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The Way of the Cross Mother Ignacia Healing Ministry talk to sister raquel (632) 930-3902.

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1 The Way of the Cross Mother Ignacia Healing Ministry talk to sister raquel (632) 930-3902

2 Lord You were humiliated scourged and crowned with thorns You bore everything for me You rescue me from the mire let me return the favor by changing my ways by returning to Your fold by living my life for You and for others Jesus is condemned to death 1

3 life is often a cross too heavy to bear yet it is not heavier than the cross You bore for my countless sins Lord forgive me my sins that made Your cross so heavy so that it may in turn lighten my cross Jesus bears the cross 2

4 Lord give me the strength to cope whenever i fall let me recall how You fell with Your heavy cross so that i may gain the strength to rise once more to serve You Jesus falls the first time 3

5 a sword of sorrow pierced a mother's heart seeing her beloved Son mangled a Son who could not refuse her when she pleaded for more wine for wedding guests she is our bridge to Jesus we discover Him thru her He cannot refuse to help us if we ask His mother she is the beacon on His path that we traverse Jesus meets His mother 4

6 that i may bear Your cross even for just a while Lord that i may have the strength to do so that in doing so i may help in my tiny way in being a part of Your redemption of our sins and salvation of all of mankind Simon bears the cross 5

7 Lord let me wipe Your bleeding face to leave its imprint on my soul that i may never forget that You suffered so much for me and died so that my sins may be forgiven Veronica wipes the face of Jesus 6

8 Jesus falls the second time for the thousand times i fell and sinned You forgave me a thousand times You never get tired of forgiving me of raising me up from my iniquities Lord of mercy and salvation 7

9 women of jerusalem weep not for Me weep instead for yourselves and your children for the days are coming when people will say blessed are the barren the wombs that never bore the breasts that never nursed luke 23:28-29 Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem 8

10 Lord in the many times i fell as You did in calvary You were always there beside me You were offering a helping hand but in my numbness and confusion i failed to see You if i did i would have easily risen and never lost hope in my darkness You are the Light in my despair You are my Hope Jesus falls the third time 9

11 how many times did i miss the opportunity to help people naked when my garments were so many how often did i turn a blind eye in my indifference preoccupied with myself my own survival Lord teach me to serve You to teach and not to count the cost to fight and not to heed wounds to toil and not to seek for rest for Your greater glory 10 Jesus is stripped of His garments

12 I make you blind so you can see I bring darkness so you can seek My light I burn your home so you can seek My shelter I make you sick so you can seek My healing I sanctify you by making you share My cross and My five wounds that I may one day make all things beautiful for you 11 Jesus is nailed to the cross

13 I send My justice like soft rain from the sky to quench the parched earth and bring salvation to all isaiah 45:7-8 the Lord is my Light and my salvation whom should I fear? He is my refuge from whom should I flee? psalm 27 how can i thank You Lord for dying that i may live except by living my life for You suffering for Your brethrens serving You who has served me by giving me salvation eastwind 12 Jesus dies on the cross

14 tears of sorrow shall become tears of joy wounds of pain shall become wounds of glory i mourn Your passing Lord but i celebrate Your return Your death has washed away our endless sins to You be glory and honor 13 Jesus is lowered from the cross

15 it is darkest just before dawn the dawn of Your resurrection the blinding light of Your glory it is calmest just before a storm the storm of Your coming sweeping across the earth they destroyed the temple but in three days it was rebuilt Light encompassed the darkness You have saved Man from his sins from east to west, north to south across all generations thru time 14 Jesus is laid in His tomb


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