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Unit 4 Giving a Gift Get It Right! Extension Activities.

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1 Unit 4 Giving a Gift Get It Right! Extension Activities

2 Activity One: Are You a Gifted Giver? Activity One: Are You a Gifted Giver? Activity Two: The Meaning of Roses Activity Two: The Meaning of Roses

3 Activity One: Are You a Gifted Giver?

4 Complete the sentences or answer the questions by writing down your answers on a sheet of paper.

5 1. The best reason for giving gifts is… a. to do the right thing b. to please others c. to make a favorable impression on others d. to receive gifts in return

6 2. When it comes to the cost of a gift,… a. I dont really care about it b. I stay within my limits, buying as nice a gift as I can afford c. I spend as little as possible to get something that will do d. I sometimes spend more than I feel comfortable with, often regretting it later

7 3. I usually give gifts that will… a. make a good impression b. do not cost much c. are useful and practical d. be liked by the receiver but he or she might not buy it

8 4. Which of the following factors do you believe has had the most influence on your gift-giving attitudes and habits? a. family traditions b. peer pressure and the expectations of others c. social customs d. financial constraints

9 5. I believe that a gift given by a group of people is… a. a good idea because a single item of greater value can be given b. not as personal as separate gifts c. a great way to save money d. not a good way to impress others

10 6. When presenting a gift,… a. I do so with confidence that the recipient will like it because I have such impeccable taste b. I suggest it might be returned if it is not satisfactory c. I smile and say, I hope you like it. d. I apologize, saying, I was going to give something else, but couldnt find it, didnt know what size….

11 7. If someone returned a gift I gave him or her,… a. I would be highly offended, because I have impeccable taste b. I wouldnt care because I dont put much thought into gift selections anyway c. I would be hurt because the gift I selected was not satisfactory d. I wouldnt mind because I prefer that he or she has something with which he or she will be happy

12 8. When it comes to giving gifts at the office,… a. I think a collection should be taken to purchase a nice group gift b. I believe it should not be done c. I think the right gift might ensure a promotion, a raise, or cooperation d. I prefer to select my own appropriate gift

13 9. When it comes to gift wrapping,… a. I wrap gifts myself b. I generally have gifts wrapped at the store where they were purchased c. I try to wrap gifts in a box from an expensive department or specialty store other than where they were purchased d. I usually give unwrapped gifts

14 10. I prefer to… a. present gifts at a time I can be alone with the recipient when he or she opens them b. present my gifts in front of a group and have the recipient unwrap them in the presence of others c. make gift-giving presentations as inconspicuous as possible d. present my gifts at an appropriate time and place

15 11. Do you enjoy receiving gifts? a. No, because when someone gives me a gift, I feel obligated to buy gifts to thank the giver. b. Yes, because gifts are a good indication of what others think of me. c. No, because receiving gifts makes me uncomfortable and I am not always sure how to respond. d. Generally, if they are appropriate for the occasion and the relationship, and the giver is sincere, then I do enjoy it.

16 12. What do you think about giving money as a gift? a. It is not a good way to show your creativity and originality. b. It is probably inappropriate, but it eliminates the dilemma of deciding what to give and allows the recipient to purchase what he or she wants. c. It is generally acceptable if a person has indicated a need or desire for gifts of cash. d. It is okay if you cant think of anything else to give.

17 13. What do you think about handmade gifts? a. Handmade gifts are great if you cant afford to buy something. b. Handmade gifts are not appropriate under any circumstances. c. Handmade gifts are generally the best gifts because the giver is giving a part of himself or herself. d. Handmade gifts are appropriate only for close friends and family members with whose tastes you are familiar.

18 14. How much time and thought do you put into choosing a gift? a. I usually get something that the recipient has requested to ensure a positive response. b. I spend as little time as possible. c. I like to spend much time so I can take into account the likes and interests of the receiver. d. I usually put off buying gifts until the last minute and end up purchasing the first thing that will do.

19 15. When it comes to holiday gift-giving,… a. I think it is an excellent time to enjoy the spirit of giving b. I think that things are much too commercialized c. I exchange gifts with family members and keep items on hand to give to friends that bring an unexpected gift d. I believe it is a great time to improve relationships by giving carefully calculated gifts

20 16. What do you consider appropriate thanks for a gift? a. A verbal thank you is enough. Writing notes is a nuisance. b. If you really want to impress someone, both verbal and written thanks are necessary. c. A preprinted thank-you card with my signature is appropriate. d. A handwritten note should be sent as soon as possible after the gift is received.

21 Now, check your answer for each question following the chart on the next page, and see how many points you get in total.

22 1. A (2) B (3) C (4) D (1) 2. A (4) B (3) C (1) D (2) 3. A (4) B (1) C (2) D (3) 4. A (3) B (4) C (2) D (1) 5. A (2) B (3) C (1) D (4) 6. A (4) B (1) C (3) D (2) 7. A (4) B (1) C (2) D (3) 8. A (2) B (1) C (4) D (3) 9. A (3) B (2) C (4) D (1) 10. A (2) B (4) C (1) D (3) 11. A (1) B (4) C (2) D (3) 12. A (4) B (2) C (3) D (1) 13. A (1) B (4) C (3) D (2) 14. A (4) B (1) C (3) D (2) 15. A (3) B (1) C (2) D (4) 16. A (1) B (4) C (2) D (3)

23 Type A (16-27 points) You dont really like to give gifts to others, especially when you have to. However, remember that giving presents are never obligatory, and you dont have to be upset when the next wedding, graduation, or birth announcement arrives. Gift giving will be more enjoyable if you focus on giving spontaneously to those persons you care most about and for the occasions in which you have a genuine interest.

24 Type B (28-39 points) Your heart is in the right place and your gift giving is generally motivated by a desire to do the correct thing (although you are not always sure just what that is). Having become somewhat mechanical in the process of gift giving, your gifts might be predictable and unimaginative. Try to be more resourceful and creative and you will be well on your way to becoming a great gift giver.

25 Type C (40-51 points) As a gift giver, you are generous and put a lot of time and thought into your gift selections. You believe gift giving is just another way to creatively express your feelings for others. Your gifts are carefully chosen and presented at just the right time. They are often accompanied by personal notes. Because your gifts reflect an attentiveness to the needs and desires of others, many people consider you to be a perfect gift giver.

26 Type D (52-64 points) You might be trying too hard to impress others and often spend more than you can afford when choosing a gift. When gifts are given with strings attached, they might be interpreted as being manipulative in nature. Because your true feelings are seldom expressed in your gifts, others might not be sure what gifts from you mean. If you really want to make an impression on others through gift giving, choose presents sincerely and with consideration for the interests of the recipient.

27 End of Activity One

28 Activity Two: The Meaning of Roses

29 Each rose color has a special meaning. Do you know their meanings?

30 Red Roses Mean… I love you. respect and courage

31 White Roses Mean… Youre heavenly. reverence and humility innocence and purity secrecy and silence

32 Pink Roses Mean… grace gentility

33 Pink Roses and Yellow Roses Usually Stand for… joy gladness freedom

34 Together, Red and Yellow Roses Stand for… jovial and happy feelings

35 Rosebuds Mean… youth beauty

36 End of Activity Two Adapted from

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