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To Sir, With Love vs. Lean on Me Analysis of Leadership

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1 To Sir, With Love vs. Lean on Me Analysis of Leadership
Team 5: Chris Griffin Juan Miralles Larissa Shorter Zach Smith Shelby Westbrook

2 Agenda Synopsis of the films Leadership Profiles
To Sir, With Love Lean on Me Leadership Profiles Mark Thackeray Joe Clark Use of autocratic leadership Changing counterproductive norms Recommendations for educating today's leaders on leadership styles Question and answer session

3 Synopsis of the Films To Sir, With Love Lean on Me
Sydney Porter stars as Mark Thackeray. An engineer who reluctantly takes a teaching job in working class London high school. Despite unruly students he wins them over and changes their lives and his in the process. Lean on Me Morgan Freemon stars as Joe Clark. Takes over as principle of a decaying Eastside High School. Faced with unruly students Clark puts it all on the line to give kids a chance.

4 Leadership Profiles Leadership Style Example Basis of Power Goals
Mark Thackeray Democratic and Coaching Ask students what they want to learn Coaches students for what the future holds Expert and Reference Educate students Reform behavior Joe Clark Coercive and Pacesetting Demanded immediate response Set high standards Pushed students Coercive and Legitimate Educate students to pass test Reform school Mark Thackeray Democratic and coaching leadership styles. Ask students what they want to learn, coaches students for what the future holds. Expert and reference basis of power. Goals: educating the students, and reforming their behavior as young adults. Joe Clark Coercive and pacesetting leadership style. Demanded immediate response from students, set high standards and drove students toward success. Coercive and legitimate basis of power. Goals: educating students to pass state test, reform school, and correct student’s behavior.

5 Autocratic Leadership
Viewed as a top down ruling that gets results when other methods fail. Followers prefer to be told exactly what to do providing unquestionable direction. Mark Thackeray Other style attempts failed. Had to forcefully influence students. Provided a clear path with no deviation. Joe Clark Other styles attempted by others failed. Last option was to apply force. No room to argue as students were told what to do.

6 Changing Counterproductive Norms
Mark Thackeray Changed his views to the views of students. Interacted creatively with students. Demonstrated success with students to other teachers. Joe Clark Ignored the ideas and tactics of others. Made public spectacles of faculty and staff. Used force with students to prove they could succeed.

7 Educating Today’s Leaders on Leadership Styles and Their Correct Uses
Recommendations for different levels of management: Top-Level Management Middle-Level Management Lower-Level Management

8 Recommendation for Top-Level Management
Developing Executive Leadership Seminar American Management Association 3-day leadership training program 7 topics covered Examples- Facing challenges and dealing with problems. Leading with your head, hands, feet, and heart. How to build up one’s own leadership style. Cost $2,445 (travel and accommodations not included)

9 Recommendations for Mid-Level Management
Emotional Intelligence training and coaching program Provided by IHHP Improve “our ability to manage ourselves and others around us” Begins with two-day classroom session Additional components include: EI360 Feedback Interactive e-learning program Four one-on-one coaching sessions Cost: $1,995 per person (group discounts available)

10 Recommendations for Lower-Level Management
Online course and a profile test Understanding Behavioral Styles for Managers Ten online lessons of 30 minutes each The course is available for 12 months Online profile test, dimensions & profile pattern Cost: The cost per person for the course and the profile test are $37 and $31 respectively

11 Recommendation Breakdown
Management Level Top-Level Management Middle-Level Management Lower-Level Management Type of Course Executive Retreat, including leadership seminars In-person classroom sessions/training program Leadership profile test and online course Length of Time Three days (two 8-hour seminars, one 7-hour seminar) Two days (8-hour session per day) and four additional hour-long coaching sessions Ten 20-minute Lessons and one 40-minute profile test Cost (per person) $2,445 $1,995 $68

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