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INTRODUCTION TO. Helps to eliminate certain excesses. Security Feel Better helps you digest food and drink quicker. The benefits of this tiny 3cl bottle.

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2 Helps to eliminate certain excesses. Security Feel Better helps you digest food and drink quicker. The benefits of this tiny 3cl bottle can be felt just 45 minutes after drinking it. A non alcoholic (0,4%) after-dinner pear flavoured drink made of plant extracts. Practical size and always on the move : small and elegant, our bottlette charms a great variety of consumers, slips into a bag, travels along with you wherever you go and on all occasion.. DRUNK TOO MUCH ? EATEN TOO MUCH? Effective, easy to use, Security Feel Better is the smart way to feeling better at the end of the evening, but also the morning after…. TEST THE DIFFERENCE… 02/12 The UNIQUE Digestif drink …. Approved by our customers for over 15 years, exported worldwide, Security Feel Better is the undeniable ally of those who want to enjoy convivial moments with peace of mind and make the best of a good meal : an evening with friends, a business meal, a wedding, a night out.

3 Security Feel Better naturally stimulates the system and helps it digest toxins. Security Feel Betters CHARACTERISTIC: its amazing effectiveness : real benefits thanks to a special combination of plant extracts contained in one 3cl bottle. A small quantity for great effectiveness. Security Feel Betters SECRET: a blend of plant extracts (one of which is artichoke) with a specific dose of each component. This special blend is the result of 6 years of research. Its plant extracts are produced according to the highest quality standards. Security Feel Betters other CHARACTERISTIC: its quick action : the benefits can be felt in just 45 minutes. A non alcoholic after-dinner drink (0,4%) is the alternative option to alcoholic after-dinner drinks. What does it taste like ? it has a suave pear flavour. 03/12 PRODUCT PRESENTATION INNOVATING PRODUCT : A FUNCTIONAL & POWERFUL DRINK with DIGESTIVE properties: which helps assimilate food and drinks faster. A French drink MADE IN FRANCE.

4 My first is called practical! Practical by its small size…because Security Feel Better can easily be slipped into a pocket or a purse. Glamorous, it is at the tip of elegance and is here at every occasion. My second is called foresight! Drinking a bottle of Security Feel Better during a meal helps by preparing the system to assimilate food and drinks more rapidly. You can then enjoy the moment and make the best of a good meal with no stomach or digestive difficulties. My third is called effectiveness! Drinking a bottle of Security Feel Better at the end of a meal will make you feel its benefits 30 to 45 minutes after ingestion. It is a great help to faster digestion and feeling better! 04/12 CONSUMERS PRACTICAL GUIDE Security Feel Better is at all the parties, is a must on all tables and is appealing to more and more consumers every day because it can help eliminate excesses in a few minutes. My whole is Security Feel Better, the life of the party, the digestif which wants only the best for you ! My fourth is called wellbeing! Taking a small bottle of Security Feel Better before going to bed will make your morning-after shine, and you will finally say goodbye to feeling bad!

5 Because of its intrinsic qualities and practicality of use Security Feel Better is the answer to the consumers problem. Its proven usefulness makes it a solution product and gives the user a real benefit. Validation of product benefit : Strong development of customer loyalty. Forerunner and leader on a new drink market segmentation. A solid experience and serious references (national agreements with CARREFOUR, AUCHAN, CORA….) Exported to over 17 countries around the world A large market : a wide consumer target : * Age : 20 – 30 yrs. for its digestive properties, 40 – 60 yrs. for its digestive properties & Seniors, conscious of their well-being. * Gender : Men & Women ( Very appreciated by women having "light" dietary habits for its digestive properties during rich and heavy meals) Security Feel Better answers to this tendancy and positions itself on two segments : * Wellness product and * Drink based on plants 05/12 SECURITY FEEL BETTERS ASSETS Security Feel Betters exclusive composition and marketing characteristics make it a nieche product with great business potential and difficult to copy or compete against :

6 06/12 SECURITY FEEL BETTERS ASSETS ( continued) With no other equivalent on the market, SECURITY FEEL BETTER brings in real additional turnover. It does not push other products off the shelves or reduce their sales. N.B : A tiny 3cl bottle, a small size, making them ideal for vending machines and occupying minimum shelf space. (Shelf life of 2 years )

7 September 2005 : Beginning of large retail implantations. Security Feel Better has national agreements with the main large retail chains in France : CARREFOUR : 216 outlets in France AUCHAN : 122 hypermarkets in France CASINO : 128 hypermarkets in France LECLERC : 506 hypermarkets in France CHAMPION (Carrefour group) : 1069 stores in France CORA : 61 outlets in France The product is also listed among the following chains : SUPER U, ATAC. Supermarket positioning : beverage/drink, alcohol free digestive. Easy positioning : cross merchandising option, anti theft protection option. With a commercial policy which is aiming for distribution in major outlets, SECURITY FEEL BETTER is achieving massive implantation in this sector 07/12

8 Since February 2006, Security Feel Better is on sale in a whole host of countries : UK, Russia, Cyprus, USA, Canada, Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Spain, Hungary, Peru, Ireland, Guadeloupe, Martinique, New Caledonia, Brazil, Serbia/Montenegro (opening of a bottling factory), Bulgaria, Slovenia,the Caribbeans…. among others. Currently finalizing : China and Hong Kong Our export sales today represent more than 40 % of total turnover. 08/12 EXPORT SALES Thanks to media coverage since early 2006, Security Feel Better faces important international demand :

9 Internet Website : Professional international exhibitions : SIAL 2004 – SEOUL FOOD EXHIBITION 2005 - ANUGA 2005 - SIAL 2006 – PRODEXPO MOSCOU 2007 – ANUGA 2007 – SIAL 2008 – PIANETA BIRRA 2009 – EUROGASTRO 2009 Notoriety : PPN SA has rented the services of a press agency since December 2005, Agence FORCE 4 in Paris (specialized in the Drinks industry since 10 years). PROFESSIONNAL & LARGE PUBLIC PRESS : More than 500 written and audiovisual press releases since 2006. What the press says : Rayon Boissons (Déc. 2005) Security : le digestif à boire après avoir bu – Pour éviter la gueule de bois et dégriser plus vite) ; LSA (Fév. 2006) Innovation ; ce digestif à base de plantes ; TV MAG du Figaro et de la Presse Régionale (Jan. 2006); PARU VENDU Ed. Paris (Jan. 2006) Lincroyable invention ; ZURBAN, Le Figaro, 20 Minutes, Le Parisien, Télé-matin, RTL, RMC,JT 13h FR2 (Fév 2006)….Rayon BOISSONS (Oct.2006), CLOSER (Janv.07), ICI PARIS (Janv.07)……….France Soir (Déc. 2008), Arome Ingrédients (Déc 2008), Femme Actuelle (Dec 2008), Rayon (12 Janvier 2009), Rayon Boissons (Fev. 2009)… 09/12 COMMUNICATION

10 Launched in December 2009 – just some of the UK press attention... The Grocer Dec 2009:


12 Italy : (Corriere della Serra,La Stampa,El sieclo XX…) Germany (Financial Times Deutschland, Spiegel, Gastronomie Report, TZ…) England : (The Sun, Telegraph, Daily Telegraph, Grazia, …) Ireland (Sunday Independant,..) Belgium : (Elle magazine,..), Peru : (Comercio,..), Spain : (Vinomania,..) Switzerland : (Liechtensteiner Volksblatt,..)…. 12/12

13 EUROSTAR COMMODITIES LTD Head OfficeLondon Office West LodgeIslington HuddersfieldN7 HD2 2EHSales Director: Mr. Jason Bull Tel : 01422 377140Tel : 07776133117 Fax : 01422 372858 E-mail : Twitter : securityfbetter For all media / PR enquiries please contact Helen trevorrow / Cathy warren @ Greenrow Communications on 0208 960 8950. 13/12 CONTACT :

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