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L.O.V.E. ove f ietnam xpressed L O V E by helping the poor and needy.

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2 L.O.V.E. ove f ietnam xpressed L O V E by helping the poor and needy

3 Who we are is a Christian non-denominational social service/relief mission in Da Nang, Vietnam. LOVE, Inc. (Love Of Of Vietnam Expressed).

4 LOVE, Inc. began working in Vietnam the summer of 1998. LOVE has Reggie Coward, with his wife, Tran Thi Bao Chi, a Christian Vietnamese national, and two other Christian Vietnamese nationals working full time in the city of Da Nang among infants, children, youth, and the aged; the poor and the needy, the sick, the handicapped; and those with no one, living on the streets.. In Vietnam

5 Where We Work. Quang Nam Providence Thang Binh, QueSon, Dai Loc Districts 36 Sponsored Children 36 school uniforms, text books & insurance DaNang City 120 scholarships monthly 65 children have sponsors 220 school uniforms 80 text books & insurance 40 families receive rice each month 73 university student receive free housing, religious support and training in 11 homes.

6 Our Mission Is: 1 John 3:16 L O V E ove f ietnam xpressed 1 John 3:16-19 In this we see what love is, because he gave his life for us; and it is right for us to give our lives for the brothers. But if a man has this worlds goods, and sees that his brother is in need, and keeps his heart shut against his brother, how is it possible for the love of God to be in him? My little children, do not let our love be in word and in tongue, but let it be in act and in good faith. In this way we may be certain that we are true, and may give our heart comfort before him..

7 Vietnam Law requires a foreign organization to work under the guidance of a Vietnamese organization. SCP was found by Mr. Nguyen Ran in 1992. In addition to providing scholarships and other assistance, they have 5 Children Homes (called Families), each with 30 children. SCP operates several vocational centers, a night school, and a day care center for street children. SCP was the first NGO in DaNang to begin working with HIV/AIDS children. They oversee about 1000 poor children, including the nearly 300 that LOVE helps. LOVEs Partner in Vietnam is The Street Children Program of DaNang (SCP). Who we work with:

8 1.As an intercessor and encourager to the church in Vietnam. 2.To demonstrate and witness the love of Jesus to the employees and children in SCP. 3.To demonstrate and witness the love of Jesus to the poor and needy. My call to Vietnam has 3 areas of responsibility:. Calling

9 LOVE's program is focused on Education, Medical Needs and Nutrition. Education Scholarships for: Kindergarten Elementary & middle school High school University or vocational training School uniforms, clothing, textbooks, paper, pens for children

10 Medical Funding provides medicine, surgery (including heart surgery and follow-up therapy), hospital stays, etc. Vy has a hole in her heart Trieu died of blood cancer in January 2006 Hau had kidney problem.

11 Nutrition Babies School Poor Handicapped Elderly

12 . In Addition We provide 8 group homes for Christian students who come from the country-side to study in DaNangs universities or colleges. The homes cultivate Christian growth and maturity as well as provide free housing for these students. A house can be sponsored for as little as $80 a month. 1. Ruths House 3. Abrahams House 2. Rachels House 4. Hannahs House

13 . and These students also receive assistance to attend Christian camps or conferences. They are also provided study materials, CDs, Bibles, books, etc and teaching to ensure they have a strong personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 5. Elizabeths House 7. Sarahs House 6. Esthers House 8. Philips House

14 The goal is to train well for every aspect of ministry and to rely on the Holy Spirit 9. Rebeccas House 10. Marthas House 11. Marys House

15 In 2009-2010 This school year begins the 9th year of work among the most needy children in the DaNang and Quang Nam areas of Vietnam. We provide over 120 monthly scholarships. We have over 100 children sponsored, providing food, clothing, school needs and more. We provide rice every month to 40 families. We provide medical / emergency assistance.

16 YOU can help by: 1. Praying (request LOVEs Newsletter) 2. Sending teams, students, doctors, teachers, coming yourself and being obedient…..I encourage you to ask God what you are to do. 3. Sharing the needs in Vietnam with others 4. You or your church sponsor one of our Student Homes. - $80 a month sponsors the home. 5. $10 a month provides one scholarship for a child, providing school fees and uniform. 6. $25 a month sponsors a child, providing school fees, books, uniform, nutrition, clothing, & medical. 7. $40 a month sponsors a child and other children in the family, providing school fees, books, uniforms, nutrition, clothing, & medical assistance..

17 Now you can sponsor a child Sponsor a Vietnamese child for about the cost of a newspaper! Only $25 a month $25 a month keeps a child in school (school fees, uniform, text books, etc.), provides sandals, clothing, medical/dental care, and additional food. How the money is spent Scholarship: This will pay for school fees and most other required fees..150.000vnd Food: This will provide money for more nutritional food………,,,,,….……100.000vnd Medical/Emergency Insurance Fund: This will go into a self-insurance fund within LOVE that we can draw from to help our children for medicine, medical, hospital, dental and for small emergency needs………………………………………90.000 vnd School supplies: Provides one school uniform per year, sandals, text books, notebooks, pens & pencils, and book bag………………………………......20.000 vnd Administration: This covers the cost of salaries, office supplies, etc…..…40.000 vnd Total in Vietnam Dong ………………..…………………………………..….400.000 vnd Total in US dollars……………………………………………………………….. $25 For more information, a list of children, or application forms, check our web site or email Reggie at r rr Or Sponsor all the children in a family for $40 a month

18 This little girl, leading her blind father, came up to me in 1998 and said, Mister, can you help me? Yes, I said, I will help. How about you? Will you help the children in Vietnam?. Can you help?

19 Contact L.O.V.E. Reggie Coward E-mail Address: Address: 85/2 Le Huu Trac Street Son Tra District Danang, Vietnam Mobile Phone: 84-90-510- 9983 Home Phone: 84-511- 394-0743 Tina Taylor E-mail Address: Address: L ove O f V ietnam E xpressed 4595 Braxton Rd. Grifton, NC, 28530 Phone: (252) 524-5765 Web Page: In Vietnam. In U.S.A.

20 For Tax Exempt donations 1. Make Checks out to: Love Of Vietnam Expressed and write the purpose and your email address on the memo line of your check and write the purpose and your email address on the memo line of your check 2. Mail to: L.O.V.E., Inc. 14302 Sand Bunker Ct 14302 Sand Bunker Ct Hudson, FL 34667 Hudson, FL 34667 Please include your email address Please include your email address Or Make payments online at

21 Thank You Blessings, Reggie, Bo Chi and Hannah in Vietnam

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