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AGED/HORT 4040 Floral Design Section Spring 2014.

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1 AGED/HORT 4040 Floral Design Section Spring 2014

2 Vocational Amendments of 1963 Expanded the scope of agricultural education to include all areas of agriculture, not just farming – No longer required supervised practice on a farm. The idea was to expand the scope of SAE, not do away with it – Expanded AgEd beyond the farm gate – First greenhouses were established in AgEd in Georgia in mid 1960s

3 Mixed Content AgEd Programs Most AgEd programs were traditional in the 1960s through early 1970s Horticulture programs slowly gained momentum Other programs such as floral design, agribusiness, agriscience were developed

4 Career Pathway in AgEd

5 Why Floral Design? Recruit students Prepare students for career Interest students in AgEd Attract students otherwise not interested in Ag Publicity / public relations

6 Opportunities for Teachers to Learn and Improve Floral Design Skills Trade shows Teacher workshops Special schools – Private schools YouTube videos Industry schools

7 Floral Design CDEs Area CDEs State CDE Fairs National Floriculture CDE Most are individual events at the state level National Floriculture is a team event

8 Working with Florists and Suppliers Traditional florists Mass market floral departments Wholesale florists Web wholesalers Mobil Wholesalers Discount stores

9 Managing Costs Tools and equipment – Coolers – Hand tools Selling arrangements Selling on holidays Fundraising Flowers for graduation Banquets Weddings

10 Opportunities with Floral Program Fundraising A chance to work with Culinary Arts and Family and Consumer Science, etc. – Mock wedding – Floral decorations

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