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eccentric & bizarre behaviors

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1 eccentric & bizarre behaviors
david a. brady, d.o.


3 erotomania: obsessive loving
munchausen’s syndrome by proxy frottage: a touch of love vampirism: the ungrateful dead sex slavery and the stockholm syndrome: from terror to love autoerotic asphyxia: breathless sex capgras and other misidentification delusions: replaced by an impostor folie a deux: shared insanity koro: the disappearing penis savants: super talents in the subnormal trichotillomania: hair pulling compulsion necrophilia: sex after death

4 erotomania

5 erotomania jodie foster

6 erotomania john w. hinckley, jr.

7 erotomania tanya tarasoff 20 year old student at the university of california at berkeley prasenjit poddar 25 year old graduate engineering student at berkeley dr. stuart gold, staff psychiatrist dr. lawrence moore, staff psychologist

8 erotomania tarasoff was shot and stabbed to death on october 27th, 1969 tarasoff warnings: the duty to warn

9 munchausen’s syndrome
baron karl heironymus von munchausen was eighteenth-century baron and cavalry officer. following his retirement, he mused his friends by telling outrageous stories about his prowess as a soldier and athlete. he became famous after rudoph raspe wrote a book about him and a 1989 movie The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

10 munchausen’s syndrome
munchausen’s syndrome occurs worldwide. it was first named by richard asher, an english physician in the disorder is regarded as factitious, which means that its physical and psychological symptoms are invented by the patient.

11 munchausen’s syndrome
wendy scott of scotland disorder began at age 16 over 12 years she was admitted to 385 hospitals 38 operations fistula was ignored

12 munchausen’s syndrome by proxy
msp typically involves a parent, usually a mother… nearly 10% of the victims die… one study of 48 msp children, 8 eventually died, listed 27 different poisons…

13 munchausen’s syndrome by proxy
poisons feces urine saliva vaginal microbes insulin salt pepper sugar pins suffocation underfeeding carotid pressure sputum otc medications exposure to filth water instrumentation

14 frottage

15 frottage the frotteur seeks out strangers to rub against for his own
sexual gratification.

16 frottage toucheurism is a variation of frottage in which the individual actually reaches out and touches the victim with their hand.

17 frottage personality studies reveal that most frotteurs have difficulties in their relationships with the opposite sex. the behavior may become compulsive… alcohol may lower inhibitions.

18 vampirism

19 vampirism richard trenton chase “vampire of sacramento”
drank his victim’s blood delusional that he needed to drink blood to prevent the nazis from turning his blood into powder

20 chase bedwetting macdonald triad pyromania zoo sadism

21 chase erectile dysfunction hypochondria suicide by overdose

22 lycanthropy / therianthropy
lycanthropy=wolf therianthropy=animal

23 sex slavery and the stockholm syndrome
patricia hearst symbionese liberation army

24 stockholm syndrome dr. frank ochberg is a leading expert on the effect of terrorism on individuals. he is a consultant for the fbi and an attending psychiatrist at the george washington university school of medicine and the national institute of mental health. dr. ochberg defines stockholm syndrome as the appearance of any or all of the following conditions:

25 stockholm syndrome the victim has positive feelings toward his captor…
the victim has negative feelings toward the authorities responsible for his rescue… the hostage’s positive feelings towards the hostage taker are reciprocated by the hostage taker…

26 autoerotic asphyxia

27 autoerotic asphyxia huffing scarfing fantasy ecstasy flying the moon

28 autoerotic asphyxia

29 koro

30 koro genital retraction syndrome-belief that his/her external genitals or in females, the breast, are retracting into the body, shrinking, are being removed, or disappear from the body.

31 koro koro was first described in the yellow emperor’s book of medicine in china as early as 3000 b.c.. earliest reports came out of southwest asia and nearby regions. international cases

32 koro outbreaks and individual cases penis theft genital shrinkage
presentation can vary depending on the geographic region poisons black magic

33 koro stroke psychotic illness drug abuse body dysmorphic disorder
fear of hiv or sexual diseases mass hysteria anxiety

34 savants autistic savant both autism and savant syndrome
severe developmental or mental handicap with extraordinary mental abilities very high narrow intelligence in one or more fields congenital or acquired (accident or illness)

35 savants kim peek

36 savants born november 11th, 1951

37 savants: kim peek macrocephaly agenesis of the corpus callosum
cerebellar damage absence of the anterior commissure

38 savants: kim peek memorizing by age 16 to 20 months
remembers 98% of what he reads began walking at age four can not button shirt social skills have increased

39 savants: alonzo clemons
acquired savant syndrome due to a childhood head injury

40 savants: alonzo clemons


42 trichotillomania

43 trichotillomania 1889 french dermatologist hallopeau. described a maladaptive behavior pattern of self-mutilation… pulling, plucking, or tweezing (not shaving) reported in children as young as 17 months

44 trichotillomania estimated 8 million cases in the u.s.
trichophagy 10% (25% rub hair around their mouth) ocd or not? impulse control disorder

45 necrophilia

46 necrophilia rarest, most gruesome of the sexual disorders
may take the form of murder in order to obtain a dead sex partner behavior includes a whole range of acts (kisses, intimate caresses, masturbation, intercourse)

47 necrophilia has occurred throughout history
societies adopted safeguards against the abuse of corpses delay of taking corpse to the embalmer

48 necrophilia 3 categories of necrophilia:
1. violent necrophiles – kill to get a corps or obtain a sexual charge from mutilating dead bodies 2. fantasy necrophiles – imagine or play-act 3. romantic necrophiles

49 necrophilia sergeant francois bertrand 1849 french farm family
violent, destructive temper fits sexually precocious – masturbating at age 8 fantasy of torturing, killing, and sexually assaulting entire rooms of naked women

50 necrophilia killed and mutilated dogs, cats, other animals
dug up female corpses and masturbates while playing with the intestines sexual intercourse with the body of a 16y/o girl “But all my enjoyment with living women is nothing as compared with it.”

51 necrophilia most always male
actress sarah bernhardt would agree only to meet her lovers while reclining in a coffin. luxury brothels “mortuary chambers”, prostitute in a burial shroud, lies motionless in a casket. uses cold compresses and makeup to look and feel dead.

52 necrophilia

53 necrophilia count karl tangler von cosel 60y/o
world war I german submarine skipper 9 college degrees living in key west, florida working as a x-ray technician elena hoyos mesa was a 20 year old cuban entertainer with progressive tuberculosis

54 necrophilia von cosel took mesa’s body after her death
built an above ground burial vault with a telephone reconstructed face, breasts, arms, legs, and trunk vaginal tube airship, stratosphere, radiation

55 necrophilia von cosel’s necrophilia inspired the hispanic song “Boda Negra” black wedding police sealed elena’s body in a metal tube and buried her in a secret location

56 necrophilia

57 necrophilia ed gein ted bundy jeffrey dahmer

58 necrophilia parker ward (age 54)
convicted of necrophilia in august 2006 forsyth county, georgia 4 years prison 4 years probation corpse of a 43 year old female who died by od

59 folie a deux dual madness = contagious insanity
no condition more dramatically illustrates our need for support from our fellow human beings. induced psychotic disorder

60 folie a deux “transference of delusional ideas from a psychotic individual to an intimate associate who has been under his or her influence for an extended period of time.”

61 folie a deux folie a trois folie a quatre folie a plusieres

62 folie a deux “the secondary, or submissive partner is gradually worn down by the primary, dominant partner and eventually surrenders, preferring to adopt crazy ideas rather than threaten his or her only human social relationship.” assortive mating…

63 folie a deux imposed psychosis (folie imposee)
a well-adjusted person comes to share a psychotic partner’s delusion after they have been living together for a long time. the secondary partner’s delusions clear after separation. the definition sometimes includes assertions that the primary partner is more intelligent, dominant, or forceful, and the secondary partner passive, suggestible, and submissive.

64 folie a deux simultaneous psychosis (folie simultanee)
the partners come to believe in identical delusions. this occurs simultaneously, but independently, between or among associated individuals. no one individual is dominant, and therefore separation is not helpful.

65 folie a deux communicated psychosis (folie comminiquee)
the secondary partner eventually develops delusions after a varying period of exposure and resistance. even after separation from the psychotic person, the influenced individual retains his or her delusions. delusions may expand independently.

66 capgras’ delusion

67 capgras’ delusion 1923 french psychiatrist jean marie joseph capgras
delusion usually involves a close relative or friend patient believes the friend or relative has been replaced by an imposter, an exact double

68 capgras’ delusion patient may see himself or herself as their double
delusional misidentification may extend to objects and animals affects both sexes, prevalent in females cerebral lesions-posterior area of the right hemisphere were face recognition is processed 35% of case have an organic etiology

69 the end!

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