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Jumpstart I Love to Skate City of Ottawa Community Development Program Overview.

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1 Jumpstart I Love to Skate City of Ottawa Community Development Program Overview

2 Background Local Canadian Tire Dealers had been active supporters of the Ottawa community and wanted to expand their support of Jumpstart. They saw a unique opportunity while renegotiating their sponsorship program with the Ottawa Senators (NHL) Team to incorporate Jumpstart support as the centrepiece of an agreement. During negotiations to renew their Ottawa Senators sponsorship, they became a pre-season sponsor and worked with the Senators Foundation (Sens Foundation) to develop a Jumpstart-specific program that would address the following concerns. o Ottawa, Ontario is a diverse community and home to many new Canadian families. o It also has a number of vulnerable and at-risk children who have few or no opportunities to participate in organized sport and recreation – an estimated 20% of children in Ottawa live in poverty (Stats. Canada 2006). The result was the Jumpstart I Love to Skate program, which would help more inner-city and new Canadian kids learn how to ice skate. Jumpstart I Love to Skate

3 Partnership Driven Solution Jumpstarts I Love to Skate program was developed in partnership with the City of Ottawa, the Ottawa Sens Foundation, and Capital Sports & Entertainment Inc. The City of Ottawa, which had the expertise and infrastructure to implement a skating program, was responsible for overall program coordination: o Hiring certified skating instructors. o Liaising with Jumpstart Charities Ottawa Chapter partners, including school boards, neighbourhood groups and recreational associations in priority neighbourhoods, to identify children who would benefit from the project. o Providing outdoor ice rinks that are maintained by the City of Ottawas Parks, Recreation and Culture Services Department. o Arranging transportation to and from a wrap-up event. Capital Sports and Entertainment covered the cost of a wrap-up event. The Sens Foundation provided funds for registration, mitts and scarves. Canadian Tire Jumpstart and Ottawa Canadian Tire Dealers provided funds for registration, skate sharpening, hats and equipment: o $100 vouchers were given to the children to be used to purchase helmets and skates at local Canadian Tire stores. Local community associations and volunteers managed and maintained the outdoor ice rinks. Jumpstart I Love to Skate Page 3

4 Program Details The Jumpstart I love to Skate program provided equipment and instruction to help inner-city and new Canadian kids (ages six to 12) in priority neighbourhoods learn to ice skate. Participants received: o New ice skates, hockey helmets, hats, mitts and scarves (equipment was redeemed through Canadian Tire store vouchers); o Full instruction (including ice safety) and supervision by qualified instructors at outdoor ice rinks across the city (see curriculum on the following page). Skating instructors were from PRCS Recreational Skating School, and were certified to teach proper techniques for ice skating. Instruction on proper ice safety procedures was also provided, including correct helmet fitting and the importance of helmet use. o Four weeks of recreational skating lessons by the City of Ottawa at 24 outdoor rinks during January and February. o A wrap-up party at Scotiabank Place for the participants to celebrate their accomplishments with family, instructors and special guests, including Ottawa Senators Alumni. Jumpstart I Love to Skate

5 Program Details (continued) Jumpstart I Love to Skate Page 5 Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4 Fall/stand up: Learn to stand up incrementally Review Fall/stand up lessonReview Making snow with blades lesson Review Two-foot glide in half- sitting position lesson Forward stepping: Learn proper skating posture Review Forward stepping lessonReview Stopping lessonReview Two-foot hop on the spot/with gliding lesson Turning on the spot: How to turn in both direction Review Turning on the spot lesson Two-foot glide in half-sitting position: Manoeuvre through domes T-Push: Learn to bend knees and push of one foot Kicking domes: Skating and scoring in the net Making snow with blades: Preparation for stopping Two-foot hop on the spot: Bend knees, jump and land on two feet Backwards stepping: Bend knees and take small steps back Obstacle course: Skating forward, turning and touching toes Stopping: Learn to stop by playing games such as Red Light Green Light Obstacle course: Skate forward, turn, touch toes, stop and perform two-foot glide One-foot glide: Review two-foot glide and transition to one foot (both sides) Peek-a-boo: Game play with the instructor Two-foot glide: Follow lines drawn on the ice Basketball: Kids through bean bags into moving target Bubbles: Make bubble shapes with skates around stationary domes Obstacle course: Skate forward, turn, touch toes, stop and perform two-foot glide Relay race: Two teams, three skills Beginner Recreational Skating School Lesson Plan

6 Program Details: Ottawa Canadian Tire Dealer Support To celebrate the launch of Jumpstart I Love to Skate, each Dealer held a fundraising weekend in September (Sens Weekend) with a charity barbecue and raffles to win Senator pre-season game tickets and signed merchandise. All funds raised were directed to the local Jumpstart Chapter, specifically to contribute to the Jumpstart I love to Skate program. They also held a hockey equipment drive during pre-season and regular season games. The equipment was later donated to the Ottawa District Hockey Association, which had the equipment cleaned and worked with local hockey associations to provide it to disadvantaged youth. Jumpstart I Love to Skate Charles, what kind of equipment drive was it? And who received the equipment?

7 Keys to Success Program: o The climate in Ottawa is suitable for outdoor winter activities. Outdoor ice surfaces exist throughout the city, including priority neighbourhoods, making them accessible to those who cannot afford the cost of transportation. o The program received support from volunteers. A total of 213 of the 244 Ottawa area rinks are built and maintained by volunteers. Volunteers also helped to tie skates and fit helmets. o Overwhelming support from customers, parents, government, Ottawa Senators, the Sens Foundation and community leaders. o A wrap-up party, which allowed the children to mingle on the ice with some of the Ottawa Senators players, reinforced a sense of accomplishment and pride. Partnership: o Wide variety of partners, each provided different but necessary elements (i.e., funding, equipment, facilities, staff, expertise) to help as many kids as possible and increase the programs long-term sustainability. Jumpstart I Love to Skate

8 Keys to Success (continued) Dealer Driven Initiative: o Dealers leveraged an existing business partnership (i.e., Ottawa Senators sponsorship) to include a cause overlay/opportunity (e.g., Canadian Tire Jumpstart became the charity of choice) o Dealers in the community united and increased support for the local Canadian Tire Jumpstart Chapter through a variety of fundraising activities. Jumpstart I Love to Skate Page 8

9 Results: Program: o Provided over 400 kids (ages six to 12) in 27 neighbourhoods with fundamental physical literacy (skating) skills, self-confidence and self esteem, and a sense of inclusion in a truly Canadian activity. Community: o Overwhelming support from the community and local media Donated Equipment: o *2,500 pieces (program results as of April 2011) of hockey equipment were collected, cleaned and distributed to in need kids by the ODHA. Financial Breakdown: o $45,000 was raised through Dealer fundraising events o Rough financial breakdown for year 1 (2010 to 2011) is shown on the right. Jumpstart I Love to Skate Partner Contribution Year 1 Contribution Details Dealer$18,688Fundraising Jumpstart$2,400in-kind donation (toques) Capital Sports and Entertainment Inc. $21,188Expenses for wrap-up event Ottawa Senators Foundation (Sens Foundation) $3,578In-kind donation for mitts and scarves $16,138Jumpstart invoice for costs in excess of $25,000 $22,270City of Ottawa operational expenses

10 Additional Details For Jumpstart Team Use

11 News Conference (January 17, 2011) Jules Morin Park, Ottawa Program kick-off In attendance: Mayor Jim Watson, Sens Foundation President Danielle Robinson, Councillor Mathieu Fleury, Canadian Tire Dealer David McClenahan and Senators player Peter Regin Media

12 Wrap-Up Party (February 19, 2011) Scotiabank Place, Ottawa Approximately 400 kids participated Senators Alumni and Sparty (mascot) joined the fun by skating with the kids and signing autographs The skating session was followed by entertainment from the Cow Guys and the kids enjoyed healthy snacks and beverages Wrap-Up Party

13 Metrics MetricYear 1Year 2Year 3 (estimated) Number of community centres2431 Number of youth leaders030 Number of certified instructors2025 Number of outdoor rinks2024 Number of participants (children age six to 12)399400420

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