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What 4 Things Should a Rebuttal Do? 1.Summarize 2.Find Common Ground (concede points) 3.Expose bad reasoning (analogy) 4.Advance a counterargument.

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2 What 4 Things Should a Rebuttal Do? 1.Summarize 2.Find Common Ground (concede points) 3.Expose bad reasoning (analogy) 4.Advance a counterargument

3 Real life rebuttal forms: Letters to the editor Personal letters Essays to the public Speeches ?

4 Rebuttal: Finding Your Topic 1.Respond to a columnist from the Collegian or from any of the other fine newspapers we have been reading. 2.Write a Defense of your proposed career or major to the person or group who doesnt understand your career or major (or they might have misconceptions). 3.Write a letter to one of the publications (e.g., journals, etc.) from your field regarding an article or a particular stance that publication is taking. 4.Write a rebuttal (open letter) to people who hold an opinion regarding any issue that has come up in class discussion.


6 Analogies can persuade like Michael Phelps can win.







13 I don't think there's anything certainly more unseemly than the sight of a rock star in academic robes. It's a bit like when people put their King Charles spaniels in little tartan sweats and hats. It's not natural, and it doesn't make the dog any smarter." -- Bono, 2004 Commencement Address at The University of Pennsylvania2004 Commencement Address at The University of Pennsylvania

14 "Remember this, ladies and gentlemen. It's an old phrase, basically anonymous. Politicians are a lot like diapers: You should change them frequently and for the same reason. Keep that in mind next time you vote. Good night.

15 "I want to say 'thank you' to all the fans that voted for me and Owen [Wilson] for Wedding Crashers. And I feel a little guilty about winning the award 'cause it's not that hard of a thing to do. When you work with someone like Owen Wilson, I kind of feel like a jockey on the back of a great horse like Secretariat. My job is just to hold on."

16 "Don't worry about the future; or worry -- but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum." -- Baz Luhrmann, Everybody's Free (to Wear Sunscreen) Everybody's Free (to Wear Sunscreen)

17 "Dumb gorgeous people should not be allowed to use literature when competing in the pick-up pool. It's like bald people wearing hats." -- delivered by Matt McGrath (from the movie Broken Hearts Club)

18 "Withdrawal of U.S. troops will become like salted peanuts to the American public; the more U.S. troops come home, the more will be demanded." -- Henry Kissinger, Memo to President Richard Nixon, 10 September 1969.

19 Ogres are Onions Hatians are guests who didnt RSVP.

20 Body glitter is like mono. Naming a child is like trying to fit in at a party. Ryan Seacrest is like celery. Analogies are like monsters. Starbucks is like a crazy ex-girlfriend that you still visit. Wikipedia is like hearing a great story in a bar.

21 Smoking cigarettes for the rest of your life is like running with the bulls; eventually it will catch up to you and kill you.

22 Saying citizen journalism can provide a foundation for news is like saying a neighborhood watch program can do the job of a professionally trained police force. Yeah, the people of the community can help out and provide positive contributions, but the professionally trained policy and journalists provide the effective base.

23 Negativity can take over your day like the plague devours a village.

24 Arguing over athletic achievement of different eras is like Seinfeld. It may entertain you, make you think, or even enhance your livelihood. But really, whats it about?

25 Web Courses are like breast implants because they are both enhancements of the real thing. (I dont have an appropriate picture for this…)

26 Intelligent Design is simply not science, so to suggest that it be taught in science classes is like saying the Story Theory should be taught in sex ed classes.

27 Judging those involved in THON without actually trying to understand the mission of the organization and trying it for yourself is like saying that the Grand Canyon isnt beautiful if youve never been there. Something that you may feel is overrated, may actually help to give you a different perspective and actually take your breath away.

28 Care-giving without compassion is like marriage without love. It may fulfill some basic needs but creates no additional happiness to the two involved.

29 The failing economy has put enough pressure on this issue to solidify it into a diamond-hard point, which pricks at the thoughts and conversations of enthusiasts across the country.

30 Saying race dialogue is no longer important is like saying the wound is healed once a band aid is placed on it. Special care must be given to that wound in order to let it heal properly and function as it once did. Ignoring the wound, like the topic of race, only allows it to grow or heal improperly.

31 In this war, edges blur like the vision of a mirage blurs in the smoldering heat of the Iraqi desert. Terror takes no tangible shape in the form of an enemy.

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