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January 15 - April 11, 2010Erie Art Museum, Erie May 1 - July 31, 2010 Adams County Council on the Arts, Gettysburg September 1 - November 30, 2010 Rivers.

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1 January 15 - April 11, 2010Erie Art Museum, Erie May 1 - July 31, 2010 Adams County Council on the Arts, Gettysburg September 1 - November 30, 2010 Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area, Homestead May 14 - August 28, 2011Michener Art Museum, Doylestown November 19, 2011 - April 29, 2012 The State Museum of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg

2 This exhibit explores lots kinds of folk art. All the art you will see has been made recently, but some of the traditions are very old. You will see how folk art is used to: Shape CommunitiesLive Creatively Practice Spirituality Be Healthy andCreate Social Change

3 Shaping Community What are the different communities represented in your classroom? Do you know any American traditions?

4 Dosina Blemahdoo, Pittsburgh Dressmaker from Ghana (Africa) How are these dresses different from ones you see in an American store? Do you know anyone who makes clothing?

5 Yolanda Lorya, Erie Latuko (Sudan) Beadwork If I stay here without making African things, I look lost. I want our children who were born here to know about us.

6 Paulett Simunich, Johnstown Ukrainian Pyansky Egg Decoration At age eight, I remember my Baba and my Mom by the coal stove, concentrating on their eggs. Yellow = light and happiness Orange = strength Red = fire and joy White = purity Blue = good health Black = memory and eternity

7 Diana Meng, Camp Hill - Chinese Watercolor Its not just decoration. For me, painting helps keep good health and inner peace by quieting your heart.

8 Living Creatively in Our World What art is made from things in nature? How do you make your house beautiful?

9 Jymm Hoffman, Ambridge - Blacksmithing Blacksmithing is the art of shaping metals with heat and pounding. The orange metal above is red hot. What other things do blacksmiths make?

10 Ken Ely, Brooklyn - Fieldstone Walls Ken builds and fixes stone walls. He does not use cement, just stones. He doesnt like to cut his stones. He prefers working with rocks shaped by nature.

11 Tim Schloss, Erie - Taxidermy Taxidermy is the art of stuffing dead animals. Hunters use taxidermy to show their skill. Museums use taxidermy to teach about science and nature.

12 Ross Shourds, Mainesburg - Wooden Decoy Carvings Duck decoys attract other ducks for hunters. The crow decoy keeps other birds out of a garden.

13 Practicing Spirituality What are some examples of religious art? Can art teach right and wrong?

14 Charles Skip Culleiton, Lower Burrell Sawdust Carpet Display These carpets are made of colored sawdust. Only the priest walks on the sawdust. This is a German Catholic tradition.

15 Chamroeun Yin, Milbourne Cambodian Ritual Clothing Yin makes clothes for weddings and for Cambodian dancers.

16 Bill Roberson, Altoona Native American Traditional Dance and Craft The leg rattles keep rhythm with the drum during dance. The drum beat is a very important part of the song. Its also the heartbeat of our People.

17 Susan Leviton, Harrisburg Jewish Calligraphy and Papercutting This is not a drawing, it is a papercut! The artist does not use scissors, she uses a knife.

18 Nurturing Well-being and Health What traditions give you strength? How does art help people feel good physically?

19 David Castano, Coudersport - Carved Figures My wood carvings show families and their history. It is something from my heart. I try to connect to the people I carve. These are the men who were trapped in the Que Creek coal mine accident. Everyone was saved and is alive today.

20 Vera Nakonechny, Philadelphia - Ukrainian Healing Towels These towels are sewn by hand and then a sick person is wrapped in them. They are made for wedding gifts.

21 Tuoc Tran, Mechanicsburg Vietnamese Funerary Paintings After someone dies, Vietnamese families ask an artist to paint a picture of the loved one. This hangs in the home so they can remember and pray to that ancestor.

22 Creating Social Change and Awareness How can art bring justice? What traditions help people to change their community?

23 Frito Bastien, Philadelphia - Haitian Memory Painting The people of Haiti were not free because of their government. This man described the danger of the government through his pictures. This way he could tell the truth without going to jail.

24 POSE II, Philadelphia - Graffiti Art Graffiti is using spray paint on walls in public. Some people think it is bad when it breaks a law. The artist believes he makes the world more beautiful.

25 Losang Samten, Philadelphia - Tibetan Sand Mandala This man is a Buddhist monk who makes pictures with sand. He travels to many places to make these sand paintings. He does this to bring peace to each place.

26 Spiral Q Puppet Theatre, Philadelphia Peoplehood Parade Puppets These people are using costumes and puppets they made to talk about important problems. They help their neighborhood stop crime. They also help make the government better.

27 Folk art is used to: Shape CommunitiesLive Creatively Practice SpiritualityBe Healthy andCreate Social Change What kind of art does your family do?

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