from it all – literally! Physical distance away from work-home helps a person gain perspective on whats really important. Kat goes for long drives while belting out ** JOURNEYS GREATEST HITS ** at the top of her lungs.


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