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Trinity Certification – “Building English 2”

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1 Trinity Certification – “Building English 2”
Grades 7- 8 (B2.1-B2.2 CEFR) Total time: 15 minutes The examination consists of three assessed phases which are: Candidate-led discussion of a topic prepared by the candidate ( up to 5 minutes) Interactive task (up to 4 minutes) Conversation on two subject areas selected by the examiner (up to 5 minutes)

2 Grade 7 – Language production - Grammar
Second conditional Simple passive Used to Relative clauses Modals to give advice and make suggestions (e.g. should/ought to, could, you’d better) Discourse connectors (e.g. because of, due to)

3 Grade 7 – Communicative skills - Functions
Giving advice and highlighting advantages and disadvantages Make suggestions Describing past habits Expressing possibility and uncertainty Eliciting further information and expansion of ideas and opinions Expressing agreement and disagreement

4 Grade 7 – Subject Areas for Conversation Phase
Education National customs Village and city life National and local produce and products Early memories Pollution and recycling

5 Grade 8 – Language production - Grammar
Third conditional Present perfect continuous tense Past perfect tense Reported speech Linking expressions (e.g. even though, in spite of, unless, although, etc.) Cohesive devises (e.g. in other words, for example, to continue, etc.)

6 Grade 8 – Communicative skills - Functions
Expressing feelings and emotions Expressing impossibility Reporting the conversation of others Speculating Persuading and discouraging

7 Grade 8 – Subject Areas for Conversation Phase
Society and living standards Personal values and ideals The world of work Unexplained phenomena and events National environmental concerns Public figures past and present

8 Interactive Task – Grade 7
It is my parents’ fiftieth wedding anniversary soon and my sisters and I want to organise something special, but we’re not sure what. (Possible functions: elicinting further information, giving advice, making suggestions.)

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