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EPHEDRINE HCL REVIEWS & TESTIMONIAL S. Ephedrine is perhaps the most researched weight loss supplement on the market today. Over 100 clinical trials have.

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2 Ephedrine is perhaps the most researched weight loss supplement on the market today. Over 100 clinical trials have been conducted in the United States alone to determine the effectiveness and safety of ephedrine hydrochloride for diet.

3 The results have been conclusive: According to an analysis of over 52 studies on the drug, the Journal of the American Medical Association concluded that ephedrine HCL combined with caffeine causes additional weight loss amounting to approximately 2.2 lb per month.

4 And according to a European study of over 250,000 users of the supplement, there is no added risk of heart problems when taking an EC Stack or an ECA Stack under proper doses.

5 These results should prove heartening for anyone who knows they need to lose weight to feel healthier and look their best.

6 But sometimes, the best way to convince yourself to take action is by hearing from other individuals who have used ephedrine and achieved their weight loss goals with the help of the drug.

7 Below, we have collected reviews and testimonials of individuals from reporting their personal results from using an ECA Stack for weight loss.

8 We want you to join them as well! If you Buy Ephedrine Online Now, you will receive an additional free pack of ephedrine HCL with your first order!

9 " When I started using this in 2001 I was at 206 lbs. I used for 3 months or so and when I was done with last bottle I weighed 140lbs. Perfect weight. Loved it. Got the jitters first couple weeks but they went away. Nasty side effect were bad migranes. But I'd do it again to get back to the weight I wanna be at. I've had 3 kids and I can't lose the weight with diet and excercise...Gonna get more somewhere" - Lynn

10 "I used this product years ago and lost 50 lbs in 2 months. It was great. I could go to the gym 2, 3 times a day - full of energy and I loved it. No negative side effects - I agree that we all are suffering from some who misused the product. Even if you make some restrictions - don't just ban it outright." - Butternut

11 "Hi i am a regular user of the product Ephedra Diet Pill.. I am a 45 year old working person.. I was weighing about 145 pounds.. after using this pills i was able to reduce my body weight by 15pounds in 6 weeks. Its really working.. I am doing some exercise simultaneously.. There is no side effects by using this product." - George Fernandez

12 "I started using ephedra last week, im about 200 lbs and have dropped to 190lbs! 10lbs weight loss in a week, my problem is snacking and feeling hungry all the time, but now just dont feel a NEED for food, when i eat i eat because i know its a meal time and i should. Take one 30 mins before you go to the supermarket....result...less money spent and healthy food for the week!!!!" - Rachel

13 "I ordered ephedrine hcl, and lost about 15 lbs. It made me not able to sleep very well though, but that could have been b/c I was taking it right before my wedding and I was stressed! I DO recommend it though - it really worked." - Julie

14 "I just got my bottle this afternoon and for once I ate fruits for a snack and was not hungry an hour later. I usually eat every 3-4 hours and I lasted that long before my next meal." - Marie

15 "I have been taking it for about a week and a half. I have lost about eight pounds so far.. If you want to see quick results make sure you mix it with a great plan. I also joined a latin aerobics class, I am taking a dietary supplements and I drink alot of water." - Anonymous

16 "Hi, I am beginning week 2 and I have lost about 4 pounds. I take 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon and find I have more willpower to eat less at meals and to cut out those evening snacks. I didn't really feel any effects until I took the product for several days. I do have a bit of a problem falling to sleep at night. I do drink water, and walk 5 days a week. I really am trying to eat the same but just cut back on portions, I find I am able to do this quite easily. My goal is to loose 25 lbs, and I feel that I just might meet it now." - Cherie

17 "I Lost 13 pounds in 5 weeks. I just wanted to share with everyone. Thanks for the forum. It helps to read others comments." - Mary Crane

18 "I have lost 37 pounds since I started exercising and eating right and have kept it off for about a year now. The ephedrine definitely helps but it's also a commitment to eating right and staying active. My problem was not having enough energy after work to start working out. The Ephedrine gave me energy all day and enough left over after work to get my routine going. That was the hardest part for me, starting my workout after a long day at work, but once I get going I build up the moment to finish. If anyone has this same problem, I recommend that you try the ephedrine. You'll get home from work and will actually have energy to do stuff, I swear." - Lost Weight and Keeping it off


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