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Chapter 2

2 Four Kinds of Human Relationships
LOVE INFATUATION FRIENDSHIP EXPLOITATION Relationships can be a combination infatuation moving toward love friendship with degree of exploitation

3 FRIENDSHIP: A relationship between persons who trust each other and like to be together
Easiest of the four types to understand Everyone needs friends … many or just one or two friends Friends … both genders, ages , backgrounds, religions, values and ideas True friendship is not exclusive or possessive; it leaves the other person free Friends teaches us How to balance the conflicting claims of independence and interdependence How to fit in with groups of peers without sacrificing our individuality

4 INFATUATION: A romantic relationship involving sexual feelings and attraction
Exciting, fun, effortless, all –absorbing Characterized by exclusiveness and jealousy Learn to deal with the awakening of sexual feelings…is a challenge One minute be happy the next rejected and depressed IN ORDER TO MAKE GOOD CHOICES CONCERING YOUR SEXUALITY YOU MUST………….. learn the difference between LOVE and INFATUATION

5 LOVE: relationship with commitment, acceptance, respect and trust
Happiness depends on our love relationships Lifetime to learn how to give and receive love Characteristic ( commitment, understanding, acceptance, respect, sensitivity) Mutual or one-sided relationships Love is the core teaching of most world religions Love takes : TIME EFFORT KNOWLEDGE FORGIVENESS SACRIFICE LASTING RELATIONSHIP COME ONLY WITH COMMITMENT

6 EXPLOITATION: relationship based on selfishness and lack of respect for the other person
Exploitation take rather than gives in a relationship… “USER” Take people for granted Abuse parent’ s trust Tease unpopular people Butter up a teacher Theft Blackmail Rape Incest Pornography Prostitution Child abuse Using a boy/girl to get back at another Spreading rumors Dating an attractive person to make you look good Encouraging someone to drink, use drugs to fit in Going steady because of convenience…handy date

7 BIG IF: partly Infatuation and Friendship
How healthy and strong the relationship is usually depends on whether the “I” or “F” predominates the relationship….. FRIENDSHIP communicate, share, compromise., trust friends and family common interest common friends Relationship will grow toward love INFATUATION focus on sexual feeling, physical expression Will begin to use each other to get emotional and sexual satisfaction EXPLOITATION


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