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Margareta Sterian Art High School Buz ă u Romania Member of.

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1 Margareta Sterian Art High School Buz ă u Romania Member of

2 About "Margareta Sterian" Art High School is a public institution founded in 1957. It first started as a Music School for girls, but, starting with 1969, it became a Music and Painting High School. The High School is named "Margareta Sterian" since 2002, as a gift in the memory of an illustrious artist, born in our county.

3 Margareta Sterian Art High School

4 About Margareta Sterian Margareta Sterian was a painter, poet and translator, being known as one of the most sensitive and talented Romanian artists. Portrait of Margareta Sterian Jewish wedding Circus Scene

5 The school has 848 students, from first to twelfth grade. It works on the principle of continuous learning and self developing through art. The activity here is carried by 100 teachers, who do their best to make the tradition go by. Their results are the proof that the work isn't made with no end, that's why our school is known as one of the most prestigious of all the county and is invited to the most important cultural events. Human Resources


7 Celebrating 56 years of school existence

8 Organizing national art contests




12 Hundreds of prizes were won by our students on local, national and international contests and since 2010, we won the title of European School, as a reward of involving in many projects as Comenius, ACES, People to People, Say No To Drugs campaign and many others. Every profile has a specific way of studying, and the program is made according to the needs of each class.

13 Material Resources The school has: 16 classrooms 4 labs 22 music workshop rooms 6 art workshop rooms 2 drama halls Every room is equipped accordingly to the section.





18 The music profile needs preparation from the early ages, so most of the students study here since the first grade. Children may choose from a wide range of instruments like piano, violin, flute, cello, alto, guitar, and most recently clarinet and trumpet. Every student has two days of specialty, the hours increasing according to the level. It requires a lot of practicing at home and means that music students have very little free time. So, they need ambition to get through the challenges that mean the music section. The music section has a choir of the gymnasium and a choir of the high school, every one of them being known for the results on the National Olympics, winning the first prize most of the time. The official orchestra is another assembly of students who study an instrument.


20 It is a perfect choice for the dreamers who have skills in the drawing area. Those who graduate the painting profile become art critics, teachers of art, restorers, painters and many more. Most of the teachers here are members of the national Artists Union. Pupils have specialty days, when they study objects or do imaginative paintings. With many occasions their talent is shown through exhibitions or art presentations.

21 Part of one of our students exhibition

22 ...challenges the students to express themselves freely, being able to create and develop spontaneity. Improvisation, speaking, reciting, monologue and eurhythmy are some of their subjects of study. After graduating high school, most of the students go to prestigious colleges to become actors, directors or to study theatrology.


24 ...demands developing the drawing skill and the ability to interpret and illustrate what is seen. It also requires a great sense of reality, math and geometry knowledge and imaginative thinking. It is both art and knowledge. Architecture students study objects like drawing, painting, descriptive geometry, structural drawing, composition study, color and shape study. They have expositions and make model buildings and plans.

25 Study: forms A students work

26 Invites you to pass its threshold any time you are in Romania and admire the wonders of art that we create.

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