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Copy Cakes, LLC Rent one of our Beautifaux Cakes!.

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1 Copy Cakes, LLC Rent one of our Beautifaux Cakes!

2 What its all about… With today's rising wedding industry prices, more couples are seeking cost effective ways to have the wedding of their dreams. A wonderful wedding cake is a key part of the dream wedding, but can be very costly. The prices of real wedding cakes have come to an all time high. By renting or buying a fake wedding cake and serving sheet cakes you can save hundreds of dollars! Fake cakes can give you the look of a luxurious wedding cake without the enormous price tag.

3 Why Rent a Fake Cake? 1) Cost - For a standard three tiered real cake with a minimal amount of decorating, you are looking at a price range of $350.00 - $1000.00. When renting or buying a fake cake, the price will be around XXXXXXXXXXXX. Sheet cakes, that have been refrigerated until they are served, will taste a whole lot better than a cake that has been sitting out at room temperature for hours. 2) What is your money getting you- You can view your fake wedding cake before your wedding day. With a fake cake, you can make sure you are getting exactly what you want. Changes can be made, if necessary, before the big day. You will have the cake you want at a price you will be happy about.

4 Why Rent a Faux Cake? 3) Standing up to extreme climates - Fake cakes can with-stand hot temperatures, inside or outside. They can be displayed the entire time of your reception. There is no worry about the cake collapsing or icing melting. They look so real, your guests won't know it's fake. 4) Go big - You can rent a large fake wedding cake even if you are having a small function. The larger the cake, the more attention it will grab. Renting a fake cake is an excellent way to have a large cake for display.

5 Why Rent a Faux Cake? Brides often cannot afford their dream wedding cake, but can certainly rent one for a fraction of the cost. Faux cakes are a way to afford a cake that is larger than you actually need. You are able to have that six tier masterpiece for a fraction of the cost.

6 Why Rent a Faux Cake? If you are not serving your cake as dessert you should consider a faux cake. Real cakes are often left uneaten if they are used as part of the evening buffet. Many brides have reported that most of their cake was not eaten at the end of the evening. With a faux cake you will not have unnecessary waste and expense. A large portion of a real wedding cake usually goes to waste because not every guest will actually eat cake or the decorations, such as edible flowers. Faux cakes allow you to have a beautiful, attention grabbing, centerpiece on display for the whole evening.

7 Why are real wedding cakes so expensive? Real wedding cakes are very time consuming to make. It takes alot of skill and patients to create a beautiful real wedding cake. The cakes have to be baked, cooled, leveled, torted or filled, iced smoothly, covered in fondant without dents, scratches, or any imperfections (or at least try darn hard to do so), stacked with dowel rods, decorated, delivered, and set-up. It's exhausting. With a faux cake, the decoration only gets done, saving time and money for all.

8 What about the cake cutting ceremony? It is easy! Have a piece of cake ready behind the cake. You pose for the photographs 'cutting' the fake cake and then feed each other a piece of the real cake. It is super easy and no one will notice that you haven't actually "cut" the wedding cake. You can even have a layer of your faux be real so you can really cut the cake!








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