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Abner Sund May 29, 1892.

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1 Abner Sund May 29, 1892

2 Bertha , with the 3 children in front of the original log cabin on the homestead in Abner was 4 and Dolly (Laura) was 3

3 The Sund Homestead Family

4 Abner with his sisters Hilda (L) & Laura (Dolly) (R)
This picture was taken when the Bertha and children were in San Francisco while Colbien was in Alaska building boats on Lake Bennet for the Alaskan Gold Rush .

5 December 1978 Hilda, Abner and Laura (Dolly)

6 Laura (Dolly), Abner & Hilda
This picture from September 1962 is at Laura (Dolly)’s house on Hamlin Street in Seattle. Laura (Dolly), Abner & Hilda 1962

7 Hilda, Abner, Laura (Dolly)
August 1972 Hilda, Abner, Laura (Dolly)

8 Wedding Picture November 15, 1915
Abner married Fern Wilcox and they went by boat to the San Francisco Worlds Fair for their Honeymoon.

9 First Job, First helping Building the Boat and then as one of her first Pilots.

10 This picture was on the Bender Bros
This picture was on the Bender Bros. the boat that Abner sail on to Alaska as a Second Engineer

11 The Apokak

12 The Apokak at Sund Rock

13 Apokak at Sund Rock With her decks loaded with the first Japanese Oyster Seed that Abner planted in Southern Hood Canal.




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