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Passionate Love in Romeo and Juliet

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1 Passionate Love in Romeo and Juliet
Parts One and Two

2 Objectives Part 1 This is a two part lesson. At the end of lesson one students should be able to: Identify examples of the type of love under discussion Relate their own ideas to those expressed in Music videos Find supporting quotations that speak of the perils of romantic love

3 “Here's much to do with hate, but more with love”
Let’s look at two music videos that both have to do with young love. Can you identify some of the lines that talk about love and the all encompassing nature of new young love in each song?

4 Drawing on the text Get into groups and select examples of passionate love and quotations from characters that express different ideas about passionate love and write them down

5 Let’s Share! Share your ideas with the class!

6 What is a Collage? Collage is a visual art which is accomplished by gluing objects to a central backing. They can be made with photographs, ribbons, pieces of magazines and newspapers. However, structural collages made from found objects such as wood and figurines are not uncommon.

7 Objectives Part 2 Assess the information they have gathered and select appropriate material for their collage Synthesize their ideas and choose an overall theme for their collage based on the supporting information from the text Create a collage that visualizes the theme chosen and incorporates lyrics, quotations and images from the play

8 The Origins of Collage The roots of collage can be found as far back as the 10th century, when calligraphers in Japan starting gluing pieces of paper to their works. In 13th century Europe, the idea of applying gold leaf and gems to religious art arose, and the wider idea of collage began to spread among artists. Mosaic, a practice which involves fitting together many small pieces of tile to form a pattern, is also a form of collage, and it has been widely practiced in the Middle East and Mediterranean for centuries.

9 What media can be used for a collage?
Typically, a collage incorporates mixed media such as clippings from magazines to create a base image. Artists can also write or paint over parts of the finished work or make the collage more dynamic by adding tactile elements such as fabric, ribbon, textured papers, or other objects designed to make the collage more visually interesting. The finished collage is frequently sealed with a glue treatment so that the elements do not peel off.

10 Examples of Collages Let us look at a short video on collages that can give you some ideas for your own collages.

11 Making a Collage Get into your groups and use the information you collected yesterday to come up with a central theme or idea for your collage on Passionate Love in Romeo and Juliet

12 Your Love -Themed Collage
Now you are ready to create a collage based on your groups ideas. You may use all items available to you. Have Fun!

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