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English Language Arts. Literature and film can be classified into different genres. Many short stories, novels, poems, plays and films share common features.

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1 English Language Arts

2 Literature and film can be classified into different genres. Many short stories, novels, poems, plays and films share common features even though they were written by people from different parts of the world and at different times in history. These recurring images, character types, symbols and narrative patterns are called ARCHETYPES. Genres classify literature/film and archetypes are another method of classification albeit a more complex and intelligent method.

3 (Recurring Narrative Patterns)

4 Westerners Quest/Adventure Stories Rags to Riches

5 Creation Story Mistaken Identity

6 Monster-slaying Story Wedding/Romance Loss of Innocence Story (death )


8 Wicked WitchStar-crossed lovers Victim Hero

9 Evil Step-mother Villain Teacher

10 Child (and throughout various stages to adulthood) Damsel in Distress

11 Endings: Wedding, death, ride into sunset, murder solved etc.

12 Water: creation, purification, redemption, fertility, growth Rising Sun: wisdom, birth, enlightenment Setting Sun: death Garden: paradise, innocence, fertility Tree: immortality Desert: hopelessness, death, spiritual emptiness Apple: knowledge, health Snake: evil, temptation, sensuality Rose: perfection, beauty Circle: wholeness, unity Red: blood, passion, sacrifice Green: growth, fertility Black: chaos, death, evil White: purity, innocence

13 Golden Age God-Teacher/Hero Loss of Innocence Flood/Doomsday Metamorphosis Human Year

14 The quest story – humanitys ongoing search for paradise (people lose paradise and often begin a quest to regain the paradise lost) Characteristics: The Golden Age is based on the theory that there was a utopia, which was destroyed but can be regained Happy endings are usually the result of this archetype The Quest Story is usually associated with GA because the search for paradise is often a quest Reference to the good old days is often the desire for a lost paradise (even if realizing after consideration that the old days were not so good) In terms of the human year, GA is usually associated with spring or early summer Abundance, growth, love, peace, and reconciliation are all associated with this archetype Examples: Matrix, Lion King, Back to the Future, Shrek

15 Characteristics: Benevolent (charitable) with knowledge – willing to teach humans the answers to hidden mysteries Intermediary – acts as a bridge between humans and a divine power Model for human behaviour May take the form of animals, teachers, visionaries, political leaders, religious leaders, and sport or film idols In terms of the human year, GT is usually associated with summer May offer themselves as sacrifice (in early myths they were punished for revealing mysteries Examples: Helen Keller/Annie Sullivan, Yoda, Gandalf, Coach Carter

16 Characteristics: Stories about the origin of evil are end of childhood stories Movement away from a sense of security, rosy outlook on life, and youth to a more cynical view of responsibility, greyer outlook on life, and awareness of aging The end of childhood may come in the form of a personal tragedy, a rude awakening, or a shattered illusion. There is an awareness of loss – a favourite object is broken, a friend moves, beauty is lost May come as an awareness of ones own limitations. The realization that one cannot avoid death May take the form of a new experience – first encounter with war, violence, crime, senseless destruction or a first love The individual usually comes to realize a harsh truth and must deal with it Initiation rites to welcome the child into the adult world are part of end of childhood Examples: The Little Mermaid, To Kill a Mockingbird

17 Characteristics: A story that shows decay and destruction, then the establishment of a new community. The earth and its inhabitants have come to the worst possible state of affairs Water is a common image in stories containing this archetype. It destroys yet saves, takes and gives life A method of rebirth is often included in these stories. This ark is a recurring detail and may take the form of a ship or some other vessel This archetype offers hope. The people left after the destruction are good people. A new society, better than the last, will be the result The flood is associated with winter Examples: The Day After Tomorrow

18 A concept that deals with transformation. The change can be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, etc. Usually metamorphosis occurs as part of a process, and can come about as part of a ritual. Metamorphosis can be beneficial or detrimental Characteristics: changes of form occur wishes and dreams may become reality fears and nightmares may become reality similar to the direct comparison of metaphor metaphor this is this: She is a rose metamorphosis this becomes this: She becomes a rose recognition that boundaries are not fixed (transformations may take place…) emphasis is on the similarities in life rather than the differences Examples: Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde

19 The use of natures cycles to express human emotion and feelings. Examples: Freedom Writers & On Golden Pond

20 All images obtained from google images via public domain

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