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Rime – part VI How is the ship sailing at this point in the story?

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1 Rime – part VI How is the ship sailing at this point in the story?
Moved supernaturally by Polar Spirit Where does the ship carry the mariner to? his homeland (presumably England)

2 Rime – part VI Describe the scene on board the ship as it approaches the shore. Dead bodies standing Mariner eagerly scanning the shoreline Who arrives on the newly approaching boat? Pilot and his boy and a Hermit (holy man)

3 Rime – part VI What does the mariner hope to receive from him?
rescue and absolution for his sin

4 Rime – part VII Who is the Hermit? a holy man
What does he see that is so strange on board the ship? warped boards, ripped/shredded sails, life-less bodies

5 Rime – part VII What happens to the mariner and the mariner’s boat and what might this symbolize? sinks into the ocean Like the albatross sliding from his neck it symbolizes forgiveness Who does the pilot’s boy believe the mariner to be? the devil

6 Rime – part VII Explain the reason why the mariner tells his story.
as part of his penance – he must tell his story to warn others of sin against nature and the need for repentance. To whom does he tell his story? in addition to the wedding guest, various people he comes across in his travels

7 Rime – part VII What lesson does Coleridge want the reader to take away from this strange tale? a lesson about nature – sin – repentance – and forgiveness.

8 Questions (p.753) 1. Respond: How did your reaction to the ancient Mariner change as his story went on? Scary/disturbing to possibly more sympathetic 2(a) Recall: On what occasion does the Mariner tell his story? A wedding

9 Questions (p.753) 2(b) Interpret: Why do you think Coleridge chose this occasion for the poem?? A time of unity to tell a warning tale about dis-unity

10 Questions (p.753) 3. (a) Recall: What contradictory connections does the crew make between the Albatross and the weather? Good omen – brought wind Bad – it brought bad weather (mist and snow). (b) Recall: What does the Mariner do to the Albatross? Shoots / kills with his crossbow

11 Questions (p.753) 3. (c) Infer: Why does the Mariner wear the Albatross around his neck? As a symbol of his guilt / burden / sin…. 4. (a) Recall: What happens to the Mariner’s shipmates after the appearance of the Specter Woman and her Death-mate? They all die

12 Questions (p.753) 4(b) Generalize: What might this symbolize about the effect of guilt on an individual’s perceptions of and relations with others? Guilt / burden / sin….tends to isolate one from others….self imposed exile.

13 Questions (p.753) 5. (a) Infer: Why does the Albatross finally fall from the Mariner’s neck? As a symbol of his forgiveness….he reconnected with Nature – repented – and was forgiven. (b) Interpret: What do you think the Albatross symbolizes? Mankind’s sin against Nature Romantics saw industrialization as killing the Natural World.

14 Questions (p.753) 6. (a) Recall: What is the Mariner’s lifelong penance? To continue to tell his “cautionary tale” as a warning against such a sin…. (b) Analyze: How does his story affect his listener? It scares his listening into considering his message “wake-up call”

15 Questions (p.753) 6. (c) Draw Conclusions: What larger lesson about human life might his story suggest? Mistakes can be “made right” Redemption. . . Etc… 7. Take a Position: In today’s world, people who have been through harrowing experiences often tell their stories in books and on talk shows, just as the Mariner tells the story of his trials. Do you think this type of response is appropriate?

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