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The Eighth Wonder of the World. On a day so calm.

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1 The Eighth Wonder of the World

2 On a day so calm

3 Just like in a fairy tale

4 A mommy and daddy brought a small girl into the world

5 Her eyes were so bright, her skin was like fresh cream. The beguiling answer to all their dreams.

6 She looked as full as a promise, so thats what they said, when they named her that night while lying in bed.

7 Both parents were wise to understand, that while life is so exciting, all of it cannot be planned.

8 Life can be prepared for, so that what well do. I know this is going to sound too fantastic but I swear its true.

9 Living is expensive, and they shouldnt spend too much, buying things they dont really need and drifting out of touch.

10 Oh how they knew, as Promise grew, her needs and wants would too.

11 To give Promise everything she wanted would be daring, but how would they keep her humble and caring?

12 They wanted Promise to have the world but stay nice and gracious.

13 Like living in a one room flat and thinking it was spacious.

14 They did not want to spoil her, or cause her head to swell. Promise must be pleasant and treat others well.

15 They knew they had to save money but there was none left to save. They would need to change their habits and financially behave.

16 A little isnt much until time prods it toward a lot.

17 And sooner than you think, thats what youve got.

18 Mom and Dad each one had some things they could do. Its the little things that mean a lot when you financially improve.

19 Dad always went to Jolt-n-Bolt to help him stay awake. He loved their roasted coffee and the muffins they would bake.

20 Mom bought lots of magazines and fancy haircuts too. She quit both of these luxuries; the least she could do.

21 Day by day, Mom and Dad, gathered extra cash. At the end of the month, a BIG surprise, just how much they had stashed.

22 Three hundred bucks!!! I know it sounds like a lot. But lets add lots of time and see what weve got.

23 When you gather lots of money, your horizons are uncurled.

24 Thats why compound interest – is the eighth wonder of the world!!!

25 At $300 a month for five straight years, they now had twenty- five grand. Lets not get too excited – lets watch it expand.

26 Mom and Dad kept squirreling away dough throughout the falling years. Saving money helped shed unnecessary fears.

27 They never spent money on useless stuff. And when Promise begged for more they said, NO, you have enough!

28 A humble girl just as they had wished. They had taught her many things. Like how to think intelligent and how to spread her wings.

29 Promise was a modest girl, always willing to work hard. She always paid for things herself with her own debit card.

30 She looked ahead toward her brightest future yet to come. It was time to leave for school - and it was a tidy sum.

31 But Promise insisted on paying for it all, every tuition bill. Still clueless she was worth a quarter mil.

32 Just three hundred a month could add up to all that?

33 How could that possibly be?

34 Its the miracle of compound interest

35 Keep watching and youll see

36 Lets jump ahead seven years. Promise is twenty-five. She is brilliant, bold, and beautiful. She is vividly alive.

37 She found someone with whom she wants to share forevermore. But weddings are expensive a fact Promise could not ignore.

38 Promise had saved just enough for the day she had planned in her head. She wanted to keep things simple, at least thats what Promise said.

39 Promise still had no idea

40 What lay quietly in wait

41 One-half a million dollars by her pending wedding date

42 Our tale ends with five more years piled on our story. Promise and her husband had worked to finalize their glory.

43 They had a house and a baby too. A descendent of their own. Someone they could love and cherish until he was all grown.

44 Promise was an angel. She was diligent and kind. Her familys future never strayed too far from her mind.

45 Mom and Dad were ready to spill and fully confident, that thirty years of savings had been decades nicely spent.

46 Just three-hundred a month, every month in Promises account, had blossomed, bloomed, and burgeoned into a generous amount.

47 For Promise and her family

48 The sum was oddly strange

49 Living life was mostly a cinch,

50 With a million bucks and change.

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