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Afghanistan By Qudrat Mehr.

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1 Afghanistan By Qudrat Mehr

2 FOOD In Afghanistan people eat many kinds of food. Some of the main dishes are Nan, Kabuli mantu, aashak, samanak, dolma, kheer, borani, shurba, ash, and bring. Most foods are made out of meat and vegetables. naan Kabuli

3 Food that grows in Afghanistan
Many crops grow in Afghanistan . Some of these crops are saffron , wheat, sugar, grapes, apples, oranges, leeks, spinach, quince, celery, banana, kiwi , sugar , poppies , opium and lettuce. There are many types of fruit such as grapes , apples, oranges, banana and kiwi. Grapes in Afghanistan. Saffron pickers in Afghanistan

4 BORDERS The countries that border Afghanistan are Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan ,Uzbekistan , Tajikistan and Turkmenistan

5 population The population of Afghanistan is approximately 30 million people. The current population of Kabul is approximately 3.5 million. The population of Herat is approximately 397, 456.

6 Independence day On August 19 , Afghanistan became independent from the British. The hero, Amanullah Khan, was the first modern king of Afghanistan.

7 holidays Afghans celebrate religious holidays such as Nikah, Eid , Ramadan, and Nowruz. Nikah is an afghan style wedding. Eid is a festival of sacrifice when people come to your house and visit. Ramadan is an important holiday where fast every day for a month . They also have non religious holidays such as Victory day , Labor day , Martyrs day and Independence day.

8 . climate In Afghanistan there are 4 seasons ,spring (Bihar), summer( Taabistan ) ,fall (Kazan), winter (zemestan). The average temperature in Afghanistan is C. Afghanistan receives an average of 316 mm (12.4 in) of precipitation annually or 26 mm (1.0 in) each month.

9 Buddha band e Amir and paghman
There many landmarks in Afghanistan. The famous landmarks are the great Buddha , Band Amir are in Bamiyan . The Paghman is in Kabul . Gardens is a popular place near Afghanistan's capital city, Paghman Gardens is a popular place near Afghanistan's capital city, Paghman Gardens is a popular place near Afghanistan's capital city. landmarks Buddha band e Amir and paghman

10 government In Afghanistan the presidents name is Hammed Karzai. The government is in power. The government was in power since The leader got elected.

11 In Afghanistan a long time ago the main religion was Zoroastrianism
In Afghanistan a long time ago the main religion was Zoroastrianism. Now it is Islamism. The population of Muslims is 99% . religion religion

12 languages The languages in Afghanistan are farsi,dari,herati,pashto,badakhshani,hazari and tajiki. This says farsi

13 sports The main sports in Afghanistan are soccer , buzkashi , tae kwon do , rugby , Palawan and running. Buzkashi means goat grabbing andPalawan means wrestling. In Afghanistan the main sports that are popular are soccer and buzkashi. Afghan soccer team buzkashi

14 money One Canadian dollar equals 50 Afghani. In Afghanistan the currency is Afghani. In Afghanistan money is called pool.

15 animals In Afghanistan many animals live in the north. There are wild sheep such as the urinal, wild goats such as the ibex, brown bears, and siberian tigers. There are also bustards which are large birds and sulks , or ground squirrels. Afghanistan has animals like gerbils, sheep , otters, moles, gophers, cape hares, groundhogs, foxes, lynx , wolves , red deer , pest rats , tigers and more.

16 education The literacy rate in Afghanistan is around 34% [ male 49% and female 18% ]. Children in Afghanistan go to school when they are 7 years old. In Afghanistan boys and girls go to separate schools. In Afghanistan in school they hit you till you could learn and Canada has better education. In Afghanistan kids start school when they are in grade 2. Dari book gr.5 Dari book gr.2

17 Geography In Afghanistan there are high mountains , deserts , canyons , mountain ranges ,rivers and lakes . There are rolling hills and plains in the north and north western parts of Afghanistan. The Hindu Kush is a mountain range that starts in the north east to the south of Afghanistan. Differences in Afghanistan for the main regions are , sand , dry rivers , deserts , grass lands, lowlands , rolling hills and plains . Afghanistan is 652,090 square kilometres. Hindu Kush Band Amir

18 In Afghanistan before the war many people from north America used to come as tourists.



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