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1st Semester 2nd Year Final Review

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1 1st Semester 2nd Year Final Review

2 MASTER ASL 3 A lot City, town Here Act, show Cloudy Hot Actor Cold
Houston Address Colorado How many Alaska Cool Independence Day Arizona Dark Inside At Depends Internet Atlanta Dot Kwanzaa Beach During Light (color) Beautiful Easter Listen Birthday (3) Los Angeles Boston Fall Memorial day California Family Montana Canada Far Month Car Fun Music Celebrate Halloween Musician Chicago Hanakkah Near Christmas Hawaii New MASTER ASL 3

3 MASTER ASL 3 Cont… New Orleans Spring Video phone New York
St. patrick’s day Visit Number Street Warm Ocean Summer Washington Old Sunny Washington DC Oregon Telephone Watch Outside Television Waves Page Texas Weather (2) Pager Thanksgiving Web page Passover To be born in West Virginia Philadelphia To be from Windy Rain To grow up Winter Salt Lake City To live in Year San Francisco To rollerblade You & me Season To-do, action Seattle United states Ski Vacation Snow Valentines day MASTER ASL 3 Cont…

4 Holiday Angel Bells Cards Carolers, caroling Christmas Coal Cookies
Drediel Elves Fireworks Garland Hanukkah Hot chocolate Jolly, joyful Kwanza Laughing, laugh Menorah Milk Mistletoe Naughty New year’s eve Nice Ornament Presents Ribbon Rudolph, reindeer Santa Sleigh Snowman Star Stocking Toys Tradition Tree Vacation, holiday Wrapping paper Wreath Holiday

5 ABC 3 About, concerning Bed Black Blue Book Box, package, room Brown
Car Chair, seat Class, group, team Color Dialogue, talk with Enjoy, appreciate Find, discover Fingerspell For Paper, page Practice, exercise, train, rehearse Read Red Remember Sign, sign language Table, desk Thank-you Want, desire White Yellow Forget From Gray Green Have, own posess Home In, contained in Know, aware, conscious Like Lose Money, financial Name Need, necessary New, modern Old, age Orange ABC 3

6 ABC 4 Awful, terrible Bad, unfortunate Believe Cat Cheap
Clean, nice, pure Cold, winter Dirty Dog Don’t-know Don’t-like Don’t-want Eat, food Expensive Explain, describe Feel, feelings, sense Good Hear, sound Hot, heat House Huh? Hungry, wish Language Lesson, course, chapter Love Meet Movie No Not Oh-i-see, oh Right, correct School See, sight Sentence, language Sick Smell, odor Sorry, regret Taste, prefer, favorite Understand, comprehend Well, so Word, vocabulary Work, job World Wrong Yes Young, youth ABC 4

7 MASTER ASL 4 Adult Children Girl All, everybody College Girlfriend
Annoy, bother Cousin Go out Annoyed Cute Go to Argue Date Good friend Arrogant Daughter Graduate Aunt Dead, missing Grandfather Baby Divorce Grandmother Best friend Dog Have Big, large Fall in love High school Bird Family Interesting Boring Father Laugh Boy Fish Lazy Boyfriend Flirt License Break up Friendly Like, same as Brother Funny Love But Get Man Cat Get along Marry Child Get together Mean MASTER ASL 4

8 MASTER ASL 4 Con’t… Medium Short Those-two Mischievous Should Together
Mother Shy Total Motivated Since, for Twins Negative Single Ugly Nephew Sister Uncle Niece Slip-mind Us-four Older Small Us-three Only Smart Us-two Oops Smile Verbal-fight Outgoing Son Vote Parents Step Wave-no Pass down Stupid Woman People Sweet Work hard Positive Sweetheart, honey you-four Pretty, beautiful Teenager Young younger Relationship Those-four You-three Relatives Those-three You-two MASTER ASL 4 Con’t…

9 ABC 5 After-while, later Afternoon All-day All-night, overnight
Before, previous Buy College, university Cookie Day Die, dead, death Doctor Drink Fine Finish, already, then Future Go-away, leave Grow-up Homework 1-hour, hour Improve Later Letter, mail Long-ago Make 1-minute, minute 1-month, month Morning Night, tonight Noon Now Pants Recently, just awhile ago Residential-school, institute Sell Stay Today To-telephone, call Tomorrow Used-to, formerly Visit Walk Washington DC Water Wear, use 1-week, week Will, shall, future Write Year Yesterday ABC 5

10 ABC 6 Address Again, repeat Answer, respond Ask Baby Bicycle Bottle
Bread Challenge, play against Clothes, dress, wear Coffee Coke Depend Drive Force Friday Funny, amusing Give Glass, can, cup Hate Help, aid Influence, affect Inform, notify, obey Introduce Look-at, watch Meat, steak Milk Monday Pay Picture, photograph Plant, spring Prefer, rather Proud, pride Request, ask Saturday Send, mail to Show, demonstrate, illustrate shy Sugar, sweet, cute Sunday Sweet Tea Teletypewriter Tell Thursday Ticket Tuesday Umbrella Wait Wednesday Wrist-watch ABC 6

11 Master ASL 5 Activity center Counselor Government Algebra Drama Gym
Area (location) Economics Gymnasium Art Education Hallway Auto body Elementary school Health Back Engineering History Biology English Interpreter Business Field Journalism Cafeteria Flag Junior Calculus Football Junior high school Chemistry Freshman Librarian Class Front Library Coach, boss, dean Geography Locker Computer/Tech Geometry Master ASL 5

12 Master ASL 5 Math Snack machine To manage Middle school Sociology
To pick on Neighborhood Soda machine To remember Nurse Sophomore To serve Office Speech To take Photography Stadium, auditorium To think Physical Education Store To write Physics Student center Trigonometry Physiology Teacher’s assistant University Principal Technology center Vice-president Psychologist Theater What year are you? Room, box To cook Woodshop Science To forget Yearbook Secretary To look for Senior To major in Master ASL 5

13 ABC 7 Advertisement, publicize, propaganda A-few After, from now on
Body Both Breakfast Coat, jacket Come-on Dinner, supper Eyes Face French-fries Get-away Go-to-it Go-with, accompany Hamburger Hands Hard Head Heart Knife Left, remaining Lunch Many, numerous Mind Mistake, error Neighbor, next door Nose Order, command Pay-attention, concentrate Pencil People Plan, prepare Rabbit Several Shirt Shoes Soft Spoon, soup Stamp, postage Still Stop-it Store Time Until, up to Wash-dish ABC 7

14 ABC 8 Any Himself, herself, itself Arrive Wash-in-machine Horse
Bathroom, toilet Become Break Build, construct Candy Children Clean-up Decide, determined, decision Different Draw Enthusiastic Escape, run away, get away Excuse Flower Grow Himself, herself, itself Horse How How-many, how-much Ice-cream Idea Leave, depart Lonely, lonesome Myself Ourselves Question Skill, ability, expert Study Suitcase, purse Test, exam, quiz Themselves Typewriter Wash Wash-face Wash-in-machine What What-for? What-to-do? What’s-up? When Where Which Who Why Worry, concerned Yourself Yourselves ABC 8

15 Master ASL 6 Ago, past Distant Future Hockey All year, year round
During, in Ice Skate ASL Poetry Ears (animal) In a few days Baseball Exercise Involve Basketball Fast Jog Boat Fish Jump (animal) Bowling Flock Just, very recently Bug Football Karate Bungee Jump Golf Last Month Call (a name) Gymnastics Last week Camp Handshape Last year Come on Hear Long Crowded Hike Long time ago Master ASL 6

16 Master ASL 6 Cont… Many Skydive Two Days ago Next week Snowboard
Two Weeks Next year Soccer Two weeks ago Play Softball Two years ago Play cards Soon (1-3) Umpire Poetry Stay Used to Popular Story Volleyball (1-2) Recently, a little while ago Surf Water polo Swim Will Ride A bike Talk Winding road Scuba Dive Team Wrestling Sit Next To Tend to Skateboard Tennis Master ASL 6 Cont…

17 Master ASL 8 Afraid Cochlear implant gut, Africa Cold (health) Hair
All right Cough Half Allergies Curly hair Headache Arab Desert Heal Asia Doctor Hearing aid Asian Embarrassed Hill Bald Emotional Hispanic Bangs Ethnicity Humble Beard Face Hurt Better Feel In good shape Black (person) Feel nauseous Indian Blind Fever Island Braid Flower Lake Braids Freckles Long hair Broken-hearted Frustrated Chicken pox Gesundheit Chubby Goatee Master ASL 8

18 ABC 9 Act, performance Autumn, fall Bawl-out Blond California, gold
Cancel, criticize, correct Comb-hair, comb Cop, police Down Fall, fall-down Fly, airplane, airport Give-ticket, ticket Go-by-boat, boat Go-by-train, train Hair Kid Lead, guide left, (direction) Library Lock, key Look, appearance Meet (group), meeting, convention Notice, recognize Open-book, book Open-door, door Open-window, window Person Place Put-in-gas, gas Put-on hearing aid, hearing aid Put-on-ring, ring Rain Right (direction) Sit, chair, seat Steal Stop Summer Tell-story, story Thing To-bicycle, bicycle To-telephone, telephone Tree Type, typewriter Up Wonderful, great, fantastic wow ABC 9

19 ABC 10 Accept Appear, show up Bake, oven Between Born, birth Can Can’t
Catch, capture, arrest Collect Compete, race, sports, competition, contest Cry Divorce Engagement Establish, set-up, found Fail Fast Fault, Responsibility, burden Flunk Get, receive, obtain Get-up Laugh Lecture, speech, presentation Lipread, oral, speech Marry, marriage Maybe, might Memorize More, further Most Must, have to Not-yet Number Party Pass President, Superintendent Protect, guard, defend Put-down, write down, record Recover, get well Refuse, won’t Restaurant Save, preserve Should Sleep Slow Take-up Think Try, attempt, effort Wedding Win ABC 10

20 ABC 11 Agree All Almost Baseball Basketball Bring, carry, deliver
Chat, converse chicago Church Come Disagree Drive-to Empty, bare, nude Far, distant Football Full, complete ABC 11

21 ABC 11 Full, fed up Furniture Game Glasses Go Headache
Head-cold/handkerchief here Here (2) Important, worth it, valuable Live, life Machine, engine, factory Move-to Near, close New-York ABC 11

22 ABC 12 Announce Lucky Same (2) Burn Magazine Satisfy Cream Miss Scare
Disappoint Misunderstand Street Dream Moon Strict Early Noise Sun Earth Poor Sunrise Enter Problem Sunset Gone Promise Thirsty Hurt Quiet Voice Kitchen Relieved Wake-up Know-that Rest Wet Lie Restroom Loud Rich ABC 12

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