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Use PowerPoint presentations to enhance the effectiveness of classroom instruction in many ways in every subject area. PowerPoint.

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1 Use PowerPoint presentations to enhance the effectiveness of classroom instruction in many ways in every subject area. PowerPoint

2 Presentations for Instruction Main points can be emphasized The presentation itself can be enhanced by using graphics, animation, or sound. Add flair to presentations with slide and bullet transitions and animated effects. Presentations can be used to make lessons more organized and flexible.

3 Presentations for Instruction (continued) Text on a PowerPoint presentation is much easier for students to read Student interest can be stimulated through the use of graphics and cartoons. Variety is the key to keeping the attention of students.

4 Creative Presentation Ideas Flash Cards Create Flashcard presentations for individual and group reinforcement. You can create a template and choose whether you or your students will insert the words or phrases. Topics may include: reinforcing math concepts; practicing parts of speech; practicing spelling; reinforcing story problems; and reinforcing numbers, letters, or colors.

5 Creative Presentation Ideas Field Trip Slide Shows Develop field trip slide shows to review and apply knowledge learned on a field trip. Students can work together to make a slide show that presents what they saw, as well as what they learned.

6 Creative Presentation Ideas Autobiographical Stories Students can create short autobiographical stories about themselves. Scanned photos can be inserted for interest. Interactive Book Reports Have students create a PowerPoint presentation about books they read.

7 Creative Presentation Ideas Group Slide Shows Give your students a topic (such as zoo animals) and tell them to choose parts of the topic to focus on (such as specific zoo animals). Have students research their assigned portions of the topic and develop slides to serve as a part of a group presentation about the topic.

8 Creative Presentation Ideas Science Presentations Use PowerPoint to teach processes and how things work. Teachers or students can add additional items to a diagram to illustrate how a process grows and changes. Science principles work well using this format.

9 7 Rules of Design Title each visual Select key words Choose an appropriate type/ font style Choose an appropriate type/ font size Use a maximum of 6 or 7 lines per slide Keep diagrams simple Use colour effectively

10 Use a Template Use a set font and colour scheme Different styles are disconcerting to the students You want the students to focus on what you present, not the way you present.

11 Font Style Choose a clean font that is easy to read Roman or Gothic typefaces are easier to read than Script or Old English Stick with one or two types of fonts

12 Font size Bulleted items should be no smaller than 22 points The title should be no smaller than 28 points

13 Bullets Keep each bullet to one line, two at the most. Limit the number of bullets in a slide to six, four if there is a large title, logo, picture, etc. This is known as cueing You want to cue the students on what you are going to say.

14 Bullets (continued) If you crowd too much text the audience will not read it. Too much text makes it look busy and is hard to read Why should they spend the energy reading it, when you are going to tell them what it says. Our reading speed does not match our listening speed, they confuse instead of reinforce each other.

15 Caps and Italics Do not use all capital letters Makes text hard to read Conceals acronyms Denies their use for emphasis Italics Used for quotes Used to highlight thoughts or ideas Used for book, journal, or magazine titles

16 Illustrations Use only when needed, otherwise they become distracters instead of communicators They should relate to the message and help make a point Ask yourself if it makes the message clearer Simple diagrams are great communicators

17 Colours Reds and oranges are high-energy but can be difficult to stay focused on. Greens, blues and browns are mellower, but not as attention grabbing. White on dark background should not be used if the audience is more than 20 feet away.

18 Backgrounds Having a dark background on a computer screen reduces glare.

19 Attention Grabber To make a slide stand out, change the font or background

20 You Must Know Your Topic Do not use the media to hide you The students are there to see you The media should enhance the presentation, not BE the presentation If all you are going to do is read from the slides, then just give them the slides

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