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Villa Marilor Palace The monumental palace built in 1912 for the Szczeniowski family, owes its unique name to one of the owners, Maria Eleonora. It has.

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2 Villa Marilor Palace The monumental palace built in 1912 for the Szczeniowski family, owes its unique name to one of the owners, Maria Eleonora. It has served many different functions throughout the years. Before World War II it was an elegant boarding house; after the war, on the other hand, it was used as a holiday resort by the leaders of the Communist youth organisation ZMP. From 1956 until the end of the 90s, the palace housed the famous Kenar Fine Arts High School. Villa Marilor Palace combines typical features of the local building style of Zakopane with Tirol architecture. The character of Villa Marilor, its history and fame is our pride. It will charm You !

3 La Culla di Olos Holistic journey of the senses... La Culla Cabinet is one of the stops on your journey to a place full of positive energy and deep relaxation. It is a place beyond time, where aromatised steam covers your whole body, sounds of relaxing music calm your thoughts, colours eliminate muscle tension. A series of the OLOS treatments based on natural components, such as balsamic vinegar, rice, yoghurt, muesli, honey, is characterised by scents that you will remember for a long time. Now you can discover this place for yourself !

4 Gold Swimming Pool with hydromassages Guests of Villa Marilor hotel call it: "Gold swimming pool". The dark brown of the Brazilian granite and the gold of the glass mosaic suit crystal clear water perfectly. Lots of space to rest, water and air massages and a waterfall will help you to relax in comfort. Quality and hygiene of the ozonated water is constantly supervised by the team of WOPR lifeguards who care for safety of the people using the Marilor SPA facility. The pool is like scales of a goldfish !

5 Biological Renewal- IR Sauna, Steam Room Marilor SPA Complex gives at your disposal two types of sauna: Dry, IR Sauna called Finnish sauna and Steam Room also known as Roman sauna. The IR Sauna was built of Australian red cedar; the walls and seat of the Steam room, on the other hand, were covered with Italian glass mosaic. Well planned processes of heating and cooling the body in steam, as well as in dry sauna will strengthen your immune system, improve your condition, purify your organism and relieve muscle tension while you listen to the sounds of relaxing music. Warmth is the essence of pleasure !

6 Salt Cave Salt cave in Villa Marilor was built of salt blocks and wood resin logs. Our guests often treat it like a tepidary, that is a place for rest and relaxation, which completes the sauna seances perfectly. The air is composed of elements, such as jod, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium which, during the upper respiratory tract inhalation, help to regain homeostasis, that is, full body balance. The microclimate in the salt cave reflects conditions in the corridors of the Bochnia Salt Mine, which is the oldest salt mine in Poland and has been working since 1248. Inhale and exhale !

7 Jacuzzi is the most romantic place in whole Villa Marilor Hotel. Separately located is the perfect place for successful wedding anniversary, family meeting, hen and bachelor night. Effective hydrotherapy and air bubbles gently massages your body. In the same time warm water makes deep muscle penetration. Intimate, romantic – relax, fun ! Jacuzzi

8 Cosmetic devices Our treatment cabinets do not only provide a vast selection of cosmetics. In order to improve the quality and influence of our treatments, the cabinets were equipped with modern and safe cosmetic devices. The influence of the devices connected with active ingredients of our cosmetics give impressive results. They eliminate silhouette defects, cleanse skin, nourish and vitalize it, to make it shine. To make your life beautiful !

9 Cosmetics - Treatment offer Everybody can find something they like. Natural active ingredients, latest biotechnological formulas, original massage techniques and modern equipment used during treatments won trust and recognition of guests all over the world. Our SPA treatment offer is constantly changing, new treatments refreshed by new ingredients replace old, but still popular ones. In June this year, we further improved our offer by introducing new treatments using a special kind of peat. The new treatments have been very popular among our regular guests. They are great, naturally !

10 SPA Team Natalia L. - certified cosmetologist; problematic facial treatments are her domain, she encourages everyone to live a healthy life Ola - she received her Massage Diploma 5 years ago and she is constantly improving her massage techniques; she likes to spend her free time cycling and mountain hiking Natalia Sz. - she makes a ritual out of every treatment, rarely does she leave the La Culla Cabinet; after work, she likes to go for a forest walk Konrad - SPA manager, Master of Physiotherapy; massage cream and olive oil have been his best friends for six years; after work, he becomes a passionate gardner. Hospitally !

11 SPA for children Health, fun, safety The sight of a child smiling is priceless. When planning a weekend trip or holidays, we should always make sure that our children will feel comfortably. In Marilor SPA your children have at their disposal a warm swimming pool, in which they can learn to swim with our qualified lifeguard. They can also play freely in the salt cave and, at the same time, cure their allergies thanks to its great microclimate. While relaxing in the swimming pool and using the hydromassages, the parents can watch their children during their tennis lessons on the tennis court. And, when our instructor occupies the kids with movement exercises, you will be able to visit one of our cabinets to take advantage of a relaxing treatment. Everything under a watchful eye of the WOPR lifeguard. Let's play !

12 Being active in Zakopane Zakopane, a charming place on the map of Poland, attracts millions of tourists every year. The beauty of this place is not only in Tatras, but also in many architectural monuments of the region. All this makes you want to be everywhere. Nature, mountains and architecture can be admired by walking through Tatra valleys with Nordic Walking sticks, bicycling, or skiing on the snowy slopes. In the hotel itself you can also do exercises, care for your health and condition. For those who can not swim, we offer swimming lessons in our swimming pool; if you would like to play tennis you can do it on our full- sized tennis court; in the salt cave, on the other hand, you can exercise by cycling on a Gym bike or by using Orbitrek. Movement is healthy !

13 Restaurant SPA Menu Our chefs spent many days and nights composing our Restaurant Menu so that it was exquisite, tasty and healthy. Restaurant SPA Menu also has its requirements; it should be light, healthy, have a lot of juices and fresh vegetables. Fish are also very strongly present in our SPA menu; we have Salmon marinated in wasabi sauce and a roasted Salmon with almonds; we also have See-Bass cooked in white wine emulsion. In our menu you can also find several salads, such as Spring Salad with fruits and nuts on Indian bread sprinkled with Pesto sauce. In order to quench your thirst, on the other hand, you can order a freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice, yoghurt cocktail with fruits or a tea from different parts of the world. Wellness means Healthy living.

14 SPA and culture Zakopane is a town of artists; it is rich in different cultural events. You can spend your free time visiting vernissages, exhibitions, galleries, concerts and museums. Villa Marilor brought up in its monumental walls two generations of artists, as it housed the famous Fine Arts High School. The building, thanks to its character and history, can exhibit different forms of arts perfectly. That is why, together with Art Curators, we organise vernissages, and exhibitions from different fields of art: painting, sculpture, photography, movie. We exhibit not only works of esteemed artists, but also of young creators looking for recognition. So many things happen here...

15 Villa Marilor Hotel, SPA, Conferences, Restaurant, Cafe-Bar. You can visit the SPA wrapped in a warm bathrobe, quench your thirst in the Cafe-Bar, eat Risotto with young spinach in the Restaurant, and then meet your instructor in the Conference Room. Integrity of Villa Marilor gives incredible comfort to our guests as everything is available on the spot. Welcome !

16 Villa Marilor Hotel & SPA Ul. Kościuszki 18, 34-500 ZAKOPANE Tel: +48 18 2000 670, Fax: +48 18 2064 410 E-mail:,

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