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Matt Kendra Anne Carol Becky

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1 Matt Kendra Anne Carol Becky
Love and Logic Matt Kendra Anne Carol Becky

2 “Norms” that teachers must address when forming a discipline plan…
Norm 1: Students have rights Don’t let them feel like you are violating those rights Norm 2: The future is not an extension of the past Old management strategies that worked for your parents (or you!) don’t necessarily work now Norm 3: “It’s not my fault!” Some students may need to be taught how to place blame on the appropriate source

3 Norms Cont… Norm 4: Achievement determines worth
What we do is an extension of who we are, not what we are worth Norm 5: I see, I want, I believe I deserve Students are used to deserving privileges Much more value in getting what you have earned

4 Common Myths of the Classroom…
Myth 1: Students must be warned in advance of the consequences for violating rules. Specific consequences don’t deter students Use fair, appropriate consequences in each situation students can tell you if it isn’t fair Myth 2: When students break the rules, consequences must follow immediately. Time to cool down Come up with appropriate consequences Don’t put stress on yourself to deal immediately

5 Myths Cont… Myth 3: It is not necessary for students to like their teachers. However they should respect them. What would you do to shine for someone you love?? Perform for who you love—and if you don’t love yourself yet, perform for your teacher until you do

6 Purpose of Love and Logic
Puts Teachers In Control Teachers wait to deal with misbehavior Teaches Kids To Think For Themselves Teachers question instead of talking Students do the talking Students come up with their own solutions “The brain that does the thinking grows the dendrites”

7 Purpose Cont… Raises The Level Of Student Responsibility
Students take responsibility for their misbehavior and their learning Student ownership Prepares Kids To Function Effectively In A Society Filled With Temptations, Decisions, And Consequences Students deal with problems as they would in the “real world”

8 Purpose Cont… Develops Better Relationships With Kids
Teachers are no longer the “bad guys” Teachers and students are on closer levels Leads to improved cooperation

9 The Three Rules of Love & Logic…
Use enforceable limits Provide choices with limits Applying consequences with empathy

10 Using Enforceable Limits…
Tell the kids how you run your life not how they run theirs The students will have to make their own decisions and live with the consequences

11 Provide Choices w/ Limits…
Give two choices you like Delivery is important Give them ownership of their choice Examples Your welcome to _____ or _____. Would you rather _____ or _____.

12 Wording (Changing Your Garbage to Gold)…
Unenforceable Statements Open your books to page 54. You can’t go to the restroom until I finish the directions. Turn your assignment in on time or you’ll get a low grade. Enforceable Statement I’ll be working from page 54. Feel free to go to the restroom when I’m not giving directions. I give full credit for papers turned in on time.

13 Savings Account… You give choices The choices add up
You make a (withdrawal) choice that overrides

14 Applying Consequences with Empathy…
There is a problem Identify who’s problem it is Show empathy Offer a positive relationship message

15 Consequences Vs. Punishment…
It takes pain to make changes Outside to inside Inside to outside Punishment causes outside to inside pain, which causes feelings of revenge Consequences are internalized. The child has caused their own pain with their choices

16 Four Principles… Expectations Two main ideas Struggling Cooperation
Enhancement of Self Concept Expectations Two main ideas It is fragile and easily broken It is conservative & resistant to change Struggling Shared Control Cooperation Choices with limits Must be legitimate Equally acceptable to giver/receiver Give all with equal “pizzazz”

17 Principles Cont… Give Consequences with Empathy Shared thinking
Sometimes pain must come before a change will be made Student’s choice Shared thinking Questions-think of level (Bloom’s) and involvement in learning If we provide adequate time students will often come to same conclusion as the adult

18 Finding Time for Love and Logic Discipline…
“I don’t have time to work with children in the Love and Logic way.” Love & Logic teachers consistently report less time is spent on discipline as skills increase.

19 So What Do We Do? We stick with it!
You control the discipline problems, they do not control you.

20 Building positive relationships
Trick to controlling the time you spend on discipline is related to your ability to: Building positive relationships Set enforceable limits through enforceable statements Share control Stop behaviors in their infancy, avoiding the need for consequences Delay Consequences

21 Why We Delay Our Approach…
Student is emotional, not thinking right Teacher more stressed taking time away from activities Student gains control by controlling teachers activities

22 Basic Rules… Meet with students on your time Own terms
Short, sweet interactions Ask brief questions Anne, Kendra, Matt reading… = )

23 Dealing with kids that feed off each other…
Make a list of students involved and prioritize Divide & Conquer Option for disruptions Move the leader Go to first student Go to next student Continue until student thinks he/she can stay and behave

24 Implement the “One Sentence Intervention”…
Notice positive and personal attributes Do this a couple of times a week Experiment w/ “____, will you stop doing that just for me? Heart to heart w/students after school to solve entire problem

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