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Love, Sex and Rock and Roll

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1 Love, Sex and Rock and Roll
What do you think? Bell Activity: Does everyone become interested in having a boyfriend or girlfriend at the same time or age? What is an appropriate age to begin dating? What makes that age an appropriate age? What tells you you are ready to date? How do you know?

2 What’s Love Got To Do With It?
What is love? How do you know it’s love? Mature VS Immature love Infatuation VS Love Platonic Relationships = non-romantic relationships

3 Love VS Infatuation: Mature acceptance of imperfections It is REAL
Feelings of insecurity Excited and eager but not really happy You have doubts, little things about your lover that you don’t want to look at closely in fear that it will ruin your “Dream” person Sexual excitement but it’s all physical (no friendship) You lack confidence in them and the relationship, always jealous or worried Might lead you to do things you regret later….love never will You want so badly for it to be real but it isn’t Mature acceptance of imperfections It is REAL Miles do not separate you. Near or far you feel close You are friends before you can be lovers There is TRUST You are secure and not jealous Calm when around this person They make you are better and more happy person

4 Immature Love You care more about the other person liking you than you do about liking them Jealousy, bickering, meanness, and apologies are abundant Drop everything in your life for this person and neglect family, friends, schoolwork, sports etc just to be with them One person calls the shot and the other goes along with it Violent relationships are an example of immature love You expect things to get better…but they do not Promises made but never kept

5 Homework: Do entire pink packet (three pages) Read front page:
What is love? What isn’t love! Your ideal partner Your perfect mate EXTRA CREDIT: Bring in a quote about love for extra credit point

Do you think it is possible for people to have a platonic (nonromantic) relationship with members of the opposite sex? Why or why not? Is there such thing as LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT? How do you know? What words of wisdom have you learned through others, reading, movies or songs that helped you to better understand love relationships? Finally, how can teens your age best prepare for healthy and fun lasting relationships?

7 ABSTINENCE Abstinence from sexual activity = no sex
You can abstain from other things though Abstinence doesn’t mean NEVER it means ____ ________ ____ It’s hard to abstain when it is all around you right?! Abstinence is the only ___% effective birth control and _____ protection!! You should abstain until you are __________, __________ and __________ ready It’s normal to feel sexual (everyone does) but whether you act on it or not is YOUR CHOICE not anyone else's

8 Pros and Cons Of “Waiting”:
Might lose the person you are with if you don’t have sex with them Might get called a loser because you are a virgin. Get picked on. Not be cool anymore.

9 Things to do with someone without having sexual relations:
_____ __________ ___________ ____________ _________________ ________________ Dates, dinner, movie, poetry writing Love notes/ s/IMs Did I forget anything??!?! List more ideas here….

10 Helpful Hints: _______________________ – older people will be more experienced and more likely to want to have sex Don’t use drugs and alcohol – ________________________________________________________________________ ___________- safety in numbers (won’t have to be alone and in that situation) __________- Once you start it’s hard to stop in the midst of it (in the moment) so don’t go to far to begin with

11 Homework: Sex in advertising: Pick a commercial or cut out an ad which uses”sex” to sell the product. Answer these questions on a piece of paper: 1. What product is being sold 2. Describe the people in the ad 3. Is there any factual information given? 4. What image or message is the advertising trying to get across with this ad? 5. What is this product supposed to do for you? 6. Why do you think “sex” was used to sell this product? Song analysis: Pick a song and do the following questions: 1. Is sex mentioned directly or indirectly in the song? (give examples) 2. Does the song promote pre-marital sex in any way? 3. Does the song mention sex in a loving relationship? Is there any mention of LOVE? 4. What is the message you get from this song? 5. Do you think this song sends positive or negative messages regarding relationships and love?

12 Saying NO and Staying COOL :
How can you say no and still be cool? Pressure Points/Pressure cards Activity 10 (with partners of opposite sex) Come up with creative comebacks if someone is pressuring you into having sex Discussion questions as a class afterwards

13 Homework: Come up with a line for a rap song we will write as a class. I will put all the lines together and rap it for the class!! Lines must be appropriate and about sex, abstinence, love, relationships, birth control/protection,saying no, teen pregnancy or anything else we’ve talked about. Must rhyme You may work in partners for this homework activity

14 Ms.B’s Take….. Too many kids have sex TOO SOON
The media and other people make it look so fun and easy to do with just anyone but that is not the truth and you don’t know that until you’ve done it It’s not all it’s hyped up to be….could be a big let-down Sex is not good unless you really care about the person and you are comfortable…otherwise it is awkward and doesn’t feel good Kids think they are ready but aren’t. How do you know if you are ready? Ms.B’s rule of thumb: if you think you are ready wait 6 more months. There are consequences besides pregnancy and STDS which you don’t hear about SEX CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING!!!!! I’ve seen people having sex too soon and getting really messed up in the head Harm your ability to have close relationships for the rest of your life! It changes people Relationships are ruined Feelings of regret, guilt, feel cheap (used) and bad about themselves Whether you like it or not when you have sex you become EMOTIONALLY ATTATCHED. You have the rest of your lives to be having sex and if you start now nothing will be exciting by the time you get to my old age! You would have already tired everything and you will be bored by it If you are going to have sex you should AT LEAST be in LOVE REMEMBER: having sex and being in love are NOT the same thing If you are going to have sex you should be able to talk about these things and say words like penis, vagina etc without cracking up and feeling embarrassed If you are going to have sex you should be comfortable with your body and not be embarrassed-you should know what you like and what you do not like sexually and be able to communicate that to your partner You must be able to ask the person you are going to be sexually with who they have been with and make sure they don’t have any diseases You will know when it is right-don’t try to push it just because your friends

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