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Mission Day Gods Mission Our Mission Your Mission.

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1 Mission Day Gods Mission Our Mission Your Mission

2 Expectations To identify barriers to having a more open concept of mission. Need more ways of bringing mission into my daily life. Moving forward in a way to be with and better understand the mysteries, and use them in mission work. Get a clear vision of how God is calling us to participate in His mission – what is He calling me to do in this, and us. Want to see how many different little dishes there are, and the breadth of tasks that make up mission. Open mind to see what is happening at Christ Church. What are the possibilities of what I can do as a supporter. How to feed people spiritually at the community dinners. Looking for the one thing learned to take away.

3 Expectations Want to hear some of the stories again. Hopeful for clarity of why – the purpose behind everything that we do… how to plug in the great things that we do into what God is doing. Open for any mysterious experience.

4 How are People nourished? Who needs nourishing where you are? What are the sources of nourishment where you are? Where are you eating (receiving nourishment)? How are your communities nourishing others? Who are you eating (sharing nourishment) with? In All Our Needs…

5 Expectations Want to hear some of the stories again. Hopeful for clarity of why – the purpose behind everything that we do… how to plug in the great things that we do into what God is doing. Open for any mysterious experience.

6 lots of overlap about identity – what groups are we part of? nourishment is about relationships – very relational – none of us nourish ourselves! We are found in giving and receiving with others Creating – making art or other is nourishing to us – the work of the gifts we have is nourishing to us nourishment builds community – where its needed or absent many ways of being nourished – physical, spiritual and more most our nourishment is outside our church activity eating with someone, being open to them is a kind of holy communion 80-90% being met in church community… fellowship happens outside a lot…19.5% Family/friends/work inside and outside of church

7 everyone needs nourishment! underprivileged, prisoners, those who ask, those who cant ask, strangers, those who do small or unrecognized jobs we cant be everyone to everybody, but can do what we can do… How effective is the nourishment we try to provide? How much of our shared nourishment is actually building relationship, that thing we really want to be nourished in Gods nourishment is lavish and abundant in the greatest and smallest places and acts.

8 Gods Mission What does God do all day, Really?

9 What God Does -Loving me. Guiding me. -Watching over me, keeping me safe. -Running with me (metaphorically) with us in our business -Forgiving me. -Creating, making all the time -Teaching me….about why people do what they do. -Showing us the light, in times of trouble, and as God does Gods will -Parenting me, constantly, with the best possible parenting model -Shadowing me, letting me move (even shaking his head) but being there -Pulling weeds in our lives (ala The Shack)…redeeming, making the broken whole -Resisting evil, inviting us to participate, remaking us, calling us esp. in absence -Making ordinary moments sacred -Acceptance, and offering His love -Angels on our shoulders

10 What God Does Why? Because hes God. The perfect expression of his perfectness. not just to meet the needs of creation but to continue the work of creation – why does why matter? Always loving, sharing, serving, absolute loving community is Gods existence. God is sharing Gods self – Gods loving community with the world as an act of Love. I, as a Christian, am part of Gods loving community and part of the sharing of it as an act of Love. Gods love is excessive – we are part of the overflow of Gods love – in our existence and in our action. Creating, Making and Healing are all Fun! It makes God happy!

11 Our Mission What did Jesus do all day, Really? build up the Christian community and change the world

12 What Jesus Does taught, walked – walked the talk hung out with tax collectors and prostitutes – outcasts Matthew, Zacheus, Mary and some good guys too – fishermen and other disciples healed – Lazarus – blind guy – woman with hemorrhage fished carpentry? curses a fig tree engaged in public confrontation had fun, went to the wedding spent time with children talked to God a lot – prayed no patience for committees (delegator) present to those with whom no one else would be presence met people where they were LOVING!!!!!! Spread Gods Loving Community

13 What is Church those who live together in community with Christ through the Holy Spirit Eclesia – the gathering – together not separate Key of David, Rod of Jessie Emmanuel – God with us Sheep, brood of chicks, body of Christ, household of God, Royal priesthood Jesus is God among us – we are the body of Christ, we are as Jesus was, fully presenting God to the world.

14 Our Mission What did Jesus do all day, Really? build up the Christian community and change the world

15 Our Mission

16 What we have to offer tradition – a whole life moving forward toward God – not issue focused, life expanding. Jesus Our mission is to share Gods loving community, building the Christian community, living honestly who we are as faithful people, changing the world.

17 Your Mission What do you do all day, Really? Gods Mission is Love, He Lives that Mission in Jesus His Spirit Lives that Mission in You


19 Clinic How have you been nourished by the ministries of this church? What can you do to share that nourishment with those outside the church? (word, story, action)

20 Clinic What are some ideas for sharing nourishment and Gods loving community beyond the church, and what is the mission there?

21 Clinic What do we need/need to know to begin? Who are we as a group? Who arent we? Who isnt a part of this group, but is a part of the parish family? Who isnt a part of this group, but is a part of the broader community? Who do our (current) ministries serve? Who benefits most from them? Who benefits least from them?

22 Clinic How can we better serve one another as we shape for mission?

23 Clinic Prayer Taking the thoughts and ideas expressed by you in the clinic, lets compose a prayer, seeking Gods help and guidance as you shape your lives, and ministries for mission. Our Prayer We thank you Lord for helping us in what weve done together, called to be Your people here. We thank you for your mercy, and for 2 nd chances, for your blessings, spiritual and physical, and for your obvious presence among us. Show us your light and illuminate the path ahead as we move forward, and how to be part of a loving community with patience and openness. Help us to be more Christlike. Amen.

24 Further Nourishment Where do we go from here? …ask how to live out Gods mission where we find ourselves, with the people we find there. Nourishment in Prayer… Nourishment in Learning… Nourishment in Action… Nourishment in Sharing…

25 Closing Worship Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name in our mission, thy kingdom come in our mission, thy will be done in our mission as it is in heaven. Give us today all that we need to fulfill the Mission you are giving us, forgive us when we stray, and help us to forgive those who may stand in our way. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

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